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May 24, 2018
Reasonable banking 4stars
wakeelah Account Holder

Baxter credit union has been refreshing .Interest on regular checking account, receive pay day before regular payday, customer service pretty warm and friendly , mobile check cashing, refund of out network ATM's and deposit money with participating credit unions. My pet peve is no local branch within 20 miles and restrictions of membership. I am giving 4\stars but is some type of glitch.

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Jan 31, 2018
Best banking experience ever!
naivesaint Account Holder

So I haven’t been the best at balancing my accounts so my score was really low at first (FICO 518). They approved me for my Secured credit card which I set my own limit of $1300. This did me so well on my cruise. Yes, I will admit it has taken me some time to pay it down but what can you do!  Well that was 6 month ago and I really needed to refinance my car. I took it to dealerships who denied me or wanted outrageous down payments with a very high APR. Finally, I called BCU and discussed refinance options with them. They approved me for refinance and even gave me a great APR!! Who knew my last option should have been my first. They walked me through the process and in less than a week my car was completely under them. Best decision ever. Now working hard to get my secured card unsecured so that I can really up my credit score. Thank you BCU for being there for you customers!

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Dec 29, 2017
Excellent CU Rewards Program
brentrobison Account Holder

CU Rewards Program includes checking debit transactions at 1 point per $2 and points can be combined with CU Credit Card Rewards for maximum benefit..  This program has paid for 3 vacations (over $2,000 per trip) in 7 years and is really worth it's weight in gold.  Customer Service is normally great, but we would not recommend their branded, outsourced mortgage department.  They literally made the home buying experience paiful, and CS is not handled by BCU once the loan is funded.  The online banking interface makes for an easy branchless banking experience, and $10 (I believe) in ATM fee refunds are issues monthly.  Again, the CU Rewards Program is worth any bad experience we've had.

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