Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union (BFSFCU) Reviews

Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union (BFSFCU) Reviews
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Apr 18, 2021
The Best Credit Service
Kendall41450 Account Holder

I really loved and enjoyed the generosity, 100% responsive and 100% credit repair service offered me at METRONET CREDIT SOLUTION. Hit them up for credit repair service (removal of negative items and score increase across all bureaus).They’re a good recommendation because they fixed mine too, which is amazing, my reports is now freed from 19 negative items and few derogatory marks and score move up by 220points. They also clear collections and charge offs. (Email: metronetcreditsolution @ gmail . com /Phone: ( 2 0 5 ) 5 1 8 - 3 0 3 2 ).

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 15, 2021
sjha Account Holder

It’s very troublesome getting a veritable credit specialist to assist fix your credit particularly after you have attempted severally and got disillusioned by those fraudsters out there searching for individuals to rip-off. After cautious audits of great proposals about HACK WEST CREDIT REPAIR. I chose to seize the chance. HACK WEST made a difference for me, he cleared those negatives and encouraged the endorsement of advance loan that was denied due to terrible credit score. After 72 hours they made a difference increment in my credit report; my credit score moved from 410 to a score of 795 and cleared all negative things as well. You'll too reach them on hackwest AT writeme DOT com for a fast settle. 

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Jul 12, 2021
Credit repair
Cowboy2346 Account Holder

I reading through online to know
to boost up my credit score , remove all the negative on my credit report and most people on different Disqus forum kept talking about a professional called Beat Hacker . I get in touch with the hacker and to my surprise my credit score boost up to 820 excellent, I recommend perfect work for your credit repair. He help me remove criminal records, collections , hard inquiries and bankcrupcy from my credit report and He also help me boost up my credit score to 820 excellent within 6 days, He also pay off my credit cards debts. He’s the best at the moment, legit, swift and very affordable. Email: bh699693@ g m a i l . c o m

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Jul 11, 2021
Fast And Reliable Credit Hack
Oscmar987 Account Holder

Weeks ago, I needed help with my poor credit; I did a thorough research on credit repair  gurus with respect to fixing my credit ASAP. I found Metronet Credit Solution to be best, I emailed them for help. They got rid of all my collections, wiped all negatives clean including inquiries and boosted my score from 561,564 and 566 to 787,791, and 794 respectively. I qualified for a business loan next. If you are looking for a credit repair expert, contact them via; metronetcreditsoluttion @ gmail . com or call their help line + 1 . 2 0 5 . 5 1 8 . 3 0 3 2 .

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Jul 11, 2021
ElizabethLisa986 Account Holder

I contacted this trusted hacker called rootkits credit specialist about my credit card debt with Amex credit card. I had low credit score of 471, he said he will get everything fixed within 5days without no trace. I mailed him, he helped me hack into my credit report and cleared off my credit card debt. He also raised my credit score 819 excellent score without no outrageous fees paid. Contact: rootkitscreditspecialist @ gmail . com /   760  474  3440.

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Jul 09, 2021
Verified Credit Fix
Joesheely102 Account Holder

Hello all, my name is Joe Wembley a truck driver here in Miami  for some months now I’ve been battling with my credit score trying to clean off my credit debts including  4 evictions,  I couldn’t  meet  up with the bills due to my wife’s  cancer treatment, after spending much on her she died 4 months ago since then I’ve been trying to avoid late payment,  I never  thought I could pay off my debts  in 5 years  time, until my late wife’s dad  introduced me to a trustworthy  hacker who deleted my credit debts , 4 evictions  and added a positive trade lines to my report, my FICO score boosted from 570 to 802 excellent  score just in 12 days, I’m so glad and confidently  recommending  760PLUS CREDIT SCORE to anyone out there in need of credit fix. Write them via: 760pluscreditscore at gmail dot com Text.  304  774  5902

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Jul 09, 2021
AlexanderWilliam003 Account Holder

Hi all I’m Alex.  I had a lot of debts before now. Credit card debt collectors have been blowing up my phone nonstop. I’m so stressed out that my depression and anxiety multiplied tenfold. I’m just completely overwhelmed ever since I came in contact with HACKWEST Credit Repair Private Company who cleared my debts, removed all negative items from my profile not excluding the hard inquiries and increased my score to 809 in less than 10days. I must confess these guys are good. I know so many other persons are in this situation, you can contact via email: Hackwest @ writeme . com or text: (424)  307  2638 and please don’t forget to mention my name to them. Thanks.

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Jul 07, 2021
WILLIERALPH002 Account Holder

Hi my name is Willie Ralph. My credit was deeply in mess, I saw a few people praising rootkits credit specialist. So, I got in touch with him and he hint me up with some few details, and increased my credit score to 813 within 18days. I have some mortgage payments, medical bills, credit card debt of $16,000 and some inquiries which were wiped off. I recommend him as the best credit professional. Contact: rootkitscreditspecialist @ gmail . com /   760  474  3440.

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Jul 06, 2021
Raymondrugger076 Account Holder

I want to take a moment to appreciate Jerrylink Credit  Group for all they do for people everyday believe me this is very helpful, yes I say so, because I have been a victim of scam where they ripped my money off without doing anything. Jerry Link Team changed the narrative by fixing my credit in less than a week. Credit card debts, student loans, collections and medical bills were cleared and my score was pushed to 809 within this time frame. What else can I say than to tell the whole person who care to fix their credit to go with Jerrylinkgroup at gmail dot com   phone 916  888  4118. Cheers!

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Jul 05, 2021
Credit Rebuild
OneilHa001 Account Holder

Sometime last month, I was reading an article on medium and I came across a comment about a group of Hackers (Metronet Credit Solution) who could increase credit score to 750 and above, it caught my attention because I had a very poor credit score, I needed a car for my family and a better house too. But I couldn’t because my credit was in shambles, so contacted them for fix, and they helped me fix my credit. They cleared the negative reports, and increased my score. They did all these in less than 13 days. I never thought this was possible, you can reach out to them via; EMAIL: metronetcreditsolution @ gmail . com/ PHONE: 205  518  3032. Thank me later.

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Jul 05, 2021
EduardoTerrence003 Account Holder

My name is Eduardo Terrence, I live in the state of Florida. Our apartment got flooded back in November 2016, after I had a slip and fall on the apartment premises. We did not have the right rental insurance, there the bill came up to $122000, they asked us to pay but we didn’t have money so I agreed to pay and made a payment plan and they refused and put eviction on my credit. I did not realize that eviction was on my credit until last 3 months I was trying to buy a house, and then the realtor told me that my credit score was 501, I wasn’t qualified for anything. I want to buy a house; I want to buy properties and start a business. I needed help and I found ROOTKITS CREDIT SPECIALIST here, they are good and kind credit repair team. They pulled my score to 800, deleted the eviction and other negative item on my report, and added good trade lines. I got everything I wanted and even more. Thanks to the entire team. Contacts: rootkitscreditspecialist @ gmail . com /  760  474  3440.

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Jul 03, 2021
ChristopherGeorge004 Account Holder

Hello everyone I’m George from Florida. I’m so grateful to XAP Credit Solution for such a wonderful work.  I had three credit cards to which I pay my bills closely at most cases on due dates through pre-authorize debits. I also have a good mix of credit which is student loan but still have been deprived of a car loan. Although majority of the negative’s items will be removed in few months (about a year) time. I have a credit score of 482 with so many derogatory items that are from 3 years ago.  I couldn't condole it anymore as most of my colleagues at work have their personal cars. I felt in despair most times considering my predicament. After a quick research of a hacker called Credit XAP (Xapcreditsolution @ gmail . com /   972  597  9704) with numerous recommendations and that which my girlfriend Lily explained about with positive reviews and referrals. I contacted him explaining my problem. Duly he came up with a resounding proposal and guaranteed my derogatory items wiped, reports and scores enhanced within 6 working days. With so much anxiety I waited and to my greatest surprise after 8 days my report was sound with positive trade lines posted on it including a revolving credit card, a 790-credit score and all negative reports were deleted. I got approved for a loan, got my car and most especially got myself together. I strongly recommend him for your credit fix.

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