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Dec 23, 2016
Austin Federal Credit Union stay way....
Anonymous Account Holder

The absolute worst credit union or lender I have ever had dealt with and that's saying something since I've banked with close to two dozen lenders for personal and business needs over the last 20 years in several states.  Pamela-VP service and Chad loan officer have to be the worst lending employees ever. Five days not returning emails, anti-small business owners, rude, unhappy, and condescending, unlike with most loan officers and lenders they won't talk with you at all, they don't allow you use the same LO you worked with before to build a relationship with, the most ultra-conservative lending practices maybe in the country by a credit union.  You call the main ATFCU number and being on hold for 20-30 minutes is normal, it takes DAYS (I kid you not) for them to get back with you on loan approvals. Their phone app looks like something a two-year-old uses crayons to draw up and it's like their stuck in the 1950's.  Do your banking and lending with the big boys in central Texas like I do and I shouldn't have tried to forge a new relationship with such a small little angry credit union. I use Navy Fed, PenFed, and RBFCU they know how to treat people correctly. 

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Aug 16, 2016
Agree with the Uselss ATM. No support
Anonymous Account Holder

Definetly not a card to rely on specially when traveling.  Was unable to withdraw cash, received call from the fraud department and after 20 questions and 5 minutes on the phone with automated sistem to confirm that transaccions were not related to fraud I still was unable to withdraw.  No 24/7 support so had to contact bank next day (9-4) hours of operation.  They had to "enable to card for international use" manually. btw found out that I have to do this everytime I travel.  Tried taking cash out that evening and card still did not work.  Contacted the 24/7 fraud department which was useless and told me to contact the bank again the next day 9-4.  Day 3 no resolution and stuck without cash in another country.  

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