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Apr 27, 2017
doesn't deserve the 1 star
Anonymous Account Holder

member for over 30 years... ACU is the worst now. mismanagement had ruined it. actually HELPED FRAUD take money then even took unauthorized from muy act. hope the 20 was worth the

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Apr 07, 2017
TERRIBLE Customer service!
Anonymous Account Holder

I had to contact the main office for help with my account.  After being on hold for over 20 minutes, the representative was extremely rude!  I asked to speak to her supervisor and was given the "Vice President".  She was even worse!  THEY ARE VERY RUDE AND DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!  I am moving my money immediately to another company.  DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY HERE!!!

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Apr 06, 2017
It wasn't always this way...
Anonymous Account Holder

Were it not for the fact that I've been a member since 1997, I would believe that I was a victim of the old bait and switch. Once they moved their membership model to "Anyone can join", they apparently adjusted their hiring model as well. The neon lights began flashing when I encountered some fraudulent charges a few years back. It was then that I discovered that this "FINANCIAL INSTITUTION" was sorely lacking in the area of bank fraud. Years later, I had another instance of merchandise not received when I had used my debit card. It was then that I discovered that ACU was also lacking in the knowledge of chargebacks...let alone how to initiate one. It took 4 months to finalize that fiasco because this "credit union" does not have the best interests of their members in mind. If you're going to entrust your hard earned money to a credit union, they should at least be competent in what that entails. IMO, ACU should really be stripped of their "credit union" title...

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Feb 14, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

The Decatur branch tellers are not versed in banking practices, the credit union policies and procedures, and they are extremely rude. In order to have my common questions answered, I had to speak with the branch manager at a different location. I appreciated the customer service outside of the Decatur branch, but I would have definitely joined a different credit union if I read the reviews first.

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Dec 16, 2016
MysteryShopper2 Account Holder

I have been with ACU for approximately 10 years and the last 4 years have been the WORST service. Please take you business else where. The employees are very professional however, NOT knowledgeable about the Companies policy & procedures!!!!!! The Credit Unions are extremely HARD to find. ACU prides itself on Co-Op brances etc not telling members that ACU charge to use these locations for every withdraw. God forgive you have to get a Temp Card from a location. THe machines are NEVER working properly and there is weekly issues with the machines. And the best....... ACU sometimes go offline and leaves all members with no access to their monies or bank accounts until the next business days..... To this day, this only happens on weekends smh! 

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