Arkansas Federal Credit Union (AFCU) Reviews

Arkansas Federal Credit Union (AFCU) Reviews
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Jul 03, 2020
Misleading loan officer
1concered Account Holder

I went in and became a member in February 2020, asked to apply for a truck loan, the loan officer assurd me they could finance the vehicle I had picked out, he researched the VIN number and said there would be no problem. They declined the loan, said the truck had to many miles, it was an 08 diesel with 150000 miles and they new this before pulling my credit, they also said that if I applied more than once with them within 30 days another inquiry would not show up on my credit file, this was another lie because it did show up as two different inquiries you guy's better beware when dealing this this credit union make sure the person your working with is not ill informing you because you could end up like me trying to get this crap off my credit report.

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