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Arizona Central Credit Union

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Jan 11, 2014
dezertracer7 Account Holder

Az Central is okay but nothing like they used to be. Many years ago, I got myself into a situation where they helped me when no one else would...I haven't forgotten that but they now operate more like one of the big banks and that's pretty much a turn off. I feel like I am nickle and dimed to death unless I do everything online (billpay, etc.). Quite honestly, I feel that they've lost alot of the qualities that credit unions are supposed to have.

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Jan 03, 2013
They deserve NO stars
Anonymous Account Holder

I'll be blunt. This bank sucks. I switched from a commercial bank to what I thought was going to be a better banking experience because I had heard that credit unions treated the customer better. Boy was I ever wrong! Their customer service is the worst. Every time I turn around they're closed because the wind shifted. Getting a real person is next to impossible. They rely heavily on email but your issue only goes into a big black hole somewhere. I thought that by joining this credit union there would be fewer fees. I was wrong on that one, too. They fee you to DEATH. I found out today that I can only write THREE checks per month and after that they CHARGE me a dollar for ever check after. WHY???? Everything I do is compterized and automated. You can't tell me that those two checks that went over my three check limit were any more of a hassle to handle than the three freebies. I scan the check into an ATM and it never touches human hands...why the fee???

I'm tired of being bent over a barrel without any vaseline. I tried numerous times to express my dissatisfaction to customer service and they can't be bothered. What they fail to understand is I am the customer and without ME, THEY DON'T HAVE A JOB! Apparently, my money isn't worth the same as other peoples'. I am taking my $$$ elsewhere.

Oh, and don't go to this bank if you want good customer service and fair practices. You won't find either.

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Jan 06, 2013

Anytime someone rants that with a customer they would not have a job gives me reason to pause.  You seem way to picky.  Complaining about getting a fee of $2.00 is to funny.  AZ Central has other checking accounts with unlimited check writing.  All you gotta do is ask but from the tone of your rant I would just wanna get your off the phone ASAP.  Hey I am sorry but check writing is so 1995 and anyone writing over 3 per month needs to get with the program.  Never had problems with this credit union.  Yes they are not 24/7 but why in the hell would someone needs that unless they are living paycheck to paycheck.  Love their new cash deposit taking ATM's.  

Feb 01, 2012

 Have been with ACCU since 1986. Glad they are finally modernizing for text alerts, check reading ATM, etc... still love the family feeling. not sure what the other reviewer is saying... my checking balance rarely exceeds $1000 (for long, anyway) but I never pay checking fees.

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Nov 16, 2011

 Interest rates are poor or non existent.  To avoid checking charges either maintain a high balance or use your ATM frequently.

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