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Jun 06, 2017
A Pleasure to work with
HAPYGRL1 Account Holder

I have dealt with AFCU for years.  Most recently they refied my home.  It was a great pleasure to deal with the customer service and the entire process.

To my delight, the process was extremely quick and efficient.

I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

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Mar 30, 2017
Greg22312 Account Holder

Please, do yourself a favor and find a better option for yourselves. Apple Federal Credit Union was a terrible choice I made for myself because it looked good at the time and I didn't do my proper research. Since having them I have ran into countless issues to include them raising my rates, Increasing my loan amount under false terms, bad customer service and a stab at my credit report at any given opportunity.

Starting out I was given a reasonable auto-loan for a new Jeep Wrangler. Almost immediately they added an additional $5,000 to my loan amount due to it being "Uninsured" This was never the case, yet it was an uphill battle over a couple weeks and endless holds to get it corrected. Additionally, each time I move for a new job (which is unfortunately frequent) they fail to properly communicate with whatever States DMV without fail; Maryland, Florida, Virginia, Florida...It doesn't matter to them If you move, expect a letter in the mail declaring your registration invalid due to a lack of title information with its accompanying fees.

But I carried on with my loan because I figure clerical errors happen and no one likes dealing with the DMV. Unfortunately, Apple Federal Credit Union has no limit to their incompetence towards their customers. Despite the multitude of issues I'd ran into them between moving and insurance costs, at some point they managed to raise my rate from 3.9% to 5.7% and for the life of me, I can't find the notice.

My Solution to all of this initially, pay off the debt as quick as possible and leave this company as a fading memory. Im privileged enough to have the option for Navy Federal or USAA so I just assumed I'd take it on the chin and know for the future. Apparently though, Apple Federal doesn't even really want your money! They just want to suck the soul from you and make sure you're never silly enough to buy a car with anything less than cash in hand. Their online banking experience is ABSOLUTE garbage and if you have any intention of transferring funds from an actual reputable bank, they'll ensure to stop it or make it as convoluted as possible by any means. If you chose to pay over the phone, be ready for a $15.00 convenience fee for even making them consider doing any work. If you try the process online, expect it to take as long as 3 weeks to clear your account. If you're not making that payment at least 4 weeks early though, its still going to show up on your credit report as late and with an additional $25.00 fee.

After I finally thought I had it all figured out and I made consecutive double and triple payments to escape their wrath and ensure id stop incurring late fees and hits to my credit report, the completely changed their online banking systems with no notice to customers and deleted all previous transfer agreements from external accounts. I try to avoid them like the plague so the only reason I noticed that this had happened was because the funds were never drafted from my primary bank. After finally figuring out what happened, I tried to reregister my account and  verified it through my bank and I reset my reoccurring payments. In some act of spite against my combined with my brain lapse of thinking that these people could handle any task without constant supervision, they never initiated transfer and I didn't learn of it until the following month. Despite countless early payments though, they don't miss a single opportunity to mess with your credit report so since it was 2 weeks past due...another hit to the credit. 

I thought that despite being incompetent business people, they were still so I'd be able to reason with them about how the mistake was made. Wrong again! Despite lack of notice for their system change, an absurd amount of time to register the account and withdrawal the funds and a history of good status, they have zero desire in treating their customers fairly and accounting for their own mistakes.

This credit union is a money pit, disaster waiting to happen and the worst financial mistake of my life. Be smarter than me, find somewhere better to take your business and avoid the heartache. 

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