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Sep 04, 2016
NavyMan1984 Account Holder

**** Recently discharged from a CH7 BK I went to apply for a secured visa card, to rebuild credit the agent was very friendly and helpful, she asked me where was my car loan at and said we might be able to bring it here as well, I was approved for a 17K auto loan at 3.49 and they gave me a 3500 Visa card at 12.25 not the best rate but, the fact they were willing to approve me.... was awesome, WAY TO GO APGFCU

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Aug 27, 2016
APGFCU is abank that lies.
Anonymous Account Holder

APGFCU is abank that lies.

I have been banking with APGFCU since I was 15 and I am now 21. Their customer service has took a turn for the worst. They no longer put you first...its all about the money. Recently my car was totaled in a hailstorm. I had GAP Insurance from APGFCU that stated If my next car loan was with them they would give me $1000 toward my next loan. That sounded great...lo and behold They try and sucker you in with a $1,000 to give you an outrageous interest rate. (2013 Car Credit score:700 6.79 APR) I thought Ill just take the $1,000 and refinance. I ask 3 employees how long after I got the loan would it take before i could see the money and would I have any trouble trying to refinance through another bank. "The $1,000 will be automatically applied once the loan paperwork is complete," I get the loan and there is no money applied towards it. I call APGFCU and they say " We need to file GAP Claim for you and this could take up 90 days to process."


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Aug 08, 2016
An achievement in clusterf@*kery
MeesaScreenName Account Holder

Bad customer service and inabilty to think logically. Even though they have no problem taking my current mobile phone number for identification purposes when calling, they call me on a old number that i havent had for 3 years when an issue came up. This led to massave troubles for me and when it finally came to my attention I contacted them, just to find out they had been calling my old number, and was informed to stop in a branch to fill out paperwork to change the contact number. Stupid. They acnowledged this was there error and still hung me out to dry. This was a MAJOR issue and that's all the **** effort they put forth?!? NOT EVEN A FREAKIN' EMAIL OR A **** LETTER?!? Aside from this issue there is a constant problem with their cards being unusable at certain times of the night on certain days. Twice this happend while doing monthly grocery shopping and their network was unreachable. ATM still worked but that dosent matter when you purchased $350 worth of grocieries and can only withdraw at best $300. They have screwed up more, but I can't even think clearly right now I'm so pi$$ed.

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Mar 06, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

No customer service support, especially on weekends. They lock me out of my account regularly without notification. It also appears my account is being logged into every morning at 1:30-2:45 am , it's not me, so who is it? Gonna have to leave them if things don't change.

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Feb 24, 2016
Customer Service is DOA
Anonymous Account Holder

There is NO customer service!

Try calling their number. No one there for days. Wait and wait on the phone. Probably only 1 person in Elbonia.

If that isn't bad enough, go to a branch and try to find someone who knows anything.

These 2 things were the deal breakers for us. We went eles where.

Their rates aren't that hot either.

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Jan 29, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

I have had all my bank accounts with APGFCU since 2006.  I was very happy until 2015.  In April 2015, I called to put a Stop Payment on ONE check (I had written a check to pay for my daughter's car payment and at the last minute she was able to make good on her committment to pay it herself so I wanted to cancel the payment I made).  Well, the payment went thru.  Annoying but no big deal.  They would not refund me even though it was their errow (the rep I spoke to assured me the payment was stopped, gave me confirmation number and everything).  Still annoying but not the end of the world, my kid got a freebie payment and I was mildly annoyed at myself and the bank. Well, since April 2015, at random intervals my scheduled online payments to creditors are rejected.  I've been using this account to pay these same creditors for years and all of a suddent the payments are being rejected and the creditors are telling me the bank kicked them back as "invalid account" attempts and the bank tells me they have no record of the payment attempts being made?  I am only finding these when I log on to balance my check book and find that money that should be gone to pay a bill is still there.  EVERY TIME, the bank swears they have no record and that I must have given my creditor the wrong account or routing number...this is not the case as these payments were set up years ago.  FINALLY, in October of 2015, I find someone who explains to me that the Stop Payment was put in incorrectly (duh, I know this) and did not stop the payment I intended but somehow became a generic, blanket it was stopping everything.  Clearly I was more than creditors had all banned me from making online payments from this account so I had to open a new one just for payments...had to move money all the time to make said payments.  APGFCU apologizes and assures me that the problem has been corrected on their end.  Well, January 2016 - set up auto payments in DECEMBER (well after the situation was supposed to be fixed) and what do you know, APGFCU is again rejecting payments.  Again, they have "no record" of the payment attempts" but my creditors sure do. They show, again, kick back from the bank saying the account is invalid...not the case.  Checks are cashed, the debit cards are used daily, direct deposit goes thru with no issues.  But every time I make a payment to a vendor, it's a crap shoot.  I have to call them now and say "I'm setting up a payment online today to see if my bank allows it to go thru" and explain the whole thing.  I have excellent credit, the creditors are sympathetic.  However, this should not be a thing I have to do.  I pay everyting on time, every month.  My credit is perfect.  I should not have to call and have late fees waived on accounts that I Had payments set up for but the bank erroneously rejected.  I hate the idea of changing banks after all these years, dread it...but it appears I have no choice.

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Mar 06, 2016

Yes, I am having the same issue with this credit union bank. They keep locking me out of the online access with no explanation. They are closed on Sunday -no phone representative available. This makes me very uneasy. May have to leave them.

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