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Credit One Bank Reviews
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Aug 19, 2019
Gave me a chance
sherese1984 Cardholder

I read all the reviews before I applied for this card, I read go to capital one or citi! Guess what? denied!!!! And I’m 100% responsible for my credit score  and history. So yes I know the high interest rate for this card but hey that’s the price you pay for a crappy credit score and irresponsible decisions with credit, Credit one was the only card that gave me a chance to rebuild! And I’m grateful, I have to start somewhere and i was way at the bottom not only have they giving me a chance but I’ve had the card since July 2019 and recently received a 150 credit line increase!!!!!! I will stay with this card as long as I can I honestly don’t want any more cards!!! 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 28, 2019
Just Get a Secured Card
atlphotos89 Cardholder

The customer service (or lack thereof), ridiculous fees, low limits, oh and did I metntion lousy cusotmer support? Just stay far, far away from this card. I'm only keeping mine open because it's my oldest account and I have never paid it late. But just know it's not even really worth THAT. You're better off just getting a secured card with a REPUTABLE bank. At least then you know you'll be dealing with REPUTABLE BANK CUSTOMER SERVICE.

CreditOne Bank is a JOKE.

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Oct 24, 2019
maddytay03 Cardholder

They don't tell you that you can only make 4 pymts in a 30 day period. I am trying to pay off my credit card but because i have made 4 pymts from Sept. 31st.- Oct 15th. Now that i am trying to pay off the card i have to wait till Oct. 31st. Nowhere does it state that you cannot make more 4 pymts in a 30 day. Customer service was no help, this information is not listed or doucemented anywhere for the public to know.

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Oct 24, 2019
MrsCook03 Cardholder

Run! Monthly payments increase the more you charge! Also was kicked out of my online account and called to see why and they said something about security features and stated I will have to send a copy of my drivers license as well as an utility bill to prove I'm me and stay at the address when I gave them my address my social security number and even answered my security questions correctly. I have not changed phone or anything so I think all this was a bit personal.

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Oct 24, 2019

One of the worst cards if you want to build credit. My card is paid off but it's still showing a balance on the credit reports.

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Oct 22, 2019
Excellent until you need to close it

‪Save yourself the headache & NEVER open an account with @Creditonebank #scam #fraud @bbb_us @attorneygeneral I CLOSED my account back in 2018. A full year later they are still charging monthly fees and late charges for an account I requested be closed numerous of times!‬

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Oct 21, 2019
Love it!

I'm very surprised by the number of negative reviews for this card and I think those people need to evaluate themselves and how they use credit. I have had this card since Feb (10 months). I use it monthly and have paid ontime every single month. I don't always pay the entire balance, although I should and I goal to do this asap, this is something i need to work on.  However, I have had no problems with this card at all. Customer service has been very easy to reach, kind and professional. I just got a credit line increase of $200. It is true that it does take about a week to get credit for your payment, but I understand this process as they need to wait untl you payment clears your bank before they allow you to spend the money. This is common sense and they aren't the only card to do this. Think about it, if someone you do not know, gave you a check and said it was good, wouldn't you wait for the check to clear before you started spending the money? Just prepare for this as your reality.  I'm glad I signed up for this card and I look forward to continuing to build my credit as this card has already helped me to do! 

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Nov 29, 2019

are you actually serious???????? do you call $200 a credit limit increase???? this review is A JOKE!!!

Dec 03, 2019

$200 is a increase. What else would you call it ? I think you writing this comment is a joke. This is a card to rebuild your credit. If your credit was great then you wouldnt need or want this card. But clearly just like the rest of us it needs work.

Oct 18, 2019
Excellent card !

I've had my cards ( yes more than one ) for almost 2 years. After 1 1/2 years they not only bumped my credit limit . They also sent me another credit card with a higher line than I oringallt started with . Customer service was very fast , and very generous. I lost my cards to replace is $25 each card !! They waived the fees for more and I got my new ones within 4 business days. I am more than satisfied with these cards! 

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Oct 18, 2019
This is a hassle free card

I have had credit one bank almost two years . Nobody wanted to offer me a credit line as my score was very low. This company voluntarily mailed me a card with a $700 credit limit. It has been 1 year 9 months and they have provided me two credit increases . On top of that , they also provide me another credit card with a whole new credit limit . I have had no problems with this company. My cards were lost , there is a $25 fee card to replace . Customer service was very nice and waived each fee! Yes there are yearly fees, but it breaks down to like 7$ a month . You can easily get $7 in rewards a month . Don't be fooled by poor reviews, everyone has there own experience, as for mine I'm more than happy! 

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Dec 03, 2019

What is your credit limit now and did you credit score go up ?

Oct 17, 2019
Barrywatson922 Cardholder

This is NOT Capitol One... they WILL fraud you into "accidentally" signing up for them. Credit One does not allow one to make more than a total of four payments towards a card monthly within a 30 day period... If you exceed this limit, you have two options, accept the late fee and hurt your credit. Or make a payment through Moneygram. This is a tactic of theirs to trap you and take your money. Don't fall for their garbage and avoid them at all costs. 

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Oct 30, 2019

Why are u paying late fees, if you paid 4 X's in one month?

Dec 03, 2019

Its bull****.

Oct 14, 2019
1562CARLOMUNOZ Cardholder


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Oct 13, 2019
Okay....Let me explain....

I got this card basically because no one else would seem to take a chance on  me. So, when I got my card, I was plenty excited. I added my daughter onto my card as well. She uses it more than I do, which was a mistake on my end because she keeps running the darn thing up. 

I digress.

My college student daughter uses this card and I pay it off monthly. I do think it sucks that I have to pay a $10 express payment fee, but the payment doesnt even seem to post on time when it says it will in the first place. It is just a waste of money when that actual ten bucks could go to the overall balance. I hate that. Customer Service is terrible and I can barely understand what they are saying in English. And then they get mad at you for not understanding their words. It's really a trip. 
So I said, well, I'll make my payments on time and avoid talking to them. I once watied on the phone for forty five minutes just to add this card to my Apple Pay. Ugh! I was on the phone from the time I drove from Illinois to the time I made it to the Indiana border and went to Wendys. Finally, someone came on the phone to help me. I barely understood her, but we got through it. I had to answer the security questions, which I didn't even set up yet and she accused me of lying when I told her that I didn't. She said, "Well maybe your authorized user set it up." For the record, she doesn't even know or have my log in information. Right before my top blew, I hung up the phone. 

BUT! All of that, and it still not the worst experience I've had. I'm grateful to this card company for giving me a chance when no one would. Because of them, I now have my first REAL card, which is Discover Card. I get 0% interest for the APR AND after that is over, its 13%. If it werent for Credit One bank, I would have a much harder time. My credit scores are now in the 700s and I am happy for the first time. I wish I could get a card with a much higher limit, which is what I would like to do, and I'm aiming for CHase or Citibank, as they seem to give out the most generous credit limits. We shall see. I want to give this company three stars. 

I read many of the complaints and as long as you pay your payments ontime and don't have to talk to them all that much, you should be fine. But if you have to talk to them, good luck. If you're late on your payment, then God have mercy on your soul.....

God I miss my Capital One card......sigh...

Oh well, c'est la vie!


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