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Jul 22, 2019
Rotten customer service.

Bank is very shady. Obviously trying to trick people into believing they are affiliated with Capital One.
Not even close. Stay away. Avoid this bank.

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Jul 20, 2019
Guitarman38 Cardholder

I have 3 credt cards (This being one of them). I have never had a problem with th eother two. I have had this pathetic CreditOne Visa since April of 2018 and began requesting a credit line increase in the fall of 2018 and made my last request 15 mins ago (7/20/19) and I have been turned down every single time! I have NWVER been late with payments on this card (or any of the others), my credit score is in the 600's. ALL of my monthly debts have ALWAYS been paid on time. Credit One has my credit score listed in the 500's!!! All 3 major bureaus have it in the 600's. If you can't get a card anywhere else then I guess get this one BUT if you have any options other than this one, leave this one alone!

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Jul 20, 2019
Gcate1 Cardholder

Don't do it!!!
I had this card they will find everyway possible to keep your credit score DOWN! To keep you there and if you do finally get over them they will give you the moon to stay.. No annual fee any more and if they can do this when you figure it out.. Why not do it from the start?? Also offered a 1% cash back to stay but they will pound your credit score to death.. I do not recommend this card at all.... BUYER BEWARE!!!!

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Jul 20, 2019
aklatt39 Cardholder

I set up an online account & every time I tried making a payment it would get kicked back & my account would be suspended. I deleted my banking info several times but it never once worked. When I called in to customer service I was told the account number was for a cancelled account. Not True.
They of course will take a payment by phone but it will cost you a $10 fee.
Shady business practices to say the least. After 2 months of continuous problems I finally just shut down the account.

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Jul 19, 2019
This is the worse company
Styaway1 Cardholder

Do not get this card if u like your Mental health and money u will be taking advantage of and they will still from u took me for 400 dollars when a purchase I make was refund they sent me a check and charged it as a cash advance against a different card scum bags stay away 

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Jul 19, 2019
SWoods2019 Cardholder

If your card ever has any fraudulent charges they cant dispute them because they have no fraud team. If you want to just keep the card open and not use it them you will pay an 8 dollar fee every month. I have tried to cancel the card three times only for them to keep it open. The last time I called to cancel they said it was done, a month later someone purchased something on amazon. I called to dispute the charge and they told me that only way to get my money back is to call amazon. If the card had just been cancelled when I asked 4 months ago I wouldn't be paying 150 dollars for someone else's purchase. I initially stopped using the card because they would randomly put holds on my account for no reason, so I would have to constantly call in to reactivate my card. If you're trying to build your credit stray away from this card, it's nothing but a money hole.

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Jul 16, 2019
Worst card ever
gabriel4101 Cardholder

Rewards you earn, you will never receive. Lost my card. Ordered and reported lost 3 weeks ago. Still no replacement. This company is retarded and I do not recommend

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Jul 15, 2019
Credit One is a piece of crap
kdclubb Cardholder

Allows fraudulent charges and won't look into it. They allowed charges that put my card over the limit, at the same place 4x. 

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Jul 12, 2019
credituser911 Cardholder

There are really no positives to getting this card, its better to get a secured card then this as you will end up paying a ton of fees. 

You pay about $8 - $9 per month for their "annual card fee"

You will pay for $6 for some BS "credit protection" 

Roughly $15 per month to keep this card.


You have to pay manually each time, and not each month will you get a statement so they will get you on late fees. 

And once you understad the evil of this credit card, you can't really cancel it or close it since it will impact you negativly

Best thing is not to open this card. 


Overall stay away. 

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