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Credit One Bank Reviews
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Aug 19, 2019
Gave me a chance
sherese1984 Cardholder

I read all the reviews before I applied for this card, I read go to capital one or citi! Guess what? denied!!!! And I’m 100% responsible for my credit score  and history. So yes I know the high interest rate for this card but hey that’s the price you pay for a crappy credit score and irresponsible decisions with credit, Credit one was the only card that gave me a chance to rebuild! And I’m grateful, I have to start somewhere and i was way at the bottom not only have they giving me a chance but I’ve had the card since July 2019 and recently received a 150 credit line increase!!!!!! I will stay with this card as long as I can I honestly don’t want any more cards!!! 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 28, 2019
Just Get a Secured Card
atlphotos89 Cardholder

The customer service (or lack thereof), ridiculous fees, low limits, oh and did I metntion lousy cusotmer support? Just stay far, far away from this card. I'm only keeping mine open because it's my oldest account and I have never paid it late. But just know it's not even really worth THAT. You're better off just getting a secured card with a REPUTABLE bank. At least then you know you'll be dealing with REPUTABLE BANK CUSTOMER SERVICE.

CreditOne Bank is a JOKE.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jan 20, 2020
Don't Do It!
JoAnnInTX Cardholder

I needed a card to use exclusively while on my cruise.  After the ship was already out to sea on Sunday, 01/12/20, I received notification from Guest Servicest for the cruise line could not process my card.  I contacted the ship's Guest Services at their desk, and we tried four times to get through the convoluted phone menu, but with no success.  I had to wait until Tuesday, 01/14/20, for the ship to get to Puerto Rico so I could call from my cell phone which I am sure will cost me a ton of money, to get the matter straightened out.  They said I was past due on my new account which I had NEVER used prior to the ship trying to run the card.  When I called them, I had to make a $30 payment in order for them to release the hold against me making any other charges, but I had NEVER received any bill from them since opening the account in December.  They had charged me an annual fee and then I discovered once home and setting up my account online, they had convenientely charged me a late charge on 01/13/20 which was a day before I had to contact them on my cell phone from Puerto Rico.  Called them about that once home, and they are supposedly going to remove the late charge, but we will see.

So, as a forwarning to anyone who is considering gettting their card, DO NOT DO IT!  They are horrible!  Wish I had investigated them further before I did.  Once I pay them off, I will not be using the card anymore, since I don't want to close the account which will go against my credit history.  So, I suggest anyone needing a credit card to look elsewhere.  This one is awful!  If I could give them 0 stars I would.

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Jan 17, 2020
Good to build credit
OldPuebloGuy Cardholder

I've had the account for a couple of years. I was tired of paying the annual fee, so I called and got it temporarily waived, and they increased my credit line with no fees. It takes forever to get through to an account specialist, but once you do, they're friendly and competent, and know the product well. I would recommend this card to anyone first building credit.

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Jan 17, 2020
and42750 Cardholder

Great rates, great customer service. Their representatives always hear and care about their customers issues and demands. 

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Jan 16, 2020
Worst Credit Card there is!

You will pay a fee to increase your credit line. You will pay a fee if you want to have your available credit sooner than 7 days. Annual fee. Then when you go to cancel it, they will continue to charge you the annual fee, plus interest, then call because you haven't paid it, when it was supposed to have been closed 2 months prior! If I could have gave a 0, zero I would have. 

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Jan 15, 2020
No good they take advantage of you
67buick455 Cardholder

They charge my card which I beleieved had no anuall fee. When I called them they told me one thing one month and lied the next month. This is not an honest bank.

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Jan 15, 2020
chy615 Cardholder

When I first signed up for the card it was a good card! It helped me reestablish my credit. Then I don't know, something happned and things got bad. The website was always down. Customer service was horrible! They denied my card at Walmart because somebody committed fraud at Walmart. I told them I never reported fraud on my card because there wasn't any. After 45 mins they allowed me to shop at the only store we have in my town with this card. I closed the account then I got an offer to reenstate the card. I submitted a request to get a replacement card and was told that my account wasn't reenstated. So why was I sent the email? They out right lied. It's for the best I'm sure I wasn't allowed to reenstate the card because it's terrable. 

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Jan 14, 2020
Incredibly aggressive card company
RenalRyan Cardholder

This is the worst credit card company I've ever had to work with. They call incessantly about a week before your payment is due, asking that you pay it right then during the phone call. If you don't, they continue to ask, when, where, and how much you plan to pay when you make the payment. I've been on time with all of my payments and they still do this. It's super annoying and they call at all times of day and night. I was stupid to get this card and I hope that this will deter anyone from applying for this card.

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Jan 13, 2020
Life saver
JimNH Cardholder

Hassle free, quick and easy application process.

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Jan 13, 2020
Amla2014 Cardholder

They don't update everything right away, even the app takes Till the end of your billing cycle to update. They don't process payments right away and charge you late fees if you pay ON your due date because THEY take time to process it. They process adding your late fees right away though. They are based in "las Vegas"  but if you call good luck talking to anyone American because their customer service is only in the Philippines and you can only request a call back from corporate and there is no guarantee they're even going to call you. 

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Jan 12, 2020
Only if you’re desperate for credit
WPM123 Cardholder

The preapproval mailer said "no annual fee." I was charged a $75 annual fee before I used the card. I was immediately charged interest on my purchases. I made the first payment with confirmation four days before the due date. A day after the due date I received an email saying my payment was ,ate and I'm risking suspension. This is all in the first month. It didn't help when calling it was hard to understand the support person's English.

As far as I'm concerned this card is only good for extending my overall credit limit. FICO scores are affected in 10% increments on how much if your total credit you use. I'll use 10% of the credit limit for this card on my other credit card.

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