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BankAmericard Cash Rewards™ Credit Card

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  • Balance Transfer Intro APR 0% intro for 12 Billing Cycles on qualifying transfers
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR 13.24% - 23.24%* Variable
  • Annual Fee $0
  • Purchase Intro APR 0% intro for 12 Billing Cycles
  • Purchase Regular APR 13.24% - 23.24%* Variable

Most Helpful Positive Review

Jan 11, 2016
A Must Have Cash Back Card
APowderBlue Cardholder

This is a real and detailed review.
Personally, I hate Bank of America as a bank, but their credit card department is completely different. Applied online with about a 720 score. I was instantly approved for $5000. I noticed people with better scores than mine got turned down, but perhaps they don't have a good enough income to debt ratio. Then I also went to a bank branch to open a Checking Acct to take advantage of the extra 10% cash transfer bonus.
If you are like me and only like Cash Back cards, this is a must have.
First, the phone app is so much better than other bank apps (I also have Wells Fargo and Citi). The app has the fingerprint sign-in which is very neat.
I originally got this card with the intent of only using it as my gas card, and I still do, but then I discovered the Special Offers section on the app. Here, I sign up for several awesome deals. My favorite is getting 5% Cash Back on my Starbucks coffee. There's 10% at Autozone. And many more awesome offers to sign up for. Soooo, now it isn't just a gas card anymore. Discover card has something similar, but only good for online store offers, not in store offers.
This card does not have all the small benefits that my other 2 cards have like extends product warrantees, price protection, and product buy back and more. So I suggest you only use this card for gas and consumables.

If you are a Cash Back junky like me the 3 best cards to have in your collection are these: Discover It, Citi Double Cash, and this one. Please avoid the American Express Blue at all cost, absolutely the worst card from a dying company.

I use this Bank of America card for gas and special offers. I use Discover it for their 5% on quarterly deals (currently it's 5% on gas, so it's my current gas card), and for large purchases I need extra protection on. I use my Citi Double Cash for 2% on everything else since the other 2 cards only offer 1% on everything else, so I get nothing less 2% cash back.

Sorry if I'm rambling, but hopefully this helps someone build confidence in this card. I don't suggest anyone use it as a "everything else" cash back card, get the Citi Double Cash. The app is nice and BofA Credit card department is very good, nothing like the treatment you get from the checking and savings account department.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Apr 24, 2015
BEWARE Cards from Bank of America!
Jennyreviewergirltx Cardholder

I recently decided to pay down my balance on my Platinum Bank of America Visa credit card that I've had since 2007. My available credit line was $3,500 and I had carried a balance on it for years that I was slowly paying off. I decided to make a $1,500 payment reducing what was owed on the card down to less than $800.

Guess what happened?

The very next day Bank of America did a "Periodic review of my credit" and decided to reduce my credit line down to $800!!! What's worse is they didn't even notify me! 

When I questioned it customer service and the supervisor said that my credit wasn't good enough for the credit line I had. But I have the best credit I've had in years! They spun lines of BS and tried to tell me that the "periodic review" had nothing to do with me paying my card down and that they had no intention of fixing the issue, ever. 

So what's really happening?

Bank of America is doing something known as "chasing the balance" in order to  increase their profits. Now if I don't make a large enough payment I'll be over my credit line and be subject to fees. 

If I make to big of a payment they'll reduce my credit line even further! 

If you want to be able to use your credit card and pay off the balance eventually, stay away from Bank of America! 

-Unethical Business Practices. 

-Lying Customer Service Center

-Terrible Treatment of Long Term Customers

BEWARE:  Stay clear of Bank of America Credit Cards! 

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Oct 23, 2016
A must have for any cashback enthusiast!
glpstrat Cardholder

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I want to say in my review is something I couldn’t find in ANY reviews. The 3% cash back on gas applies to ANY purchase made at any GAS STATION, not just the gas. The advertisement makes it sound like this is good for the gas only, but I didn’t think that could be so & found out it isn’t.

My stats when applying for BoA: 742 CK score (TU & Equifax both), lowest utilization grade, 100% payment history,  0 derogatory marks, Avg credit age of 1 Yr (totally incorrect in reality, I'm close to 10 years on every other report, idk where CK gets this from...), 9 total accounts, inquiries at 2.

I was only given 'good' odds at being approved for this card yet was given 'very high' odds for my Chase Freedom & Citi Double Cash cards with almost a 50 point lower score. I've wanted this card for a while but I've read that BoA is picky, so I held out til I was confident I’d be approved.

The application process was mostly easy except for the required employment selection. They had NOTHING related to my field, so I had to call BoA to find out what to choose. The call was completely smooth & the rep was very helpful.

The BoA online banking GUI is average at best, especially compared to the Chase & Citi online banking GUIs. The BoA GUI just has a cheap feeling to it & I honestly expected it to be closer to the quality of the others, if not better due to how long they’ve been around. 

Finally, with the 2 other cards I mentioned, this one rounds out the 3 top cash back cards in my opinion. Chase Freedom is great for the 5% rotating categories, BoA is good for the 3% gas bonus, & Citi is good for a minimum of 2% on all other purchases. I love free money, & you just can’t beat getting paid to buy things you’re already going to have to buy anyway!!!

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Oct 19, 2016
Declined with 757 score and 14% use

This card keeps coming up with good odds, even getting bigger in the mail. Applied in January with 757/743 scores, credit utilization under 14% total I queries 7 for 24 month history. Denied for too many inquiries. Now 8 credit inquiries ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

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Oct 20, 2016

Try their prepproval link to see what offers may come up. I applied with about 10 inquiries in the past 12 months and I was approved for three of their cards in a 1 week span.

Oct 18, 2016
Excellent credit line over 750 not appro

Don't bother with Bank of America I feel like they pick and choose who to give credit to . Declined with over 776 credit score and no debt. Never again .

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Oct 16, 2016
Good Card So Far
louis1971 Cardholder

Like all cash back cards, it only pays off if you pay the balance in full every month.  Hate the fact that you have to sign up for the cash back partner bonuses and you don't just get them automatically as a card holder, but otherwise no real complaints

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Oct 14, 2016

Horrible exprience! over 700 scores and still not approved.

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Oct 06, 2016
Gave me $5k easily
MimiRoss Cardholder

CreditKarma had me as "GOOD" and Credit Sesame had me as "FAIR" for this card so tried it and got the "7-10 days we will get back with you". Instead of waiting I called the recon # and talked to a specialist. Asked me to verify my identity by asking me some questions from my credit report. They pulled my Tansunion credit report (794). For this card I actually asked them to give me more but they refused and instead encouraged me to try a credit limit increase in 6 months. They then put me on hold for like 10 minutes to complete the process. Tried to get me to sign up for a checking or savings account but I declined. They also encouraged me to apply for other products but I declined that too. Then they approved for $5,000. Told me I would get the card within 5-7 business days.

My Sign Up Bonus:


3% cash back on gas

2% cash back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, up to the first $2,500 in combined grocery/wholesale club/gas purchases each quarter.

After that you’ll keep earning 1% cash back on those purchases until the new quarter starts. You also earn 1% cash back on every other purchase you make with the card.

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Oct 04, 2016

I applied for this card and did not get approved but they did try to get me to go for a different card with the same rewards but with a $500 credit limit and a $39 annual fee. They tried to sucker me into the annual fee. They say its to rebuild credit???  I have a 730 score and have 2 cards over 10,000 limit. When i got rejected by B of A, I immediately applied for a chase sapphire and got approved for $5000. I would not recommend applying for it, credit karma said I had a good chance at approval. 

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Oct 04, 2016
Most stress, smallest credit limit.
Eliot455 Cardholder

Exorbitant fees, no mercy, tiny credit limits, annoying marketing, no respect. My family has 7 figured of assets with b of a. My credit limit was $500 and i have been charged $250 in fees in tge past 12 montgs. By far the worst credit card u have ever had.

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Oct 04, 2016

What were the fees for?

Sep 21, 2016
ApexR Cardholder

I've had this card for 3 years now and I have no complaints at all. I get the cash rewards automatically placed in my checking when it exceeds the minimum amout of $25. Ive had two instances of card information theft snd they solved it with no problem. Started with a credit line of $2,500 and never asked for a credit increase till 6 months ago and they went up to $5,000.

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Sep 14, 2016
Simple Cash Back.
EnigmaCypher Cardholder

I have never had an issue with this card, I use it for almost all of my monthly bills and always pay it off immediately = Essentially Free Money.

As others have said, YES, banks are for profit; they are privately owned corporations. Its your personal responsibility to be smart with your credit and make it work for you.

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BankAmericard Cash Rewards™ Credit Card