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BankAmericard Cash Rewards™ Credit Card

Approval Odds
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Card Details

Balance Transfer Intro APR 0% intro for 12 billing cycles on qualifying transfers
Balance Transfer Regular APR 12.99% – 22.99%* Variable
Purchase Intro APR 0% intro for 12 billing cycles
Purchase Regular APR 12.99% – 22.99%* Variable
Annual Fee $0

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Most Helpful Positive Review

Good Cash rewards card
Helpful to 75 out of 88 people

I started in 2010 on a secured card with a  $300 limit. About a year later I was switched to cash rewards and was approved for $1500. A year later I requested and was approved $5000. Just last week while checking my credit score I noticed I was moved to $7000 on an automatic approval. I called and was told sometimes they do this I really had no idea. As long as those payments come in on time BOA will move your limit up rather quickly it would seem.

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Most Helpful Critical Review

Customer service mess!
Helpful to 47 out of 51 people

Bank of America credit card services is a disorganized mess with departments who have no idea why other departments do something. When there is a mistake due to their many IT errors, it took days out of my life to finally talk to someone who could fix it. I also had an interesting experience where I filed a claim for a company that had access to my credit card number illegally billing me. BoA decided in my favor and credited me. Then months later I get a letter from them requesting a written reply from me in 3 DAYS or they will forfeit my claim. I mailed it that day, but 2 weeks later BoA claimed they hadn't received it. They actually re-billed me for that amount and said there was nothing they could do! I've had many credit cards, and this is by far the most disorganized and "IT-error" riddled of them all. That's their blanket statement for all their problems... "IT error." Please do not get this card.

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Reviews (131)

Best credit card!!
Helpful to 2 out of 4 people

This is the best credit card, the cas back really adds up. I've had this credit card for 2 years and I use it for all of my purchases your cash reward never expires.

best part is, if you have a checking account with Bank of America you get an additional 10%

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Two hard enquires with out notice
Helpful to 2 out of 4 people

Really bad customer serive,

Super rude and have no clue about any info what so ever. All they say is, we will open a complaint, come back in 2 monts.

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Excellent Card
Helpful to 0 out of 2 people

Rewards are as good as any.  I rolled over some old 401k accounts from previous employers to BofA's Merril Edge IRA service and qualified as a Preferred Rewards member.  Gets me an additional 25% bonus on rewards on the Cashback card, and other benefits.  Mobile App needs Touch ID, and FICO scores are supposedly coming to this card.  I'm a very happy owner/user of this card.  Customer Serivce agents are excellent when you have something you can't get done online.

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One of my least favorite credit cards
Helpful to 13 out of 16 people

Signed up for this card for the $100 bonus credit and the 3% cash back on gas. It's a great rewards program in theory, but unfortunatley I ended up feeling like it's more trouble than it's worth.

Most archaic banking website I've ever visited. BOA needs to get it together. Very clunky and difficult to navigate.

Had difficulty verifying my outside checking account as a payment method (first time this has ever happened)

The mobile app for iOS is a complete joke. No touch ID, no pin number or swipe. Gotta peck out username and password every time.

Rewards have can only be redeemed one you reach $25. My Capitol One, Discover IT and Chase allow me to redeem any amount.

Rewards can only be redeemed by two methonds: deposit into BOA checking account (don't have) or as a check by mail. Laughable. Chase introduced easier forms of redemtion (such as useing them during Amazon checkout) back in 2010.

Hard pull if you ask for CLI increase.

Application process was easy, never called customer support so can't comment on that.

In conclusion, this card is stuck in 2006. Needs to get its act together if it wants to be competive with the Chase, Discover and Capital One. BankAmericard Cash Rewards sits at the bottom of my desk drawer, with my AmEx Blue Sky and my Best Buy Rewards Zone card.

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Don't want it
Helpful to 7 out of 14 people

Don't like B of A enough after the stunts they've pulled over the years.  I even turn down offers of "free money" from B of A.  Wish they'd quit quit sending me offeres.

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They only like those who carry a balance
Helpful to 32 out of 35 people

I had various BofA cards over the years and out of the blue they decided to drop my limit down to $600 from $8K. Never late and always paid a balance in full every month. I called and even talked to a supervisor and they would not even listen to my questions. I dropped BofA credit card like there was no tomorrow. Find a Credit Union like I did. Great service and they are never out to give you the shaft..  Banks, BAH !!!

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Good value card for BofA customers
Helpful to 4 out of 6 people

If you're an existing BofA customer, you'll get an extra 10% on all cash back rewards into your BofA checking/savings accounts. That means in addition to the extra 2% on groceries and 3% on gas cashback, you get a little over 1 cent per dollar spent. As a Visa card it's accepted everywhere. I haven't had any problems with the card or with customer service, and for a no-fee credit card it's not a bad deal if you're already a banking customer with them.

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Great card.
Helpful to 6 out of 9 people

I've had this card almost 2 months now.  Very good service, easy to pay from your checking account as a transfer.  I was approved with a 744 score with a 12k limit.   I've been with BofA for about 10 yrs now.  I just put over 4k on it with no hassels at all.  That's the icing on the cake!  No problems! 

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BankAmericard, Just the Beginning
Helpful to 7 out of 8 people

Other than a "young adult" card I got through my bank (with the help of my parents) while in college, the BankAmericard Cash Rewards Card was the first independent credit card I opted for when setting out to start building respectable credit history. The offer came to me through my university's alumni association, so the card has the mascot and logo on it, but functions the same as the standard model. The application process was fairly straightforward, and I was approved instantly for a $5000 limit with a 16.99% APR - I thought these were excellent terms for someone just starting off! The sign-up bonus of $100 cash back after spending $500 in the first 90 days helped get my rewards rolling in, and the 3% (gas), 2% (grocery), 1% (everything else) is great for my current spending habits. I opened a savings account with Bank of America, as well, in order to receive an additional 10% bonus when redeeming my rewards into it, essentially making the structure 3.3%/2.2%/1.1%.

I have been taking advantage of their 0% APR introductory rate for the first 12 billing cycles, letting the balance build a bit, but I was accidentally just over a week late on my 3rd payment. A simple call to their Card Services department got my first ever late fee reversed without much hassle, and I have not seen where it will affect my rates or other terms going forward (crosses fingers!). Overall, for a beginner just introducing myself to a rewards card, I have been very pleased with the BankAmericard Cash Rewards Card, as the categories are easy to understand and don't revolve or require any kind of enrollment. Plus, I like representing my school wherever I use it!

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Helpful to 8 out of 14 people

I actually did not apply for this card per sae. I was instructed by a BOA financial advisor that I would not be able to get the card (she did a soft inquiry) however, If i applied for the secured version, I could graduate that card after about a year's time of responsible use. I paid the $300 deposit and used the card every month and paid on time. after 10 months I was graduated early with my deposit returned directly into my BOA account and was also granted an instant CLI of $1,800. The card is a little stingy with the credit line right now but I image that they see exactly how much money I make since I have direct deposit with them and they know how much money I earn through an employer. Overall the card handles well and I have not had any issues with it. The cash back is building slowly but surely as I use the Card. It is about as good as their keep the change program. you hardly notice but when you cash in it is appreciated. Good cash back card.

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Approval Odds

BankAmericard Cash Rewards™ Credit Card

131 Reviews
Balance Transfer Purchase Intro APR Regular APR
12 Billing Cycles 12 Billing Cycles  

0% intro*

0% intro

12.99% – 22.99%*

on qualifying transfers Variable