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Jan 11 2016
A Must Have Cash Back Card
Credit Karma Member

This is a real and detailed review. Personally, I hate Bank of America as a bank, but their credit card department is completely different. Applied online with about a 720 score. I was instantly approved for $5000. I noticed people with better scores than mine got turned down, but perhaps they don't have a good enough income to debt ratio. Then I also went to a bank branch to open a Checking Acct to take advantage of the extra 10% cash transfer bonus. If you are like me and only like Cash Back cards, this is a must have. First, the phone app is so much better than other bank apps (I also have Wells Fargo and Citi). The app has the fingerprint sign-in which is very neat. I originally got this card with the intent of only using it as my gas card, and I still do, but then I discovered the Special Offers section on the app. Here, I sign up for several awesome deals. My favorite is getting 5% Cash Back on my Starbucks coffee. There's 10% at Autozone. And many more awesome offers to sign up for. Soooo, now it isn't just a gas card anymore. Discover card has something similar, but only good for online store offers, not in store offers. This card does not have all the small benefits that my other 2 cards have like extends product warrantees, price protection, and product buy back and more. So I suggest you only use this card for gas and consumables. If you are a Cash Back junky like me the 3 best cards to have in your collection are these: Discover It, Citi Double Cash, and this one. Please avoid the American Express Blue at all cost, absolutely the worst card from a dying company. I use this Bank of America card for gas and special offers. I use Discover it for their 5% on quarterly deals (currently it's 5% on gas, so it's my current gas card), and for large purchases I need extra protection on. I use my Citi Double Cash for 2% on everything else since the other 2 cards only offer 1% on everything else, so I get nothing less 2% cash back. Sorry if I'm rambling, but hopefully this helps someone build confidence in this card. I don't suggest anyone use it as a "everything else" cash back card, get the Citi Double Cash. The app is nice and BofA Credit card department is very good, nothing like the treatment you get from the checking and savings account department.

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Dec 27 2018
Don???t do it!!!
Credit Karma Member

I've been with Bank of America on the banking side for over 20 years and the credit card side for over 5 years. I had surgery on my wrist a few days ago and my husband forgot to pay the credit card bill, which was due on Christmas Eve. He ended up paying it a few hours past the cut off time and we were hit with a late fee. I called today to get the fee waived, they said no. They said they don't do courtesy anything. 5 years and I've never missed a payment or been late and they won't refund me $25 and my credit will reflect late. Now I've read the paperwork and it says if your payment falls on a holiday it's due the next business day. Well they were closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So the next business day is today. So according to the paperwork I'm not late. Nope! According to the manager I'm late after 8 pm EST on Christmas Eve. So now my credit is dinged behind 55 minutes. So I called the banking side and told them the situation and they begged us to stay. Nope! You're losing a long standing customer because your credit department doesn't courtesy anything. I've already started moving my assets over to Discover Bank. I've had them for a while but just as a spending money kind of account. Since BoA is not the same customer service it was when I signed up we're going to Discover where the service is top notch. Happy freaking holidays.

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May 07 2020
Credit Karma Member

Mar 23 2020
Credit Karma Member

I had this card for 9 years. It had a 25,000 credit line. Without notice or explanation, BofA closed this account. At the time it had a $0 balance. I have a credit score over 800 and mid 6 digit income. I had a mortgage with Bof A, paid off, for about 15 years. They have no loyalty. When I finally got someone to speak with about this, all they said was that's the banks decision and it cannot be changed. Then, they asked if I wanted to apply for the card again.

Mar 21 2020
Credit Karma Member


Mar 21 2020
Credit Karma Member

I had an excellent chance at being approved for this card. Make 60k a year, low balance on other credit cards, and I still didn't get approved.

Mar 19 2020
Low credit line,
Credit Karma Member

Bad customer service and representative, lack of solving issue.

Mar 18 2020
Don't go near it
Credit Karma Member

I appled for this card and got approved instantly for $8k credit line. I received the card about 10 days later then activated the card. I started using the card for a week and wanting to pay my balance asap. I went online to register an online account. Could not get them to send me a verification code after 10 times. The I called customer service, the representative couldn't help me and transderred me to another department. After being on hold for 45 minutes, the phone rang to another department. Then, the phone went dead.... the other end had disconnected the call. I will stop using this card asap. A FKN nightmare.

Feb 27 2020
Great Second Card for Rewards
Credit Karma Member

The card is GOOD, and straightforward. Use the Dining option at 3% and the "Deals" program is very good (extra rewards for shopping many places you likely already do). Not really worth using for everything, but No Annual Fee is a nice 2nd Card option.

Feb 26 2020
Love the cash back !
Credit Karma Member

You can chose your 3% Category. For example i use it more in restaurants rather than gas.

Feb 23 2020
Very high approval odd and declined
Credit Karma Member

My credit karma show credit scores for 791 and 786 and was still declined.

Feb 21 2020
Credit Karma Member

Had this card, and had no problems until I had an issue. Made an online order, company never shipped it. I opened dispute, then the company sent me garbage and provided the card company with a tracking number, and the card company automatically closed my dispute based off only this. Your card company should be on your side, but this one is not! They were the least helpful people I've ever dealt with. I wouldn't even recommend them to my worst enemy.

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Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card

Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card

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