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Aug 23 2018
Good Card to Have after BR
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card post bankruptcy, after the first attemp to apply I received it with a $1,500. CL. My credit scores were 610 and 621. I still have and use this card.

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Feb 04 2018
Credit Karma Member

I got this card bc it said 9month 0% balance transfer and I currently could use that but then when approved try give me a 300$ limit like what?s that sposta do I have 3000$ on my capital one card and 1000$ on my discover card had never heard of ollio but with 0% transfer I thought y not thinking i should get a 5000-8000$ limit be able to transfer and pay it off pretty quickly then? 680-710 credit?

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Aug 24 2020
easy to apply for
Credit Karma Member

I had recently filed bankruptcy, this card was suggested by Credit Karma.

Aug 17 2020
Great Card
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card post bankruptcy. It helped to build my credit back up! My credit scores now are 751 and 732.

Aug 16 2020
Excellent card
Credit Karma Member

This card is awesomely goodness. It does what any other card can do and more..I have two other cards, but this is the one I go to. Thank you OLLO.

Aug 08 2020
Easy to do business with good customer service
Credit Karma Member

It is helping to regain credit helpful professional

Aug 07 2020
Credit Karma Member

Better then expected. Increased credit limit after 6 month's. Nothing has disappointed me so far.

Aug 07 2020
Absolutely wonderful
Credit Karma Member

This card has been a blessing, the representatives are very helpful and so very kind.

Aug 06 2020
Great Card to rebuild credit score
Credit Karma Member

I got this card to help with my credit far so good!

Aug 06 2020
Credit Karma Member

Aug 06 2020
Excellent Customer Service / Great Card
Credit Karma Member

They start you with a low credit limit but after 6 mos. if you've handled it responsibly, they start giving you nice increases. Their site is very easy to navigate and their customer service has been awesome. I still use this card regularly and recommend it highly.

Aug 06 2020
Great customer service!
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card after bankruptcy and received a credit line increase within 6 months.

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Ollo Platinum Mastercard®

Ollo Platinum Mastercard®

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