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Aug 23 2018
Good Card to Have after BR
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card post bankruptcy, after the first attemp to apply I received it with a $1,500. CL. My credit scores were 610 and 621. I still have and use this card.

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Feb 04 2018
Credit Karma Member

I got this card bc it said 9month 0% balance transfer and I currently could use that but then when approved try give me a 300$ limit like what?s that sposta do I have 3000$ on my capital one card and 1000$ on my discover card had never heard of ollio but with 0% transfer I thought y not thinking i should get a 5000-8000$ limit be able to transfer and pay it off pretty quickly then? 680-710 credit?

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Jun 23 2020
Credit Karma Member

OLLO Is what I once thought a reasonable card. But Just paid balance off in April. They cancelled the line in June. I feel it is useless company if you dont use it all the time,They cancel you like trash.

Jun 21 2020
No notice
Credit Karma Member

Have had the card for years and run it up to the limit and paid it down several times. Paid it off and let it sit at a 0 balance for several months and, without notice, they close it.( High 700's credit rating, no debt.)

May 23 2020
I’m Just a Little Guy
Credit Karma Member

America, enough with the passive aggressive reviews. Here’s my truth. This was my second card back in the game after a bankruptcy. I clearly was not responsible enough to handle credit lines. I maxed this out in about 6 months. So, with that being said, here I am still giving a raving review. Have we all forgotten that when we applied, all we wanted was a “yes” then somewhere along the way we demanded extras? I don’t get it. The interest rate is insane but it’s not like I didn’t know that when I applied. I chose to run it up and pay double in interest over the principal amount. Again, my fault, not Ollo. But hey, I used it and reaped the benefits of using money that was borrowed so why not let them reap the benefits on interest? In conclusion, if you’re looking for a card to get you back in the game and get the invite, take it. Just don’t run it up too high. Or do but be prepared to pay up in interest. I have no quarrels. Thanks for the approval and giving me a shot.

May 11 2020
Closed with now warning
Credit Karma Member

Closed due to a lack of activity. Not a big deal to me, financially, but irritating that they would close the account without any kind of warning. I got the card when they first started, but in retrospect, there was no real value to having it. Certainly wouldn't go through a hard pull to my credit score for this card.

Apr 20 2020
Closed Without Warning During Pandemic
Credit Karma Member

Like other reviewers, Ollo card closed my account without warning in March 2020. When I called, they said it was for inactivity. In the past, they would email you and ask you to use the card before taking such action. Now, at a time when customers may actually need credit, they abandon you without notice. Go with a more reputable company that will support its customers during a time of crisis rather than abandoning them.

Apr 20 2020
Closed: 700+ CS, had 3 yrs, used <3 mos. ago?!
Credit Karma Member

Not sure who's running the ship at this company but I received a letter stating they closed my card: for "length if time since recent installment loan account accepted" - I do not have an installment loan with them. And, " Actual amounts paid on all accounts" - I have a zero balance. I paid this CC on-time every month and I made a point to use this card every so often (last time was 2.5 months ago) to keep it open. Confused and frankly if this is a way to treat loyal customers, then who needs them.

Apr 17 2020
Closes without warning
Credit Karma Member

I paid my bill in full before the due date every month, but got tired of using this card because they charge interest by the day (I don't actually need to pay with credit or borrow money right now, I just wanted it for emergencies, so paying daily interest is ridiculous). I went a few months without charging and then was denied at the register without warning. Called and they said they closed it due to inactivity and that I had to use it monthly to keep it open. They refused to re-open it. So now my age of accounts was lowered for having opened this card, and then lowered again because I lost the available credit balance. I had excellent credit. I should've gotten a better card with a higher limit, rewards, and 0 interest (or at least monthly interest vs daily) that would've stayed open without me having to charge monthly.

Apr 14 2020
If only I could leave zero stars
Credit Karma Member

I have never had a credit card company like this. Not even sure what their reps are present for other than to take your money. This is not a company who works for you. They do absolutely no good, and close the account without notice for inactivity. . . What?????

Apr 12 2020
Great card...until it wasn't
Credit Karma Member

Worked hard to pay off balance. Had $2000 limit. Account closed "due to inactivity" with only notice 9 months prior (while I was still working hard to pay it off). Now paid off, I can not use it, can not reapply, cannot re-open it.

Apr 05 2020
They account during coronavirus, when I had 0 bal
Credit Karma Member

My ollocard has been paid off since July 2019. In March 2020, they closed it with no warning, no notification. In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic when access to extra credit could be extremely useful, they closed it due to "inactivity." Who does this? I have cards that haven't been used in years and they don't just close them. I only found out because Credit Karma sent me a notification. Ollo didn't send a letter, email, nothing. When I called, the representative said: "It was closed due to inactivity, and it says in your cardmember agreement we can close it anytime." Rest assured, I'll never reopen an account with them again.

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