Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi Reviews

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Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi Reviews
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4.6 out of 5 stars
28 Reviews

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Card Details

  • Balance Transfer Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR 16.74% Variable
  • Annual Fee $0
  • Purchase Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Purchase Regular APR 16.74% Variable

These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Nov 10, 2019
Great card for Costco shoppers
wampac Cardholder

Short easy application here on Credit Karma. My approval odds were listed as good, and we get all our gas from Costco, so I figured it was worth a shot, (building credit back up after medical bill purgatory). They pulled Experian credit report, score of 689 and I received a credit limit of $4k. Will use for the 4% back on gas, plus they offered a 0% interest balance transfer rate for 7 months with a 3% transfer fee. 

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Nov 10, 2019

In my review I said they pulled my Experian score, but they pulled my Equifax score which also happened to be 689 at the time.

Nov 17, 2019

Says you need a 750.

Nov 05, 2019
Like a small tax return every year.
thisisoriginal Cardholder

Customer service through Citi has been excellent. Love the website lay out and hey, it's Costco.

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Oct 20, 2019
Ultimate cash back!!
MissHula Cardholder

Easy to apply, have to be a member which is a bonus in itself, cheap gas, points back for everything, pay off to avoid interest charges. $8K SL, and love the sales!

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Oct 10, 2019
You really receive what is advertised.
Torta117 Cardholder

I love this card, I have had credit cards for at least 30 years, it is the best credit card I have ever had.  I get an avrage of $1100 from the Citi Costco card and around $300 from Costco as a reward. 

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Oct 07, 2019
Great Rewards Card
krissi924 Cardholder

I have been an authorized user on my boyfriend's card for a couple of years and saw how great the cashback rewards are. I just applied for my own today and received a high CL. My scores are 651 and 645. I highly remcommend this card if you are a Costco member!

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Nov 03, 2019

What do you consider a high credit limit? Just curious...

Sep 23, 2019
Best card I've ever had
GmaLindaLuDu Cardholder

I dumped Captial One in favor of these guys, best thing I ever did! App process was easy, came back with a $6500 credit limit and a low APR. Plus, they give you rewards back. No need for any other card, they are GREAT!

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Oct 10, 2019

What was you credit score of you don't mind?

Sep 21, 2019
The best card Ever!!!!
Johncom1979 Cardholder

I was instantly approved! High CL, Credit 680 !

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Sep 11, 2019
Pulled the lever, applied and approved
randylee100 Cardholder

After reviewing my other card that I use for Costco it just made sense to apply. A bit nervous from earlier posts but happy nonetheless of the approval.

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Sep 16, 2019

Congrats! Would like to know how much they approve you. And what credit score you had at the time and which Credit Bureau they pull from?

Sep 08, 2019
Do u have to be A Cosco meber 2get this
roleks2010 Cardholder

Not easy to get

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Sep 10, 2019

Yes. If you go to the application page it'll tell you that you need to sign up for a costco membership first before applying for the card as it is both a regular credit card and a store card.

Oct 29, 2019

Of course so, that's why it's called the Costco Anywhere Card (although can be used at other places).

This means one's Costco membership dues ($60/year for Gold) is applied to the card annually. Yet it's not an annual fee, because Costco members w/out this card has to pay the same.

One of the best features of the card & one most others won't give, is 4% at the gas pump at Costco locations, which is considered a warehouse membership purchase. Depending on how much one drives & uses the card for fuel, it's possible for the membership to pay for itself. Especially for a family, or even a couple who has long commutes to work.

Also noteworthy, Costco carries Top Tier fuel, not low grade like Sheetz & Walmart. Even their regular unleaded has 5x the limit of detergent needed to meet the requirement, meaning less issues with emission components going bad (costly 'check engine' lights). Cleaner fuel also leads to healthier air to breathe.

Oct 29, 2019

How fast was 'right away'?

If the charge was within a couple days before the statement closing date & not paid as soon as arriving home, of course this will happen.

This is why it's best to always be mindful of not only the date payments is due, also the statement cutoff date. Had you paid that 90% before the cutoff, would never had been reported. I know, as I've charged over 70% on mine, but paid to zero before statement generation & therefore, no damage done.

Jul 30, 2019
I got over $400 back the first year.
Nardine1983 Cardholder

Works well and with ease.  At Costco and outside of Costco.  I really like it.  

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Sep 10, 2019

How much did you spend tgat year to get 400 back

Jul 25, 2019
Best card ever
soniaformby Cardholder

i use for all my expensives, no need for another card

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Jul 23, 2019
Respectable rate with solid benefits
Credometer69 Cardholder

Cold apped with no prequalification from Citi website. Equifax pull, 712 Fico, 28% credit utilization, $7500 debt load. Have 2 other major credit cards open 3-4 yrs with like credit limits and no lates. Was system generated approval with email sent stating app was under review . I waited 2 hours and then received email confirming $6500 SL. Great card to own if you are part of the Costco ecosystem! Approved on 7/22.

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Jul 16, 2019
Great for Costco and Others
tonyt0906 Cardholder

I applied for this card, and was hesitant because one I hate hard inquiries, and two you hear about the credit requirements, especially with student loan debt. I applied via website on my iPhone and got the infamous “your application requires further review.” I called customer service and they located app, after about five minutes I was approved with a CL of 8k. As much as I shop and buy gas at Costco, I’ll transfer my credit union balance over. Benefits look great, and I’ll save on my executive membership fees now. 

EXP 677 EQ 728 TU 739

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Sep 28, 2019

What is your credit score? I want to apply because I only buy Costco gas but my credit isn't the greatest

Jun 26, 2019
RaiderJuan Cardholder

Applied for this card at a Costco and was given a credit line of $9,500.  I've had the card for a year and a half and so far I've liked the rewards and have had no issues with it. 

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Aug 07, 2019

What was your it credit score?

Sep 16, 2019

what was your credit score upon applying ?

Jun 25, 2019
Awesome card
GbabyT Cardholder

I applied for the Citibank costco Visa i3 months ago. Credit score 799 TU 801 Exp. Received a 10,500 credit limit. My Go 2 card. Pay balance off each month. Can't wait to get my reward certificate next year

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Jun 25, 2019
GbabyT Cardholder

I applied for the Citibank Costco Visa in person. Based on my credit score 799 TU. 801 Exe I received a credit limit of 10 500 to start.. I use it wherever I go shopping and I pay off the balance every month. Looking forward to the sweet reward certificate next year

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May 21, 2019
I got approved for $5600
omayra82 Cardholder

so far i am really loving the benefits of having this card!!! i use it very often as in maybe up to $3,500 a month if needed but will always pay back $2,000 the next month. yes your credit numbers will dip a little if you go over the 30% limit to keep you good in the credit game but hey pay on time pay what you can and you will be fine!!! i have 5 kids and this card comes in handy for me in every way shape and form!!! thanks citi!!! you’ve saved me more then a few times!!! (no freezing cards in a block of ice here!) can’t wait for a credit increase!!!! yay!!!!!

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Jun 14, 2019

Hi Omayra82, Is it mandatory that you have an Cosco Card?

Jun 23, 2019


May 10, 2019
Great rewards card
RichieCo Cardholder

4% gas rewards is among the best, 3% gas is great, 2% at Cosco is wonderful, 1% all else is ok. The only drawback is rewards certificate only once per year, but can be received in cash at register so you can buy on credit for 2% rewards. Add to this the 2% rewards for Executive Members = 4% rewards at Cosco. Few cards do as well. Starting limit may not be high, but they will increase every 6 months without a hard inquiry, but you must request increase in the app. Your picture will be shown on back of card, so great as ID and the card has built in wifi scanning for wanding card at check outs with wifi readers. Overall, exceptional card.

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May 03, 2019
Nrich123 Cardholder

Great card with cash back, no BS like miles and other ridiculous “rewards”.

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Apr 24, 2019
Excellent card with benefits.
Kelsm Cardholder

I applied received a $6,500 credit limit and reward this past February.

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Apr 29, 2019

Hi congratulations for approval, if you don’t mind what’s your score, coz I have 700 experian n hesitate to apply

Jun 07, 2019

Hi Kelsm, Would you be able to share your credit score at the time of application please? I'm considering it too, but not sure if I'm going to be ok or simply shoot myself in the foot. Mine is 680....

Apr 10, 2019
Lots of benefits
TToni Cardholder

Credit Karma matched my approval odds as being "very good".  I applied and was approved with 4000 starting credit line.  You have to be a COSTCO card member in order to apply & have this card.  If you cancel your COSTCO membership your card will be cancelled.  Keep that in mind when applying.  

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Apr 09, 2019
Approved for high limit
TruthAndTravel Cardholder

Applied this weekend per CK saying I had “very good” approval odds. (TU 710 Exuifax 709). Application went into pending, and received a call a couple days later to call Citi to verify my identity. 

Once verified I was approved on the spot for an initial CL of $9,500 - which is my highest limit card to-date. So grateful to have a higher limit card with so much valuable ways to use everywhere (my other highest card was JCPenney for $3,500). This will help my credit Utilization tremendously. 

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Mar 24, 2019
Diana9214 Cardholder

It’s very easy use the app . They gave you by the end of year all the cash rewards if you want too . It’s my favorite credit card so far .

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Mar 15, 2019

 This card is for Costco members only. it is he best credit card I have and use it most frequently. It offers 4% back on gasoline purchases, 3% back on eating in restaurants and travel, and 2% back on Costco purchases.  There is no yearly fee which makes it even better. To get the cash, you need to go into a Costco location with the email and they either give you cash or a check depending on the amount you are receiving. 

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Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi Reviews

Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi

28 Reviews
Cardholders' Choice i