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Mar 10 2020
Favorite card in wallet
Credit Karma Member

The card redesign/relaunch converts card from plastic to metal. My miles rack up quickly. Enjoying the benefits. Great customer service. $250 annual fee for card & benefits is a great least for me.

Jan 26 2020
Credit Karma Member


Aug 30 2018
Ok if you only fly with Delta often and
Credit Karma Member

2x the miles on all purchases on Delta's website, including flight insurance and hotel stays. You also get a companion pass after year one and a free first checked bag for every Delta flight. Then this card becomes extremely boring. 1x on everything else. Not good if you don't fly Delta at least 4 times a year with family or coworkers.

Mar 15 2018
Great card with awesome travel perks.
Credit Karma Member

Great card with unbeatable perks.

Jul 03 2017
First Big Rewards Card!
Credit Karma Member

Fico: 702 TU: 728 EQ: 729 I have 7 open accounts and an average age of credit of 2 yrs 7 mos. 27% utilization, 0 derogatroy marks, and 100% on-time payments. I was a little worried applying for this care because I haven't had very long of credit history and a pretty low number of open accounts.. I was town between this card, Chase Preferred, Milage Plus, Alaska Sky Miles, Barclay, and Capitol One Venture. What got me with this one is the 70,000 bonus (limited time) and the companion ticket upon renewal each year. Application process was a breeze! Literally only a couple minutes to fill out, and within the time of hitting the submit button and my screen loading, I got a CONGRATULATIONS on the next page. Instantly got an email to register my account, which I did and opened to view that I got approved for a $10,000 CL. Once I redeem my bonus for this card, I think I'm also going to apply for the Chase Preferred so I'll have two cards to redeem with tons of different airlines. In the mean time, I've very excited to start using this card and racking up those rewards. Spend smart and earn big!

Jun 19 2017
So much better then the Delta Gold
Credit Karma Member

This card is a no brainer over the Delta Gold card. You can't beat the free companion certificate each year. I personally have never had any trouble with American express customer service. I love the mileage booster after you spend so much each year. The free checked bags & you can get upgraded on flights pretty easy.

Jun 10 2017
Credit Karma Member

I have been paying off my debt for the past 2 years and was scared to apply for this card. To me, AE is the top of the line, and I didnt know if I would get approved. I started out with 2 secured credit cards, one from capital one and one from Wells Fargo, After a year my Wells Fargo went from a secured card to a regular platnium visa, and they doubled my balance last year without me even asking. So tonight I decided to apply for the Delta Platinum Skymile card and I was approved with a $1400 limit. According to Credit Karma--my Transunion Score is 705 and my Eqifax is 709. According to the credit card agreement I just printed out from American Express--they have my FICO score listed as 641 and they pulled it from Experian. So I say if you have a score from Credit Karma listed in my range and you want to try, then go for it!!!

Apr 19 2017
Great for getting skymiles through Delta
Credit Karma Member

I love this card when I travel with Delta, it gets you extra luggage and more miles. I use it to pay for all my travel expenses (including gas), and often when I go on vacation. Constantly getting miles for use is great. They also have an insurance package using this card for rental cards. If you use your card a lot and repay it quickly (above what's required) they will increase your maximum amount to fit your spending/repayment habbits -- it's help increase my credit score because it shows a much lower usage %. I've never regretted using this card.

May 02 2016
Trying this card out, finally got approv
Credit Karma Member

I am 26 and have started a credit since June 2015 so it hasnt even been a year but because I have been on time with my payments and keeping my utiliaztion low and have done every possible method to build my credit as fast as i can. I have finally been approved, this is my 4th attempt and I have applied for this card every 2-3 months (firstly because I was new to credit and its rules). My coworkers and I travel a lot and they kept telling me to get this card for its mileages and benefits for flying. My first attempt was when my score was 560 which didnt work and had 3 months of credit. Then 680 but was still denied, then at 699 and still denied. Now its been about 10 months of good credit with other cards that i found useful and helpful (quicksilver, then Chase after 8 months) my score when applying was 728 and I was immediately approved. You will know when you are denied because it says "We need more time to review your account" I only got a 2000$ limit which is fair, but honeslty nothing... I need at least a 5000 limit. But i guess over time it will increase. The 2000 limit is dumb because I wont be able to hit the 25000$ sepnding bonus since im limited to 24000 unless i pay off the card quick and use it again each month. However I am excited to see just how much benefit it will yield. If its not worth it after 2 years. If its not working out like i want it then i will cancel this card. And just stick to my Chase Sapphire Card. However AMEX cards are great from their Apps, unlike the Chase app which i think is terrible.

Oct 14 2014
Terrible Experience
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for two months now. I was not instantly approved (I'm an exisiting Amex member since 1998). I called in and went through a couple of simple verification questions. The CSR said I was approved for $1,100. My Experian Fico score at the time of approval was around 778. Really?!?! I asked him to find me one ticket on Delta that would not max out or go over that crap limit. They simply said to call back when I activate it. So I called back and advised they assigned me a useless limit. Long story short, they reallocated a few thousand from another account. My point to all this is, for the price of this card Amex assigned a useless limit and I would have preferred a denial. Furthermore, Delta continues to ner their Skypesos mileage program ever 3 months, making it nearly impossible to qualify for Medallion, not to mention awful reward redemptions.

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Delta SkyMiles® Platinum American Express Card

Delta SkyMiles® Platinum American Express Card

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