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why can't i see my credit score?
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cant get my Credit Report
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every time i try to get my credit report no matter the site it keeps saying that it cant be done online because they cant verify my informortion even tho i have had the same address for 13 years and i just recently moved 

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 why can't i see my credit score from credit karma

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  • Does anything say you have a "thin file", no credit history or limited credit? If so it simply means you dont have enough credit information for the credit bureaus to compute your credit score. You wont be able to see your score until you have established credit. My suggestion is to open a secured credit card to start off with (use it and make payments on time). Within 12-24 months you would have established credit and should have a credit score by then and probably qualify for an unsecured credit card. 
  • However, if you already have an established credit history then you may want to check your credit reports ( to see if everything is correct. If you have very few accounts and they aren't being reported to all the credit bureaus then you could easily be labeled as "thin file" which they wont be able to generate a credit score.

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You need to supply a lot more information to this very bland question, "Why can't I see my credit score?"  Are you referring to credit scores provided by each Credit Bureau?  Are you talking about credit score?  What exactly are you referring to? 

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