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Why are my scores 100 points different depending on the site I visit and how do I fix it??
On Experian my score is 789 on Credit Karma which uses Trans Union my score is 688. How do I get my scores close to each other, so I know which one is more accurate??

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Different scores, reports, and models

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Hello E1918,

1. You may have discreprencies between your Experian and TransUnion credit reports. Compare the 2 reports to see if there are any differences in accounts, statuses, balances, etc... 

You can get free credit reports at

2. The credit score you get on this site is the transRisk score. The score you get on is the Experian Plus score. Both of these scores are completely useless as not one lender uses them to determine your creditworthiness. 

2 different scores, 2 different reports, from 2 different models which use different factors to calculate the scores.

The scores that lenders use are FICO scores, but, there are 49 different FICO scores out there. (Here's a bit more on the different types of scores:

So, don't focus on the scores, just make sure that you 

 - Pay your bills on time

 - Keep credit card utilization at 20% or less

 - Don't close old cards

 - Have a mix of installment and revolving accounts

 - Limit your inquiries to one every 6 months.

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Transunion and Experian credit scores ??

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I recently purchased a new vehicle and the salesman asked me about my credit score. I told him my credit score based on CK from Transunion was 697. Later after getting approved, the salesman told me that my score was actually much higher. It was only 697 with Transunion but Experian showed it to be 746, a 49 point difference. So I think Transunion may be quite more conservative than the others.

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100 point difference

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I also have a 100 point difference between credit karma using transunion and myfreecreditreport using experian. I refuse to apply for any loans or cards unless I know they are using experian. I also have an overall D on credit karma even though all my grades are a's and b's individually they are rating me a D overall.

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They use TransUnion information nothing from anyone else,   

I have a Overall Grade of A

Credit Util = A

Payment History = A

Age of Credit History = D

Total Accounts = C

Credit Inquires = F

Derogatory remarks = A

CK Score of 762

It has taken me almost 2 years to get to this point,   start in Jan 2012 with a CK Score of 645

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The difference in credit scores

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The three credit companies, Transunion, Experian and Equafax have differnt ways they calculate your score, it also depends on what is reported to those companies.  Everything is not reported to all 3.  I recently found out that there is a 4th but I can't remember the name of it.   The thing that is strange to me is why is my Experian score is different depending on who is giving me my score.  I have a capital one card and they send me my experian score each month with my statement and it is almost 100 points different from what my experian score from scoresense.  I thought my Experian score should be the same no matter who is telling me what my score is.

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The other one

It is innovis 

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Synchronize your accounts

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Credit scores are not maintained as part of credit records but rather calculated upon request using the information in the credit records.  They use different calulations but you must be sure tht they are using the same data.

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