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who can I talk to about raising my credit score
There are things that have recently made my credit score drop and I'm trying to find out who i can talk to that will help me learn how to take care of these things.

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Credit score went down for nothing

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Ok i need some advise, i check my credit on credit karma every week, at the moment,

1)I have 3 credit cards, all under 30% with no late payments

2)I have a car loan with no late payments

3) i have a student loan with no late payments neither, 

All this year i have been making sure everything was paid on time and my credit has been going up and up and up, and im not applying for anything, anywhere to avoid inquiries, now i woke up one day, and my student loan went up $277 dollars, (which makes no sense if all the payments were made) and a hard inquiry was removed, and my point went down 16 points! that just took me back a whole year!

I call the student loan, and they said nothing has increased, and no payments are late, and i called the transunion and the lady i talked to put a dispute in for me, but even she could not find any late payments or anything negative. 

Im confused and frustrated about what happen, can someone shed some light? does removing a hard inquiry that got paid off in full suppose to impact me negativly? its almost like they faulted me for 2014 again when that already took place and i had bounced back from already.

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Some specifics would help

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Don't give away anything hugely personal or sensitive ... but credit scores flucuate quite regularly for a wide myriad of reasons. As such, it's ****-near impossible for people on here to be able to over suggestions without some more information such as:

  • Around what is your score now and before the "drop?" (again, no need to be exact if you don't want)
  • Do you have only credit cards? Or do you also have loans (car/student/personal) and/or a mortgage?
  • How long since you got your first loan or card? Is it still open?
  • Have you made any late payments? If so, how long ago?
  • Have to applied for any new loans or credit cards recently? 
  • Have you requested any credit limit increases?
  • Even if you paid it off soon after, have you had an increases in your balances? 
  • Court judgements against you? Tax issues?
  • Any credit cards closed or cancelled? (even due to inactivity)

Any of these items above could/would have some bearing on your current score. And if you're doing what you're supposed to ... 

  • Keeping credit balances as low as you can afford (less than 10% across the board tends to be ideal)
  • Not having any sort of derogatory items such as court judgements, tax liens or bankrupcies
  • Paying at least the miminum on every bill, every month
  • Keeping your accounts open, especially your oldest
  • Avoid applying up for new credit or limit increases unless you really need it

... then worry not if you see occasional flucuations. Scores change all the time, especially if you use your cards a lot. Even if/when you pay off your cards in full every month, your score can jump around depending on when your accounts report your balance to the bureaus. If you're really concerned about getting the best possible score (and you're following all of the items above), try paying off your card balances more than just once a month.

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credit score

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i was all most to a 600 know i am at a 430 i really dont know why my score keeps going down

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Feel free to ask any questions that you have, just don't give any personal info or account numbers, this is a public web forum. It always pays to do some reading as well, to try to understand the basics before you get started.

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need help

I was recently taken off points on my credit because i lost my credit cards but they had to cancel the cards and sent me new ones. I dont understand why it showed that the accounts where closed when i never closed it. I have 3 cards and it did major damage to my score. Is there anyone i can speak to about this ?

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Officer Plan B

No you have the wrong Plan B Consultants BBB rating, what you want to look for is the Plan B Debt and Credit Consultants rating and the most important factor is not the Graded A score it is the fact that there is no known complaints. The BBB is not the end all of business third party review places. In fact companies have to pay the BBB if they want a good score and acredited rating so what does that tell you about the BBB acreditbility itself? Basically you can buy yourself to the top if you do it correctly.

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credit score increase

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I have personal knowledge of Plan B credit repair services and they most certainly can assist in increasing credit score in rapid fashion (within 30 days) They only operate via referral and so visit and let them know Terry sent you. Truly great people that care about your credit score as much as you do. Some say it is impossible, I can tell you it is possible.

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Hello, the plan b website is no longer active and states the URL can't be found. Please advise with additional Contact info, I need their help really bad. Thank you

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Plan B is believed to be out of bussiness according to the BBB

"According to information in BBB files, it appears that this business is no longer in business. Mail sent to the business on 12/17/2013 was returned by the U.S. Postal Service as Undeliverable as Addressed"

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The BBB has incorrect info on them you can reach them at 714-508-7306

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