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Who can clean up my credit after bankruptcy?
I filed bankruptcy to better my life and families life. I now need to know who can help me clean up my report. I still have accounts showing on my report that have been discharged and should have been wiped away but aren't gone yet. What is a good company for clean up to go through? Thank you in advance.

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You can do this for yourself..... I did

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Step 1:  Send Notices of disputes to all 3 Credit  Bureaus for the accounts that were discharged.   They will need to investifgate them, chances are since the creditors are aware that you filed BK and they will never be paid.,  they will not bother to respond to the Credit Bureaus.  They have 30 days to validate the accounts.  If they do not respond the credit bureaus will remove them from your credit file and your score will begin to increase.  You can also request to have old accounts removed in your same letter.

Step 2:  You also need to open some new credit cards -  Don't use more than 1/3 of the credit line and pay more than the min amount monthly.  If you follow these steps your rating will go up very quickly.

That's it you'll be on your way to rebuilding your credit.

Good Luck!

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Great advise, I too did my own! I want to share that at Chase Bank, I love my bank! Veterans may open free accounts, savings & checkings! They have a 'free prepaid card' aka Chase Liquid, you add to it for available funds, best to use -vs- debit cards. $25 minimum deposit to start, and major branches, give you the new chip card same day!! Best way to build credit speedily is to; Always use card as credit card for all purchases!! Thank God for Credit karma too!!!

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Wipe off Banruptcies

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Don't pay someone or a company to clean your credit when you can do it yourself.  You can request copies from the credit bureaus of your credit report and submit disputes to have accounts removed from your report.  I have done it myself.  It works! Just takes a little time. 

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yes one can do this themself but if you want it done right and by the law than i would go with lex law

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How to get dischared debts off report

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Send a letter to the credit bureaus that these debts have been discharged and they will take them off and keep the Bankruptcy on for 7 to 10 years according to which backruptcy you filed. Make sure you keep your bankruptcy paperwork of list of creditors that was discharged for proof when someone asks.

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Those accounts are to be removed and or closed. Once you file bankruptcy and automatic stay is enforced.  In which you are not responsible for that debt.  After discharge those accounts are to be removed or closed. 

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i filed chapter 13 and only some accounts have been removed. Should i send a letter to every creditors address that shows on the report or should i only contact the credit report agencies?

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Clean credit report..

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U can clean ur own credit report..U don't have to pay anyone to do the same thing that u can do...Also try get-ten a few of un secured credit accounts...That will help tremendoulsy .

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You can file disputes online with all agencies (Transunion, Equifax, and Experian)  no need to mail them paperwork just order your free report and follow the dispute instructions.also my attorney told me they stay on you will just see in remarks inculded in bankruptcy and the debt amount will be zero. 

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Accounts that were included in bankruptcy are not wiped off your credit report.   They are part of your credit history and will remain for 7-7.5 years after and that is a fact that cannot be changed. 

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This is technically what's suppose to happen however, its not true. I know of a credit repair agency that can help people remove items off their credit report. You can do it yourself, it just takes a lot of time to do it.

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My college loan was included in my chapter 13 and the amount now shows a 0 balance but the account is still open on my credit report. How do I get that account closed and removed off my credit report?

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Clean Up Discharged Cards

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I filed for bankruptcy in 2015 and still have some credit cards saying zero balance, unspecified credit limit and they are still open.

What should I do? Contact the cards and ask them to close the accounts or ask to have them reinstated or somerthing else?

Please reply with your opinion. Thanks.

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Enter Your Reply where they included into the list of dischargable debts? When you file Bankruptcy all debts must be listed

for discharge. Also you should have gottern a letter stating that all debts have been discharged.

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