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removing multiple hard inquiries for car loan
Car loan inquiries

How can I remove the several hard inquiries the car dealership caused me?

I purchased a new truck. Everything was great until I saw that they incurred to my account 8 hard inquiries. How can I dispute these? One dealership is showing 3 times the same day. They sent apps to several banks they use all the same day. Credit Karma now scores me with too many hard hits. Shows on credit reports as hard inquiries. Scored badly against us. How do we get it consolidated?
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This dropped my score BIG TIME

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7 hard inquiries on one day while car shopping at the same dealership caused my EXCELLENT credit score to drop all the way to GOOD (60 points!). I am currently investigating this and it truly is a nightmare trying to reach TransUnion for help.

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In general, hard hits made the SAME DAY do not count against you multiple times (at least, not to the score calculation from the actual credit bureaus).  They are grouped together into "one" for the sake of the score calculation.  This is done purposely to allow you to "shop around" for credit when doing things like purchasing a car or getting a mortgage for a house.

In other words, it probably really isn't as bad as it appears.  If you have 8 hard hits, but they were all done within a day or two while you were car shopping, then it really likely only means one or two actual hard hits in the real calculation.

The fact that this site might still show it as 8 for the grade is likely just a side-effect of how the grading system works and doesn't accurately reflect the actual number of hard hits when it comes to your real score calculation.

 - John...

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Im having the same issues. I went car shopping at 3 different dealerships and one ran my credit and I didnt know this and they didnt inform they were going to do this until  I got a notification from Credit Karma that I had 13 hard hits from them alone. In total I think I ended up with 30 from all three dealerships and I tried to get in contact with someone on the phone at Experian and that is nearly impossible. There has to be some type of forgiveness for this cause it dropped my credit score a lot. I know this cause all the denial letters that are coming in show my credit score and each one drops lower and lower and I did not have a super crappy score to begin with. Please help or point me in the direction to get help, I desperately need advise on this. One of the car dealerships said something about calling the credit bureaus but that is a nightmare.

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Credit Inquiries

I want to know why all of my past credit inquries (occurring over the span of 2 years) now all show up on the same date as when my credit score is updated. It is like saying i have had 29 inquiries all fall on today's date. Why is this? Go back to the originial method where you listed the date of the actual credit pull. It doesn't make sense now.

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This is really annoying

I took a pre-approved letter into the dealership that promised not to do a hard inquiry on my credit. The dealership then checked for a better interest rate with 8 different banks. So it added 8 hard inquiries to my credit. This shouldn't be allowed or easily disputable. 

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Wish I would have read here first!!!

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Just bought a new car a couple months ago and had the same issue. I got 7 hard inquiries in one day!!  Is there a way to remove them? they say it doesnt hurt but thats not true. I was just declined a credit line increase from Capitol One and their reason was to many inquiries on my credit report. I had only 1 and now there is 8!!

Any ideas or help?

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