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Posted in Auto Loans
need a loan to pay off driving tickets
I have a credit score of 522. I've been working at my job for two months now. I need a loan from some business to pay off tickets that are apricot. 7000 dollars so I can go to a heavy equipment operating school. I need a license so I can get certification for operating heavy equipment. It's impossible to pay that off making 9 an HR not to mention the cost of living. I don't know of any other way but a loan. If anyone knows of a company able to help w/ my situation or knows of some alternative please provide me with some input. Thanks
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Hate to tell you -- but if you have old debts and can't afford to pay them off, then getting into new debt is not going to help you. Especially not if, as you say, you can't even manage your cost of living. Having $7k worth of past-due traffic tickets is really a bad sign, also. It's tough making $9/hour, I know. But your problem isn't your job. Your problem is that you need to sit down, evaluate your life -- and avoid making the same kind of mistakes in the future that you've obviously made in the past. Far better to see if you can make some kind of payment plan to pay off those old tickets. I know $7k seems like an insurmountable obstacle, but best to chip at it and get it gone than to hope for a quick fix that's really no fix at all.

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