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Posted in Auto Loans
My ex husband is not paying payments on a car loan, what do I do?
He has not paid a payment since Feb 2010. As far as I know it hasn't went in as a repo. What can I do to help my credit. I can't afford to pay the payment.
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Absent some kind of legal intervention to dissociate yourself from the loan and relieve you of responsibility, you are unfortunately as responsible for the loan as your ex husband no matter what he may have promised or may or may not be doing to pay it.

For as long as the loan is delinquent, the lender most certainly won't voluntarily let you off the hook (two defendants to hold responsible are better than one), and with the cost of pursuing the matter in court (unless you appear pro se) likely equaling or exceeding the cost of the delinquent payments, you've really been left with few good options as even offering to pay "half" will only likely forestall repossession and give your husband a free car to drive for even longer with no motivation for him to make good.

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You may need a court order to have you removed from the loan if your ex won't cooperate.

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