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Mortgage reported as late?
Hello everyone,

Upon pulling my credit report I noticed that I am being reported as late for my mortgage. Although, back in August, I was late I am currently up to date and have been since September.

In fact, I worked out a payment plan with my mortgage company because I had a large repair bill to pay for. When I called them and made the agreement I had agreed to pay August and September by September 30.

What I did not know is that they were going to report me as late regardless of whether I kept to the agreement (which I did).

Now even though this happened in Aug/Sept Credit Karma is still reporting the bill as currently 30 days late.

I've contacted the mortgage company and they will not help me with this at all. I have disputed this through credit karma citing an improper balance as the reason. I tried following up on a call with TransUnion and I didn't get anywhere.

Does anyone have any ideas of why this would be reported as currently late when it is not currently late?

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Because you were late with August's payment.  The mortgage lender didn't pursue you, and made an agreement with you, but the payment was still late. I always have my mortgage paid one or two months in advance. That way if a large bill, or something comes up; I don't need to worry about the mortgage payment. 

The effect will lessen over time.

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Thank you for your reply.  I guess I was under my own assumption that making an arrangement like this would have prevented them from pinging my report.

My issue, which I failed to explain above, is that the credit report says "currently 30 days past due" on the report.  It has said that for the past two months.

I am up to date though.  All my other accounts list up to date except this mortgage one.

Should it say that I am currently late when I am not and is this reason to have it removed from the report completely?

Thank you for your time

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No, the status should state "Curent", yes it was late in August and reported as such, but when you caught up in September (paid both aug and sept's due) then it should be reported as "Current", tho the late payment would remain on your report, but the status should read current, as you ARE current with your payments.


What did TU told you? And what was the reason given from your dispute? 

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Hi and thanks for the response.  

I disputed the report right here on Credit Karma.  I cited "wrong balance" and "was never late" as the reason.  I put that I was never late because I had thought since I made an agreement with the company I shouldn't be considered late.

I see now that I am wrong about that, but the balance that is being reported is still incorrect.  When I spoke to TransUnion they just told me I would have to wait until the investigation was finished.

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