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It is frustrating that you tell me I have 9 credit inquiries yet I can't from who and when.
Hello, I have worked in real estate finance for the last 5 years as a lender and work with peoples credit daily. I use companies to give advice as to how to repair someone credit if need be. have 2 issues with how you handle credit inquiries.

1. It is frustrating when you tell me I have 9 inquiries and my inquiry score is a D yet I can't see who they are from or when they are from.

2. According to your site they stay on my credit for 2 years. This is inaccurate, inquiries over 4 months old carry no weight on someones credit. On a mortgage application they don't have show up when I pull someones credit if they are over 120 days old. So to give me a D rating because I have 2 year old inquiries is outrageous. This results in you giving me a credit score that is not accurate, as well as the advice you gave to others which I read in your QA sections.

Here is my credit rating up to date from another provider who doesn't follow this format, by the way I just purchased a home and this is the actual score on my credit report as well. Not the middle score but rather the same agency you provide.

Your Credit Score is:731 CreditKarma score: 685

26 points off??

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Thanks for the reply

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Well I have only worked with FICO scores, but my credit card provider also pulls only a Transunion so I am wondering why they come up with a 731 where you show a 685?

I don't use any other math model thats just what happens when you dont type carefully as I can see you did the same. I do appreciate the wise remark, and in the english language the word "otherwise" is one word not two ;)

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You can  goto and pull your Free Credit Report from Transunion and it will show you the Hard Inquires that are part of your Credit Report,  but I'm sure you already knew about that  as you work with peoples credit daily.

as to 1)  as you just signed up for CreditKarma this month, will you see all Hard inquires going forward that are added or drop off after they age 2 years.

as to 2)  Correct Hard inquires stay on your Credit Report for 2 years.  This is very accurate.   As to the weight they carry depends on the Creidt Score Model being used.   As to what shows up when you pull someones credit,  I'm sure it pulls only information needed for the mortgage.  The D Rating ( and I would not worry much about it ) is  for the Number of Hard Inquires on your Credit Report   not 2 year old ones.   I have had a High of 14 Hard Inquires and currently down to 7 on my credit report.    The Letter Grades like the D have nothing todo with the CreditScore.  it is more information then anything.

Also the CreditScores here are supplied by TransUnion,  CreditKarma does not create them, they only display what they receive,  AND  they are NOT FICO scores.  So when comparing CreditScores you should know what CreditScore Model is used,  other wise trying to compare them is useless.

it's 46 points off unless you use a different type of math,  731-685=46

Hope this helps just a little.

Have a Great day and Weekend.

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Annual Credit reports have them

listed. get ONE- one credit report every 3-4 months from each of the 3 companies

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