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If i pay all the bills that are shown on my report, will it help in building my score back up?
I have bills that I have let go. Including power, medical, and other expenses. So if I pay all of them off will my score improve?

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yes and no

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it will help sometimes significantly and sometimes very miniscule. The best way to help your score is to start positive accounts( ie. credit cards) . A friend of mine had a score of 491 in 2011, he then decided to get a credit card. he realized that he was wasting money by trying to pay off the accounts so he started just using the credit card. he would use 25% of the limit and pay it back steady monthly. Every month since, he has been doing the same and now has a high credit score of 752. He is currently coaching me on building my credit up. i hope this information helped and 

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Removing old debts off of your report will help repair your credit. try negotiating "pay for delete" with your creditors or collection agencies. Check the statue of limitations in your state some are 7 some are 5 if they are getting close to dropping off try focusing on the newest ones. You can also try and negotiate for less than the balance owed too.

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Please clarify as to what you mean by statue of limitation in "your state" you said 7, and some are 5. Elaborate plz.

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I paid everything in all my credit reports on 2-6-15. I have learned that  some debt collectors will delete, make sure you ask, and some will not. They are very good at trying to avoid the question about deletion. My score has went up about 25 points from paying them off in the past 6 weeks. Some were deleted completely and some marked as closed/paid. Some I am still waiting for my reports to update.  But I no longer have to deal with debt collectors and the negative remarks/accounts in my credit are dissapearing and I am on my way to rebuild my credit.

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Removing old debts will NOT help your credit score... The older they are the less impact they have on your credit score. I recomment that you contact the collection agency via snail mail and negtotiate payment for removal of it off your credit report. If you do it anyother way, it will reset the 7 years on your credit report. If it has been on your credit report close to 7 years, I would ignore it all together and let it fall off your report

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Repairing my credit

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If I pay off a couple creditors, and have them removed from my credit report how long will it take for my score to be adjusted, or will it even help

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Debts older than 7yrs.

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I have old debts that are from 2005 and the medical bills keep being recorded every yr. and have been bought by a third party collection agency. What can I do ?

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I set up payments with my hospital bill. I set it up for them to take $40 bi weekly out of my check and it is slowly but surely going away. Just call the hospital and set up payments of whatever you can afford. You may think you will miss the money, but if you have it directly taken from your bank account then it's "Out of sight, Out of mind" and your credit will slowly start to rise. It won't have a big affect until it is actually paid off and NOT showing as delinquint.

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Challenge the accuracy of the.debt in writing. I think CK has dispute letters that you can download. 10 years is too long. I heard of either revolving/installment accounts can take up to 15 years, but not medical bills. If the collection agency cannot provide you proof of your debt (documents that you signed), then it will be deleted from your CR. But if you receive a response in the mail validating the debt, also you would be given a settlement offer (50%). If you pay, negotiate for a pay to delete, and get it in writing before submitting payment.

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snapshot of credit

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I was told that your credit report is a snapshot of the here and now. I understand old posting have an impact, but if for the next 6 months I pay cc off or down and pay all payments on time that in itself will show a a postitive reflection on my CR.... Is this correct? Thanks

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