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I think I just need an online swift kick in the ...Car loan and a new lease help.
A few months ago I was able to purchase a used car, 2012 mazda, on to be honest horrible credit history. I am in my 30's, when I was in my 20's I made the huge mistake of signing up for student loans I had no hope of paying back. I currently owe about $14000 on my Mazda. In the last few months my credit score has jumped several points to 590. I also moved to a new state, the land of ice and snow. My concern is the upcoming winter in a fwd car. Jeep is currently offering $3000 customer cash on new leases. With my current loan and my credit does anyone think I would be able to get approved for a new lease and afford the payment. Do I just need a swift kick in the you-know-what or is this idea worth a try?

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I have lived in several states with snow and ice in the winter and a front wheel drive vehicle is excellent.  All you have to remember is keep the speed at a reasonable rate for the conditions and don't make any sudden moves.  Keep that Mazda.  It really isn't very old and should work very well for several more years if you make sure the basics are taken care of (regular oil changes, adequate coolant levels and tune-ups when needed).  You do not need a Jeep and they are expensive to maintain.  A friend in a cold climate just got rid of hers for that reason.

Your student loans are going to have to get repaid.  They remain collectable until paid off, are not going to fall off after a period of time and are not dischargable in bankruptcy. 

Until you get to work on the loans, your score is going to remain low.  Please re-read the articles on this site so you can better understand more about credit and become a bit more realistic in your thinking.  That is your kick in the pants, okay?

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As said, front wheel drive cars are good in winter weather, just make sure that the road is plowed and you have good tires on, you can also consider studded tires if the state allows them. Just to clarify what jwsister was saying, Federal student loans have to be repaid, non-federal loans are a different story and are just like any other debt. As to whether you can afford the jeep or not, we have no idea because we don't know your situation, but I would say that it is a bad idea. Two vehicles means two payments, plus more money for auto insurance and plus the maintenance on both vehicles. I have owned several vehicles at once several times in my life and today I have one, "more vehicles, more money, more headaches".

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