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How can I get help paying off college loans?
I'm on disability and haven't been able to make payments. The loans have been on forbarance, hardship, etc to pause having to make payments. I need help getting them paid off, even going through Nelnet for help.

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Never has its own problems...

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And that problem has to do with how they defrauded students making payments and not allowing those payments to ever fully pay off debts, this keeping them perpetually shelling out on interest.

The CFPB sued them and this is ongoing.

Try to see if the department of education will help out, and intervene. I am aware of some loan forgiveness programs, but only vaguely. The idea is that with special conditionality, perhaps, maybe and blah blah blah, maybe you can get part or all of the loan forgiven.

I am not qualified to make this determination since all I do is Credit Repair, but we do have links that may be helpful.

Make sure you have documentation of your condition, ailment or other paperwork pertinent to it. I'm sure they will ask.

If you are legitimately disabled, either partial or total, and have not been able to work on your field, perhaps there is something someone can do.

I'll make a note to add this information to our FAQ'S or have one of the intern do it.

Luck to you,

Cleanslatecredit. Org

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How to get Discharge & Balance Forgiven

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Firstly; the severe disabilities law for a discharge of federal student loans was passed under the Obama administration. You'll be happy to know that anyone who's severely disabled and receiving disability payments with a medical condition where "Medical Improvement is not expected," could be eligible for student loan debt discharge, but the government is failing to provide sufficient education on the subject. 

According to the Washington Post, "There are 387,000 matches of students who have a medical condition that is not expected to improve and could be eligible to have their student loan debt discharged, of whom 179,000 were in default on their loans and at risk of having their Social Security benefits garnished."

Secondly; for an immediate fix, you need to consolidate your loans at Get on an income-driven plan, like the Pay As You Earn, and your payment on the new consolidated loan can be zero dollars per month. 

Here is a student loan relief infographic ( that provides 16 step by step instructions on how to consolidate your loans and maintain proper status to get the balance forgiven. 

Contact the Department of Education and let them know if you have a medical condition diagnosed where "Medical Improvement is not expected." You could be eligible to have your student loans discharged.

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For those who are not disabled, and have not found a great job with your degree, I recommend moving to an income driven plan, and also looking at working for the government. It may take a few months to get hired on, but most states put out new listings of jobs weekly, the feds the same way and the entry level jobs are not exciting, but they do count towards loan forgiveness in 10 years of public service. I am paying my loans, working at a job that serves the public, and have been able to start a modest saving plan, and because of where I work my state is paying for my masters.

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Financial Aide

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I owe for financial aide for school and I'm a single mother who is struggling with every day living expenses much less having to pay back school money. Is there any program or anything that helps a single mother pay back school money?

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i'm in the same boat.. has anyone gotten back to you on this? 

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Contact Nelnet about getting the form for disability forgiveness of the loans.  You have to have your Dr. certify that the disability is permanent and prevents you from obtaining gainful employment.  It takes 3 years to get the discharge, but it is a big help.  I've done it.

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student loan

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i have been doing forebearance for quite some time my husband is not working and i am the sole provider struggling to make ends meet is there a way i can apply for financial hardship?

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Loan Forgiveness

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Well, I am a student at this point but i have heard of loan forgiveness programs. I am sure there should be government information regarding them. Considering your situation there might be a program that fits you right, since I am aware there are multiple ways to earn loan forgiveness assuming you have made some payments in the past at least.

Here, I hope this helps!

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Charge off

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I'm in collection 4 loans turned into 8 on my credit report. My loans are saying there closed 6yrs1 month some have been charged off. Im not sure how to go about this should I consider contacting them and pay them off.  I'm trying to fix my credit and the delinquent accounts are lowering my score. What should I do 

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I have a student loan nightmare on my credit report. I was in the same boat. I consolidated what was eliglible, and my company loaned me the money to pay off what was in default. Now I'm paying two notes; one to the consolidation and one to my company. However, despite paying 100% on time for almost four years, the defaulted loans, charge offs, closed accounts are killing my credit. I recently wrote a good will letter to the US Dept of Ed, and they did make an adjustment on all of their loans to reflect them as paid off, but I'm having to track down other lenders that have been misreporting for years. You literally have to put in TONS of work and effort, but go to the NSLDS (google will give you the link) and track EVERYTHING. Then if you can pay I'd consider consolidating what you can and tracking down everything and disputing items that don't look correct. I've been working on this for over a year, and I've recently had the most luck. What these companies are allowed to do as as far as reporting are RIDICULOUS. Their misreporting has cost me so much more than money, and I wish I had dug in and investigated much earlier. As these loans are tossed around from place to place, they don't often remove/update/change your credit report as they should. It's a rat race, but worth it. 

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4 loans can't turn into 8 loans. This is obviously an error on their part. Perhaps you are seeing the interest and accrued late fees?

I had a friend who went with a company I used, and they had problems with nelnet showing 6 accounts when the original more was for 4 @ 40,000.

These companies are huge, but they make mistakes.
Check out cleanslatecredit. Org and visit the Consumer Rights page, scroll down and there are links to investigate the matter or file complaints with the people who can help.
These are federal agencies, expect delays. Still, it's free.


Cleanslatecredit. Org

Very good people, a little strange in a good way

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I’d like to share my story too. Just a few weeks ago i was homeless, i was jilted by my online lover. and he had robbed me of everything i had. By the time i realized i was being played, my credit score was already 458 , i had an eviction on my report and a large debt on my credit. I was on my way to the little corner behind the store where i normally sleep when i saw a fellow homeless person who i met some days ago and he was looking so changed and successful. I immediately began to beg him to tell me how he made it so fast and because i had told him my story when we previously met, he understood my problem and gave me the contact of the hacker that helped him. i contacted the programmer (ex FICO and Experian agent) and he fixed my credit, raised my credit score and cleared all negative listings on my credit in less than 9 days. I would have kept quiet about this, but i won't be able to forgive myself for not helping people who are in terrible conditions like i was. "gmorrison741 @ g m a i l . c o m" is the programmer's email address. I wish you good-luck. Y’all can thank me later. 

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Student financial aid

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Is there a program that helps pay back school money? I'm a single mother who is struggling with living expenses as it is and can not afford to have another expense but need to clear this up on my credit.

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I need help with my student loans for some reason  earlier today I was talking to my loan officer and my loans were $9000 and later that after noon it jumped up to $14000 I would like to know what this is all about

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Disability and student loans

Contact your student loan provider and tell them you are on disability. they are who you need to talk to about getting it taken care of.

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