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Help on number of hard inquiries?
I co-signed on a car loan for my daughter and discovered 8 hard inquiries in one day - the day I co-signed! I had no idea this was going to happen and feel like I should have been informed. My credit score went from 820 to 768, in one day. Is there any recourse in getting this changed?

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Only the 1st inquiry counted against your score, the others were freebies.  Your score dropped because you co-signed the loan.  Credit inquiries only count for 10% of your score, but new accounts hurt a lot worse.  It should improve as she makes on time payments.  If she is late or defaults, your credit will tank and the company will look to you for payment.  You'll just have to be patient for your score to improve and pray she's never late on payments.  Best of luck!

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thanks for that 

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Hard inquiries

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Hi Poopy, I feel your pain unfortunately I had been to two places while I was car shopping. I was upside down in my loan and I had just bought a car the year before, but it had just started to have some problems that made me want to trade it for a brand new one. So, when they ran the first one only it is supposed to count within a 30 day period. Well, that's bull. I have over 20 inquiries and they all count. I have contacted transUnion, but they will do nothing. I must contact every lender in writing and ask them to write a letter of deletion on my behalf. Then after talking to TransUnion I also I have to write them a letter giving them permission to delete all of the inquiries. What a MESS !!! Hope this helps .

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Hard Inquiries

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​I have  several inquiries that are not approved or why they are there. There are 6 inquiries from USDA. I only approved 1 in Jan. 2016. The other 5 are not authorized and have why they were pulled in 2 years. I need theses removed along with 1 from Sallie Mae student loan  I am disabled and 63 and have not ever ask for a student loan. There is one from State Farm I did check prices for quotes about 1 year ago but did not use State Farm why they used a hard inquiry I don't know I ask first. The other insurance co. did not use hard inquiries. BRCLYSBANKDE inquiry I don't know who they are or why my credit was pulled. Hope FCU was used to see if they could help. I was told that this was going to be a soft inquiry   BERESLAW/ Premium Crdit that was pulled in March 2014  I don't know who they are or why it was pulled. All I can think of is they all had something to do with USDA. I could use advice and what to do. Thanks. Tony

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Hard hits on credit

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I went to dealership to purchase vehicle .I received 12 or more hits an then GMC financed an it was Chevy I bought. It brought credits down doo much hurt my score on purchasing long before I recover..since re building my credits I've learned a lot ...get a pre approval 11st..Don.t let dealership just throw ur into out their an all these company's check credits an they sent it to was financed. They just throw ur into out their..ridiculous.

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Hard Inquiries

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How do you remove hard inquiries from your credit report and public records such as tax liens that are in a bankruptcy. I understand the loan process, but you dont go through with the deal of a car loan, why do these things show up? How can you remove late payments and charge offs from your credit report that are 5 to 6 years old or even 7 years old?

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hi poopy i hope there is a better answer,i believe u can disbute those inquire(ies)to have them removed contact the 3credit copanies and file a complait 

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Loan searches

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When going in to get a car, if you don't have a pre approved loan from your bank, they will search for a loan for you. I believe when they do this, however many results they get, is how many inquiries you will get.  When I went in, they sad I can go through their bank or they can search for others. I took their bank and only had one. You should only get one hard inquiry as that's the bank you get your loan through.

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SO like the above post i had 14 hits in one day when getting my car..and without my knowledge. So if like someone said it only counts as one i can live with that but it also shows 17 total hard hit enquiries. Does that part not go against me if i want to apply for a credit card.?

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I  am not paying for car insurance car was hit by an unknown driver and I can't pay to repair. I let insurance lapse. I will no longer pay bank or insurance company!!! take it!!! leave me alone!!!!

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