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do bad credit reports automatically come off after 7 years?
I still get collection calls on an account that is probably 15 years old. You pull your credit file and there is probably 10 collection agencies in relation to 1 account. How long can they continue to pass these accounts around.
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All this advise is pretty much wrong. The credit items that are negative on your account, the tradelines, have to come off your credit report after 7 years from the start of the Original debt its for, or the LAST time you paid them. That last date is the starting clock. They can sell to new creditors as many times as they want, as long as you don't pay them anything, then they CAN NOT start over the clock. The 7 years time is still ticking, and after its must be droppped from your credit report. This doesnt always happen automatically, so you might have to write to request it. Its the law. Of course old debts keep getting sold and resold for pennies, and they still try to collect, but it doesnt affect your credit, and they have no legal power to collect. The debt is no longer valid. Letting them know you you know that usually stops them from bothering you.

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This is almost correct. Although items must be removed from your credit report after 7 years of inactivity, you can be sued for them until the statute of limitations expires. The statute of limitations varies from state to state; for instance, in Illinois, the statute of limitations is 10 years. This means that while debts should be removed from your credit report after 7 years of inactivity, you can be sued for the debt for up to 10 years.

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you are confusing your terms...

a credit report shows all of your current credit accounts and your payment history on each..

each entry is called a tradeline, and negative tradelines, can stay on your report for 7 years, like with a past due bill you paid late from 2003.

But, something like Federal Judgements can stay on indefinately, especially in cases of criminal activity that caused the problem, or in the cases of Bankruptcy which can stay on as long as 10 years.

one thing to keep in mind. a creditor normally has 7 years to collect on a debt, before it ages off your report.. In most cases the original creditor makes a few attempts over the next 6-12 months to contact you regarding your debt. If they don't get anything during that time, then the debt is sold to a 'collection agency' who;s sole mission in life is to take money from consumers that do not know the law..

so, then a few months later you start getting calls from someone claiming to be from the original creditor, and as soon as they have verified you are the chump they are looking for, then they open a new tradeline and the collection clock starts all over again, and even though that bill you should have paid in 2003, would have dropped off in 2010, now you have a new line for the same debt, but this one started in 2005, so now you have 2 times the damage to your report, and another 2 years to put up with the calls. Every time that debt is sold, a new company will try to wrangle some cash out of you, and the moment, the very second they confirm you are who they are looking for, BINGO.. a new tradeline appears on your report, and the 7 year collection clock starts all over again.


even if you paid the line in full now, it would go to the collector that bought the debt, not the original creditor, and that COLLECTIONS line will still be there..

stop talking to people about your debts over the phone,

make every payment on time, every time.

do all of your business in writing,

the only reason you should ever be calling any creditor is to get a contact persons name, mailing addrss and direct dial telephone number.

It is always easier to avoid new tradelines being created than it is to get a collection agents tradeline removed once it hits your file..

give no info out over the phone unless you made the call and have an established relationship with the person you are calling. If they call you, or you arent sure if the person you are talking with can help you resolve the problem at hand, then HANG UP THE PHONE!

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what great straight info! My hat's off to you.

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There are a few things you should do.

If someone calls you saying you owe them money you should.

1) Demand a debt validation letter (They are REQUIRED to give this to you if you request it). If they refuse tell them that the Fair Debt Collection Act requires them to give you this letter. If they threaten to ruin your credit tell them that if they do you will sue them and it will cost them alot more than the money they claim you owe them. If they still refuse hang up on them and report them to your Attorney General.

2) If you work out a settlement DO NOT GIVE THEM ELECTRONIC ACCESS TO YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT. They will clean you out. Get them to send you a a letter stating the terms of the agreement and their assurance that X amount is settlement in full. When you get the letter send them the funds via Western Union or even a cashiers check and overnight it to the address of the company return receipt requested.

3) Keep this letter and a copy of the payment in a file for the rest of your life. They will simply sell the debt to another scum burger and the process will start all over again unless you have proof that the debt was settled in full and that you paid it.

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good luck with the credit agencies,too

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I have requested 14 times in the past 2 yrs for each of the 3 to remove old debts(over 10 yrs old) and only one has cooperated. Shouldn't we be able to sue them for defamamtion of character or something? This is so wrong. I was in an abusive marriage he run everything up it's been 14 yrs and I still cannot get anything for me and my children because of it...I ask them I show proof,I beg them ..there has to a law against what the agencies do to us and we should not have to hire a lawyer in order to press charges on them. Why don't we as citizens have rights? I have not had anything new put on my credit in 14 yrs and still my credit is bad because of these old accounts..someone please tell me what else can I do.I have tried the agencies now what? I do not have money for a lawyer nor do i think I should have to pay it out of my pocket for something that is simply not true. thank you!

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I found out by accident that I have rights. Banks CC Companies are licensed they have to abide or are suppose to by Federaal Trade Commision.  They are who I would contact for abuse.  There website offers all kinds of information.  I was a victum of idenity theft on my bank acct.  I was infomed to contact FTC they contacted me to make sure my bank  handeled it properly for me. They gave me a ref#  To protect  me from any factors at a later date.  They are consumer friendly. File a complaint with the BBB put as muchnegative info against them online.  Google will publish all that bad information if someone else looks them up Good Luck.

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I never respond or acknowledge these call. I don't even answer the phone, so how can they continue calling for months and years? Do you know who I would need to go through to get some of this off my credit file if possible? Thanks. Something is terribly wrong with our collection system. I still get a letter addressed to my father from an agency regarding an account that is probably 25 years old. My father has been dead for about 15 years.

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