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Credit.... what if i have no credit will i be denied a chance to build anything

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Agree with Secured Cards

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Secured cards are definitely a good way to go if you want to build your credit... as long as you use them responsibly. Like LoanRanger said, make sure you use less than 20% of your limit and pay the balance off on time every month. Credit isn't something that works quickly; lenders like to see that you're responsible with money, and that's a long range thing. It takes a lot of patience; sometimes you can be paying regularly for a long time and barely see any spike in your score. But hang in there, because in the long run, it pays off.

Another thing to consider is trying to become an authorized user on the account of someone who already has good established credit. Along with a secured card of your own, it can really make a difference, especially if you don't actually have a copy of that card (it'll mean there's no temptation to use it, but you're still getting the benefit of regular reporting to the bureaus and that helps your score, too). In addition, you may try joining a credit union and applying for a card there; they're usually a bit more liberal with their credit cards, and the interest rates are typically lower as well.

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do you know anyone that has an already established credit card? parents, brothers, sisters? an easy way to get instant scores is to be added as an authorized user on one of their accounts. all of the history of their account will instantly be yours. that being said, being added to one that has a long history, low or zero balanace, and good pay history will give you good credit scores. usually takes about a month for them to report it. 

otherwise, a secured card might be your only option. unsecured cards are more favorable, sometimes a local bank or credit union will take a chance on someone with zero credit, if you have an account with them already etc. 

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First, you are going to need everything that you can about credit, so you know how everything works, how to use it correctly to help yourself and so on. You will need to start out with a Secured credit card, so do some reading about them, maybe check with a lender like Capital One or Opensky for a secured credit card. Note: you need a secured card, not a prepaid card. Prepaid cards do not help you build credit, but secured cards do as long as the lender reports to the credit bureaus.

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I agree that you can open a secured credit card. It's called secured because the limit is secured by your savings. So it's basically risk-free for the creditor. If you don't pay, they will take the money from your bank account. The amounts don't have to be intimidating either. For example, you can open a secured card with a limit of $200. As long as you use it responsibility (~20% utilization, paid in full each month), you'll start building credit! Hope this helps.

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Auto loans

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Since this was posted under Auto Loans, I am assuming you are inquiring about buying a car? If so, I work as an underwriter for a finance company that does solely car loans. If you are what we call a ghost, there are programs available to you. If you have absolutely no credit, your score will show as zero. In order to obtain a car loan, you will have to have a cash commitment (1k to be safe), and at least 1 year at your job/residence. Go to a reputable dealership in your area and apply, there are several banks that can help you. You're not going to get a great rate with no credit, so make sure you are choosing a reasonable car. The odds of you getting a better rate skyrocket if you have a cobuyer. I'd consider asking a family member to cosign for you.

If you were not talking specifically about auto loans, secured credit cards are the way to go to get started. Also, I believe capital one and discover offer startup credit cards for those with limited credit. Good luck :)

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