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Any lowering school loan recommendations?
4 days ago, this site had a few recommendations for me to refinance school loan. It is no longer available onsite. Can you re-post information?

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Balance Transfer

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This might not be a good option for most, since student loans tend to be pretty high, but this is what I did. Part of my loan, roughly $4,000, I put on a credit card that had a balance transfer offer for 0% APR for 18 months. This decreased the amount of "actual" student loan I had so it reduced my monthly payment. I had about $22,000 in student loans at the time. After the 18 months expired on the credit card, I did another balance transfer to another credit card for the same amount and a little extra, since that credit card cad a higher limit. So I pretty much did this until my loan was paid off and all I had to pay off was what was on the CC. I kept transferring this around with 0% APR offers, until my loan was paid off. This worked for me because I wasn't spending on my credit cards at all, so they kept sending me better and better offers, all the time. Plus I had good history and credit score. So it worked for me very well. Just a thought.

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Online lenders and credit unions

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I just refinanced my student loans and researched a bunch of options. I checked my rate with some of the online lenders: Sofi, Earnest, Commonbond and DRB. My rates ranged between 5.56% - 6.21%, so all pretty close in range. Earnest had the lowest rate and Sofi had the highest. However, I went with a credit union that I'd been a member of for over 10 years. They were able to give me a rate at 5.5%. They also said that if I face hardship in making future payments, I could work with them to figure out a different repayment plan. If you're looking to refi your student loans, I'd encourage you to check out credit unions first, since their interest is financial fitness/education for everyone.  You can also check your rate with some of the better known online lenders directly on their website and it takes 5 min each. This won't affect your credit score. Keep in mind however that if you have federal student loans, you can qualify for loan forgiveness, which private student loans WON'T offer. That's where going with a credit union would be helpful in the event you ever face hardship. Hope this helps.

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Credit unions are great. If you're in good standing with them they can offer great rates on smaller personal loans and car loans too.

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Student Loan

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Check FEDLOAN servicing.  This is a part of the Department of Education where you can apply for a direct conolidation loan if you quaify and may help with the least amount of additional fees added on.

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Understand that the recommendations on here are more of ads than actual personal recommendations. Do your own thorough research on lenders that you may want to apply with before applying with any.

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