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582 credit score, which credit cards should i use to build credit
i have a 582 credit score, i'm a 24 year old college student with minimal debt. I have found that my problem is i do not have any history. i have applied for a couple of cards and have been denied. So my question is what do i do to increase credit, more exact, what credit card should i apply for to increase credit?

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Read the following,  it talks about Secured Credit Cards for (Re)Building Credit History.

Good Luck.

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Credit Cards to Help Rebuild

Hi John I Have Been in and am actualy still walking around in your shoes. Fortunatly we now in 2015 have recources to help us find cards to suit our needs.  My biggest problem with secured cards is the mentality that goes along with them eg, well i put my money in so if I can't pay its no big deal. I think it should be stressed that there is a big difference between a debit card and a secured credit card and most people know this but again the mentality tends to get the better of us. Also I think worth mentioning is with many secured cards there are yearly fees however you will notice the APR tends to be a little more foregiving take for example Capital One's secured Platinum vs it's regular Platinum the secured has a 19% I believe and the regular has a 22.9% to break it down if you borrow $100.00 with secured you would pay $119.00 whereas with the nonsecured you would pay $122.90 quite a segnificant amount when you get into the higher dollars, but thats a lesson for another day. A lot of companies "Capital One, Discover" and a few others actualy have a pre application that allows you to see if you would be approved for one of their cards and if so which ones without a ding on your credit "if you decide to actualy apply for the card than of coarse you would get a hard pull". Now this is not difinitive for example a relative of mine tried this tool on capital one's website and it pulled up 2 cards that matched her profile she clicked than filled out the full application clicked submit and a few moments later it came back with the were sorry jive. now so that you understand how the system works it just looks at your score not your full profile, it can't not without a pull, her credit report is full of late payments and collection attempts at one point she had a solid gold credit score now she couldn;t get a loan for shoe laces. so, it isn't perfect but it works 80% of the time also another moral to take from this, even if you have a decent score, that score can be blotted out by a bunch of negative items. Myself I recently "almost a year ago" filed bankruptcy and had to rebuild it's a slow, boreing, ardeous and just plain sucky process but thats how they see if you have changed.  I started by getting a credit card "Capital One"  300.00 limit useing less than 100.00 and paying it off month to month than I bought a tv at Big Sandys Super store they have a loan company called FINANCE NOW that has a 90 day same as cash option that reports to the credit bureaus. of coarse I payed off within 90 days.  little by little each month my score would raise a few points nothing major but thats the way of it 

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