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Aug 28, 2018
Student loan re-financing
ab0004 Product User

SoFi helped me re-finance my student loans and pay down debt faster. I was barely making a dent in my original loans, and SoFi allowed me to start pay off large amounts of principal. I am now student debt-free after 3 years thanks to SoFi! 

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Aug 10, 2018
SoFi is great!!
andibrock Product User

I would recommend SoFi to everyone!  They are very helpful, friendly and the process is so simple and fast!  I will continue to use them for any future loan needs!

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Jul 03, 2018
Quick and Easy Student Loan Refi
LMSWDani Product User

SoFi was incredibly fast and simple way to refinance a student loan. My loan was funded within 72 hours and all documents were uploaded digitally. 

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Jun 22, 2018
This was really a great product choice.
Anonymous Product User

This is the place people should go to get the help they need. Not sure how things would have played out if we did not discover SoFi. This product has allowed us to eliminate a lot of the stress that was shaping our lives. 

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May 09, 2018
a blessing
therisalwayshope Product User

quick,easy,great customer service, I remember my past credit card statement ,it said if i was going to pay off the card, and pay minimum payments, it would take 19 years!,,,crazy! Thank you Sofi!

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Apr 30, 2018
Seamless & Easy Experience!
RobynTX Product User

Less than 48 hours from application to funding - very easy application. Uploaded all my documentation electronically. The user interface makes it very easy to see how much interest you will pay over the live of your loan, what your payment will be, when your payments will start, etc. Rate could be better but given this is an unsecured loan that I'm planning to pay off quickly, I'm good with it.

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Apr 18, 2018
Personal Loan
Anonymous Product User

I started the applicatio at noon......and the money was in my account the next morning when I woke up!!!!

That's freaking crazy. Thank you SOFI.

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Apr 06, 2018
SoFi is wonderful!
Catchherifyoucan Product User

I've struggled with debt for years, playing credit card roulette and trying to consolidate balances but the end result has always been further in debt. I applied for a loan and to my surprise, I got it! I've been able to consolidate all my debt in one place, with a great interest rate and a game plan! I've never had a plan before but now, I feel like I'm on the right financial track. They're super friendly and accessible for questions. Theiwebsitete is super user-friendly and I couldn't be happier. Well, I'll actually be happier once my debt is gone, thanks to the breathing room SoFi has given me. Thank you!

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Mar 22, 2018
Sofi mistake has proven costly
ainzabo7 Product User

I recently refinanced a 7-year student loan ("Original Loan") with SoFi with a new 15-year student loan ("New Loan") on February 22, 2018.

  • This error is concerning my Sofi/Mohela Account.
  • Sofi sent the funds from the New Loan to an incorrect address and never paid off my Original Loan.  As a result, I now have two student loans outstanding at an aggregate balance that is twice the amount that should be reflected in my account and in my credit report.   
  • The funds for the New Loan were disbursed on/around Feb. 22, 2018.
  • Unfortunately, the Original Loan was never paid off and my checking account is being automatically deducted for payments on 2 student loans when I should only have one student loan outstanding (the New Loan).
  • I'm paying interest on a 2nd student loan (the Original Loan) that should not be outstanding because of the Sofi mistake.
  • Additionally, I'm in the process of purchasing a condo and my credit report erroneously reflects 2 student loans outstanding, which is preventing me from qualifying for my mortgage.
  • In connection with my prospective home purchase, I have already sunk nearly $500 with the mortgage application and home inspection.
  • I have contacted Sofi (lender) and Mohela (the student loan servicer) on 3 separate occasions in the last 2 weeks to resolve the matter and provide me with a letter that I can send to my mortgage underwriter explaining the mistake.
  • In all instances, Mohela/Sofi have failed to resolve the issue.

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Oct 17, 2018

I'd say it's way past time for you to contact a lawyer.

Nov 23, 2018

First contact the BBB, then Contact the CFPB. You should be able to get this situation fixed by filing complaints about sofi to both. If not then you will need a lawyer and make sure you gather up any and all documentation regarding this situation so you have proof that the error wasn't done on your end.

Mar 09, 2018
Good for large loans
mongonc Product User

I had a large credit card debt from a recent divorce with APRs ranging from 19.24% to 21.49%.  After trying to negotiate a lower APR with my credit card companies to no avail, I decided to look into a loan.  I chose SoFi mainly because of the lack of an origination fee and the fact that they could fund the size of loan I wanted as my credit union could not and I didn't want to enlist the services of a major bank.

The Pros:

The application and document signing process was actually pretty easy.  You're informed often along the way where they are in the process.  Also they worked with my credit union as there were issues with its account structure.  They were eventually hashed out.  Also, as I stated above, there are no origination fees and they reduce your interest rate by a quarter of a percent when you choose autopay.

The Cons:

The documentation required for proof of income is a hassle if your W-2s show more than the yearly gross for hourly/salary (due to overtime, bonuses, etc.).  I gave them my W-2s from the past 2 years showing them proof of my claim of income (which the AGI is actually about 10k/year more than my gross for my horly rate due to overtime).  They asked for a paystub that showed proof of overtime, which I provided but, because it was older than 60 days, they rejected it, which increased my interest rate because I could not prove my overtime.  I felt that was ridiculous but so it is.

Overall, for my purpose, this was a pretty good deal.  Could I have gotten a better rate someplace else - maybe another site or even at a big brick and mortar bank?  Perhaps.  But when you get an unsecured loan where the interest is nearly half of what you're paying on your credit card bill(s), this is a good start.  Who knows, maybe I'll refinance this one once I free up a little more money, but for right now, I'm pretty satisfied.

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Mar 24, 2018

This has nothing to do with student loans.

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