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SoFi Student Loans Reviews
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Nov 16, 2020
Student loans
Qu7 Product User

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Jul 11, 2020
SOFI - Money and Greed Conquers All
AZAL2020 Product User

Please heed warning.  Also please read recent comments by others on various sites. SOFI does NOT care if you are in hardship due to Covid-19. Their only concern is to make more money. At first, they offered no help/forbearance at all, but buckled under pressure after “Federal” Student loans offered help while “Private” Student loans did not. So they changed their tune to "want to help" by allowing a 2 month Forbearance, however on the caveat that you would still be accruing interest every day and only get a break on 2 months principle on the back end (that tells you something right there). The SOFI reps (2 reps, 2 calls) were very clear that the interest would be paid be paid over the length of the loan. A 3rd rep also had that understanding. June 30th we find out - surprise! Interest payments to be up PAID front over the next 3 months to the tune of an add'l ~ $1400! And they raised the monthly payment on top of that! They flat out LIED to us. Be cautious. We have been with them for 5 years (2015), with 2 Loans(Parent & Student) that started at $120K. They have made a TON of interest off of us in those 5 years.  We have seen the progression from a Company with Stanford founders, that seemed to really want to help (“Social Financing”) to another greedy large-scale Corporation, making more money off the backs of our youth and future of this Country. MOHELA is their cohort, we found that out as we struggled to fight for our rights with them. At the end, they & Mohela do not care to stand by their word, or help their borrowers in need during a worldwide PANDEMIC. They said they “may” consider that in the future, but for now sorry nothing we can do about it. Yes, that is true. Maybe thats how you pay for a new SOFI NFL Stadium in LA and for all those commercials on TV. Shame on them!

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