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Mar 28, 2018
Pay your bill
Anonymous Product User

I have no problems with Navient -- and just like ANY OTHER LOAN company, Navient wants to be paid back.  Student loans are granted with signature only, therefore deemed a risk - thus they higher interest rate.  Its not Navients fault a person cant meet their montly obligations.  "I never graduated, I'm too sick, I have too much house, too much car, too much cc debt, too much drinking, I have a special diet"  etc...yes, figure out how to PAY your student loan BACK.  The government gives repayment options, but you'll accrue interest --- its not a free ride and that is what people seem to want...I don't like the daily interest either -- in fact I loathe it, but I"m ALWAYS paying something toward my loan -- my goal is ZERO balance.  

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Mar 21, 2018
Been good for me
WH1990 Product User

My Federal student loans have been with Navient from day 1 out of college. I've never missed a payment. Never skipped a payment. I've had no issues with their website, its user interface, or obtaining information about my loans. Was able to change my repayment plan with little inconvenience. 
Can prepay loans for a number of months, but have to turn off autopay, which in turn removes the interest discount. Not the biggest deal in the world but it'd be great if Auto pay just followed the payment schedule and resumed payments 12 months later if I prepay the next 12 months.

It's horrible what they are doing to other people. But personally my experience has been.

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Jan 16, 2018
It’s been a total nightmare.

I’ve paid $20,000 on top of regular monthly payments to them and my total is somehow higher than it was before. They also took some of my loans out of temporary forbearance without my knowledge and now I show a past due balance which has hurt my credit. They did this by changing a payment of $6,000 from principal to paid in advance status. I haven’t been delinquent except one other time when they sent my bill to a different address. They are crooks and being sued by the government in 7 cases. Even their shareholders are suing them. Don’t ever get a loan through them. They are a nightmare. I have a 98% repayment rate and yet somehow I have bad credit now. Now in order to pay off my past due balance I had to enter a program which will damage my credit even more. 

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