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Aug 09, 2018
Student Loan Refinance/Consolidation
crod2387 Product User

I recently applied for a loan to consolidate and refinance my student loans, and the entire process was incredible. The main thing I'd like to point out is the application process. I really like how there is a part in the application where you can explain your situation and have the creditors understand more why you may have certain credit score or explain how you are able to manage your finances better than in the past; I believe being able to explain my situation is what really helped me get approved without a co-signer. The response time is also fantastic; I was approved in a week and my loans from my previous creditor were paid off quick as well. I would I HIGHLY recommend Earnest for anyone trying to consolidate their loans.

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Jul 22, 2018
Weight off my shoulders...
MzLady2Luv Product User

I had a private student loan and the payment was going up. The interest rate was super high. They not only approved me but got the payment to my old lender fast. I can now move on with my life with a lower payment and interest rate. It was all done online!

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Jul 22, 2018
Great options, easy to apply!
DrDaman01 Product User

Earnest was the only company that allowed me to explain my financial situation and credit score before making a decision.  The application process was easy.  I got approved quickly and they paid off my other loans faster than I thought they would.  They have great rates and multiple different options available.  I highly recommend them to anyone!

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Jul 16, 2018
Easiest student loan consolidation ever!
Jazalle Product User

This was the easiest student loan consolidation I have ever applied for and gone through with. I had three student loans with different companies and wanted to consolidate for several reasons, one being variable interest rates. I applied online, the loan was approved the next day, and within a week all three companies had been paid off. They were able to customize an interest rate and payment that worked perfectly for me and was affordable. My loans will now be paid off sooner for the same payment I was already making before! I highly recommend this awesome, super efficient company!

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Jun 16, 2018
Great, Fast and Convenient
ELBM2006 Product User

I am recently was able to refinance my student loans through earnest. I was approved quickly and was easily able to provide all the documents necessary to complete my application process. When I called I didn’t have a long hold time for an associate and they were pleasant and polite! I would recommend all my family and friends to refinance their student loans and any of their other products and services!

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Jun 04, 2018
You are more than a credit score
yongskwon Product User

I have been shopping around to refinance my Student Loans. At Earnest, they looked at my bank history and my credit and made the decision. Also, they gave me the best rates across the market. They will attempt to understand the full financial status, unlike other places that just look at your credit score and history.

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Jun 04, 2018
Simple and fast to apply. Great rates.
Anonymous Product User

They offer the best rates I’ve seen and have great customer service  if you have any questions. 

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May 29, 2018
easy and no hidden small print
rjericksonaz Product User

Very basic application, like that they do auto debit, and allow you to pick the term and corresponding rate once approved.

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May 19, 2018
Better than Sofi and Credible - 3.25%!
ElizabethPharmie Product User

I checked my refinance options with other websites such as sofi and credible. However, Earnest offered me the lowest interest rate - 3.25% fixed. Their website is incredibly easy to navigate and I was able to get the $200 from using a friend’s Earnest link. I’ve contacted their customer service over multiple questions/concerns and they always respond quickly. I love that I’m able to make extra loan payments and adjust my automatic payments so easily! I also love that it gives me an estimate of when I will be done with my loans as long as I continue with my current automatic payments. The process to get my rate was a little longer than other websites but it was completely worth it. Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars!

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May 17, 2018
Student Loan ReFi/Consolidation
Anonymous Product User

Amazing customer service, quick and easy application process that takes EVERYTHING into account. Before, I struggled to get approved with a co-signer, but earnest looked at my credit history and approved me ON MY OWN, without a co-signer. Low rates with flexible payment options.. I'm so happy I found earnest.

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