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Jan 09 2018
Best Store Card Ever!!!
Credit Karma Member

Was first approved for this card with a 598 score....SL was only $500 3 months later got approved for a $1,2500 line of credit.....3 months after that approved for a $3k line....6 months after that line was increased to $5,500....approximately 1 year and 3 months after being approved for this card i was approved for a $15k credit limit. i did not ask for the Visa but i will call back in a few weeks and apply for that equifax fico right now is 683 and i have a fairly new credit file....i got my first credit card almost 2 years ago....

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Dec 07 2018
Does not offer CLI !!
Credit Karma Member

Does not offer CLI I have had this card for 7 months and have yet to receive an increase ! I pay my bill multiple times throughout the month and they just will not let up ! Do not believe the reviews about the card will grow. my credit score is good and they still will not offer one ! I will be closing my card unfortunately I use to love Nordstrom?s I spend soo much money with them but they do not value me as a customer so I will spend elsewhere !!?

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Feb 22 2020
Be careful, very low quality of services.
Credit Karma Member

Nordstrom Visa Credit Card from TD Bank: Low-quality customer services, nobody is responsible, they don't know really what's going on there. Old WEB SITE. Be careful about their unprofessional and odd behavior! Nordstrom is more likely to lose some customers due to its credit card

Nov 15 2019
Excellent Card Great Rewards!
Credit Karma Member

Excellent Card and Great Rewards.?

Aug 09 2019
Credit Karma Member

Is a CLI request at Nordstrom a hard pull?

Jul 14 2019
Credit Karma Member

I opened this card at the end of December 2018. Barely used it never charged more than $70 on it. Paid it off. They raised my $300 limit to $3500 last month. I?m pretty grateful. Still won?t use it that much but now I?ve started buying things a little more frequently.?

Jul 03 2019
Great Card
Credit Karma Member

I received my Nordstrom card in September 2018 with a $300 limit.? I would carry a balance but always paid it off after about 3 months.? In June 2019 I called ttheir customer service line and requested a credit line increase hoping for at least double the inital CL.? To my surprise my CL was increased to $4500.? I plan to still manage this card well with no charges that will take longer than 3 months to pay off.? However the high credit line helps my credit score immensely.? Thanks TD Bank.

May 08 2019
Approved for $300 with 648 credit score
Credit Karma Member

Applied online easy process, I was approved and told that a card would come by mail. Shocked/disappointed/ashamed (lol) at the Low $300 CL I was given, which I had to call customer service- automated service ?to find out how much I was approved for. ?I downloaded the app which is great! And now to prove my credit (CLI) worthiness. I will request a CLI in six months.?

May 02 2019
Great Rewards
Credit Karma Member

I just opened this Nordstrom card last month with a 1500 CL made my first payment and requested a CL increase and was approved for a 7K increase...

Apr 22 2019
Credit score 655
Credit Karma Member

I applied for a Nordstrom card, and was declined...why I'm not sure, I dont have anything rattling on my credit report, all my credit cards which are 2 are in great standing.

Apr 10 2019
Rewards Add up Quickly
Credit Karma Member

I have had this card for seven months now.? Always pay on time and mostly carry zero balance.? So far no credit line increase.? They started me off with $300 well it don't take much to go over 25% of that.? Decided to keep just in cash there are some shows on sale and the Nordy Notes add up fast.? But mostly will not be using.? This one will be kept in the drawer for sure.

Feb 05 2019
It???s Ok..
Credit Karma Member

It?s an ok card, you have to spend a lot to get some decent rewards, they started me off with a small credit limit, but they tripled it after 6 months. I never kept a balance, I made purchases every month and paid it back before the bill even came out.?

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Nordstrom Retail Card

Nordstrom Retail Card

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