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Apr 04 2016
Great for Saving $ but poor limits
Credit Karma Member

Exspect a credit card limit from $300-$3000, Kohls limit. Even with credit scores above 700 except to start with $1,000 limit. However, the coupons and discounts can save you a ton of money when shopping and as long as you pay off every month you are good. I always just pay off at same register and it goes towards account immediately, I am currently a MVC credit card holder and love the free shipping and 6 extra coupons given each year as well.

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Mar 04 2016
Credit Karma Member

3 years with kohls, 100% on time payments but their system takes forever to update, they've reported me late. Which I finally got those late fees back. However, I pay my card off they won't report it to my credit bureaus. They are only reporting maybe every 2 months which utilization affects my credit. They keep saying they can't send it because they update once a month. Just in 3 months I've paid off 265 dollar balance out of 300 dollar credit. Got a 50$ credit on my card from late fees they incorrectly charged. Used my card for 165 dollars. My credit still showed I owed 188 dollars. Now my card only has 60 dollar charged and they are still saying 188 dollars on my credit report. If you don't want your credit ruined by these people even if you're making your payments on time and paying it down and even paying it off, DO NOT GET THIS CARD!!!!!

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Mar 28 2019
Not worth it
Credit Karma Member

My husband had this card for 4 years and they just closed it without notice. Don't really care but a little heads up would have been nice. Deffinety not going shopping there again.

Mar 26 2019
Not a good one at all
Credit Karma Member

They are not good cause all they do is call be rude and dock your credit anytime I had to close my account under the balance and paid my minimal balance and they call me two weeks later and say I dint pay it all too many issues with them I closed my account dont recommended them they are a RIP off of you credit be careful

Mar 24 2019
Use card get savings pay off
Credit Karma Member

If you can't pay it off then curb spending till paid.

Mar 18 2019
Crappy Payment Policy: No Credit Cards!
Credit Karma Member

You can't use a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) to pay the balance on your Kohl's account. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? I canceled my account.

Feb 27 2019
It is not trustworthy
Credit Karma Member

I had this card for three years, and it had the worst customer service ever. There were 3 times I had to pay my balance twice because I paid in store or online and it did not post to my account, but money was taken from my bank account or a had a receipt to prove my in store payment. I called and all they said was that my balance was correct, and there was nothing they could do. I closed my account. I have other great cards I can use instead that don't make me pay my balance twice over.

Feb 26 2019
Credit Karma Member

I had a $300 limit, after a hard inquiry I got a $700 limit, with other cards I hold have up to 12k limits with no hard inquiry to my record when my limit is increased, I don't understand there ways but ok I don't have to do business with them.

Jan 27 2019
Credit Karma Member

Don't miss a payment for ANYTHING......they will remove late fees but wil not remove a late payment even if you are recovering from a natural disaster. I missed a payment and they hit me with a 30 day late even though our area was flooded and utilities were out including internet and phone service. No was to call or make payment online. They have no compassion

Nov 27 2018
Great Credit Card
Credit Karma Member

Kohls credit card is great. They have easy way to pay (online, phone, mail, in store). They also don't cut your creidt limit. They will raise your credit limit when asked. Never had issues with anything. If your looking for a store credit card this is the one.

Nov 24 2018
Late fee even if paid on the due date
Credit Karma Member

Received a late fee after paying balance in full on due date. Called customer service to be told that was normal since it posted after 5pm

Oct 25 2018
Extremely poor service. Cannot recommend
Credit Karma Member

Customer happiness and retention is obviously not their priority. I have had my Kohl's charge for over 5 years. I have always had the same credit limit on it - $300. I've NEVER carried more than 20% of that balance, and have never had a late or missed payment. However, I've never been offered a credit limit increase. I contacted their customer service via chat last week and asked if, due to my excellent history, they would do a credit limit increase without doing a hard pull on my credit. The rep told me yes! They absolutely would do that because I am such a loyal customer, but that I had to either call in or e-mail out of my online account in order to make this happen. He said he was attaching his notes to the file so they could see that he granted me an increase based on my history. I e-mailed out of my online account, and was responded to the following day and told to call in and speak to a rep to answer questions. I called in the following day. The first rep I spoke to said they would have to do a credit check. When I told him to check the notes in my account, he said his computer wasn't working and he couldn't see any accounts. I asked to be transferred to someone else and he said he could not do that. I asked multiple times and he kept saying I would just need to call back another day but he could not tell me why? I finally demanded to speak to a supervisor. I was transferred to a "supervisor" who I proceeded to, once AGAIN, explain things to and told her to check my account for the notes left by the first rep I chatted with. She did not look at my account, and first said maybe I misunderstood what the rep said. I again demanded she look in my account at our chat notes. She finally looked and said she could see where he said that but did not know why he said that and told me he was misinformed and he spoke out of place. She said they cannot do a credit limit increase without a hard pull to my credit, which I declined. They wasted my time for days because the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing and none of them seemed to care at all. Not one of the reps I spoke to came off as client-focused. Not one. Each one was flippant and seemed in a hurry to be rid of me. There was not an ounce of care. This card carries an extremely high interest rate, so if you plan to not pay it off monthly, I would not recommend it on those grounds, either. All in all I absolutely cannot recommend this card and at this time, the "rewards" aren't worth it. I will be closing my account and they will lose my business.

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Kohl's Charge Card

Kohl's Charge Card

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