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Dec 01, 2010
psychicmike Cardholder

I was approved with a starting limit of only $200 in January 2010.  Then in May 2010 they increased it to $1,500!!.  This sudden credit limit baffled me being a card holder for only 4 months. At the time my credit score was 680.  This Card is issued by GE Money Bank. It carries and interest rate of 26.99%.  **** Keep in mind on any credit card you are approved for try to never go over using 35% of  the available credit.  For example if your approved for $1000 limit only utilize $350. This keeps your credit score up and reduces the risk of your limit possibly being lowered and ending up in a maxed out status.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jan 28, 2013
Card holder for 20+ years
Anonymous Cardholder

I have been a JCP card holder and avid shopper for over twenty years. Admittedly I spend much more on my Nordstrom card and about equally on my Macy's.  I always pay my payment on time , and usually for far more than the minimum amount due. As a matter of fact I make it a rule to completely pay off this and the other two every January and July to avoid the interest incurring. So imagine my surprise when in the midst of the December holidays I receive an email from GE Capital  asking me to contact them about my account.  Adding to my surprise is a representative informing me no payments had been posted since October. Keeping the rep on the line I retrieved my  cash payment receipts. I relayed the numbers they asked for , and was told the payments were credited and they were sorry for the mistake. The following day I sent off the upcoming January 2013 pmt for the entire balance. One last thing to do in the new year. So today 1/28/13 needing some new clothes before heading to Belize for the winter, I stopped by JCP. A little Leary after my recent experience I called from the car to make sure my payments had indeed been properly credited. The automated system assured me my next payment of $2.12 was due on 2/6/13. True an odd amount, but I assumed I must have just misread the amount by that amount when I paid off the balance. No big deal!  After two hours and much trying on and many trips to stock pile my choices, I was ready to check out and head for Macy's. The total came to around $1250.00 and I handed over my card. imagine my surprise when it was declined. As a frequent shopper and Platinum card holder, I know most of my local stores associates. Saying they'd been having issues all day, she swiped the card again and even again. To no avail. Perplexed the associate called GE.  After a full five minutes a GE associate came on the line and said I had to pay the $2.12 in order to use my account!  So I paid the amount and we tried again - yep you got it , declined! The associate calls over her manager and we call GE and wait over ten minutes this time for a GE associate. We are told 'yes' they posted the $2.12 pmt, but my credit limit is $1245.00. The  JCP associate aware of my actual credit limit of well over ten times that amount asks to speak to 'her' supervisor. Any way twenty minutes later I am informed due to my not making a payment since October 2012 (yes we are back to that) my credit limit has been lowered!! I reinterated their earlier mishap with the Oct / Nov pmt AND I give them the check #, amount ( for the entire balance) and date THEY cashed it! Once again they claim no payment had been made and I must call back with the info from the receipts I have at home. Disgusted I gave up! I would have walked away leaving the whole lot, but it truly wasn't the sales people's fault. Instead I paid by check and left. Once home I called the brain trust that is GE Capitol, statements, receipts and bank info in hand.  Oh yes, they found the payments, oh yes they apologized - BUT it will take awhile to restore my original credit limit AND report THEIR mistake to the credit reporting agencies! I recorded this conversation and demanded they send me a corrected statement and a copy of their correction to the credit reporting agencies. I would have closed the account if that, too wouldn't look bad for ME!! So I will continue to be a JCP card holder - BUT I will NEVER use it OR shop at JCP again! Period! Hope the $25k average I spend there annually is better appreciated at Macy's & Nordy's!!

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Mar 20, 2017
Approved $300 with 622 TU
JosepBillcc3 Cardholder

Instant online approval for $300 with Transunion 622 (CK Score) 18 hard inquiries, 47% credit utilization across all my 9 cards (2 with balance).  Issuer Synchrony Bank, I'm in love with the approval and Synchrony.  Thanks Synchrony for the oportunity.

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Mar 13, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

I apologize on behalf of the other cardholders that have had horrible experiences with the JCP credit card; thankfully, they have never made me feel like having their card was a poor decision. Keep up the great work JCP. 

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Mar 08, 2017
Closed Account
TeresaM316 Cardholder

JCPenny closed my account after three missed payments. I had my son and had post-partum along with a lot of added stress. I didn't manage the bills well during this time, which is my fault. But even after getting my account back under my credit limit, paying all the fees and everything, I was told there was nothing they could do to reopen the account. Discover and Capital One kept my accounts open and even gave me benefits for catching back up.

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Mar 03, 2017
More in fees than my actual limit
Anonymous Cardholder

I was given $100 credit limit. I missed an $11 payment and got charged $37. Could give no explanation on the process of closing the account. Customer service was very rude. 

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Feb 26, 2017
No good never again!
Anonymous Cardholder

They will approve you and continue to raise your credit limit but if you are late even 4 days including holidays they will drop your credit limit the next day even if your payment was in full (including a $25 late fee). Dropped mine $1900. When you call, the managers have no customer service skills. They will argue with you, tell you about how they are working overtime and have to come in on Sundays. It's no wonder JCPENNEY is closing stores using this horrible credit card bank.

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Feb 13, 2017
poor communication
Anonymous Cardholder

found out today my J C Penney credit card close due to non use for 6 months, and never advised me of what they did!!!!! 

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Feb 06, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

Terrible terrible terrible. Do not get this card. In fact, don't get any lines of credit from Synchrony Bank. Worst company in the world. You'll be in debt for the rest of your life, they screw you over every way imaginable

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Feb 04, 2017
Good approval rating
Anonymous Cardholder

I just applied tonight at work to get in an iCap. I was scared I wouldn't get approved since I have such a low income, but I've heard, and seen, many customers who are happy with it. My mom has had one for years with no issue. With a JCPenney card, you always get an additional 20% off. The application process is simple and easy.

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Dec 21, 2016
Como yonpuedo saber como me fue en mi
Anonymous Cardholder

Quiero saber si me pueden approbar la solicitu

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Dec 19, 2016
If could give a zero star would do so...
Mikemail7 Cardholder

Out of no where Jcpenney has lowered my credit this is the second time happened and I been with JCP for over 3 years. At first I started with 200 dollar credit then it it increased up to 400 and then up to 600 and few months ago up to now supposed to be 800. I Called and asked and was told it was a random audit then spooked to the Supervisor who said it was something on my credit that is why Synchrony Bank determined this. Next I spoke with the MOD who said sorry there is nothing can do for you I am the highest person you can talk to and I am going to know disconnect the call. I have always made my payments on time and gone above and beyond monthly payment amounts and keeping account in good status. As with my credit I  feel they should not base our credit history with outside sources when I been clearly a good, faithful and loyal member to jcp and to now treat me this way am no longer happy with the company. I am so upset with what JCPENNEY credit card services did to me that feel like I no longer want to for the rest of my life shop at jcp. I shopped at all the jcpenney outlets here in San Antonio TX so much that everyone new me and was always happy to see me and greet me. Thanks for bringing a customer joy during this holiday season, happy new year. They only want to take your money and advertise. They don't care about us the customer which with out all you good members, the company is nothing.

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