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Dec 01 2010
Credit Karma Member

I was approved with a starting limit of only $200 in January 2010.? Then in May 2010 they increased it to $1,500!!.? This sudden credit limit baffled me being a card holder for only 4 months. At the time my credit score was 680.? This Card is issued by GE Money Bank. It carries and interest rate of 26.99%.? **** Keep in mind on any credit card you are approved for try to never go over using 35% of? the available credit.? For example if your approved for $1000 limit only utilize $350. This keeps your credit score up and reduces the risk of your limit possibly being lowered and ending up in a maxed out status.

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Jul 10 2016
Company will turn on you fast...
Credit Karma Member

JCpenny was great at first, gave me a high credit limi when I was 18 years old. They increased my credit limit every 2-3 months, which was great and helped build my credit. Loved the discounts and treatment I got when I shopped at JCPenny and they knew I had a JCPenny credit card. Also it was great being able to use my JCPenny credit card at CVS pharmacy. Now the bad part, I had the card for a good 3-4 years, used it at least 4-5 times per year. I had a credit limit of $7,500 and had a balance of $1,100. I missed ONE SINGLE payment by 5 days and they instantly dropped my credit limit from $7,500 to my exact balance, $1,100. It now showed on my credit report that I was using 100% of my credit limit which dropped my credit score a good 30-40 points at the time. Also my APR went from 14% to 24% overnight. So after years of using their card and paying on time, I miss one pyment by a few days and rather than slapping me with a late fee they totally throw my credit report out of whack, lower my credit limit, and raise my APR. I was speechless. I paid off my balance in 2-3 months and have not used my cad since.

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Dec 07 2019
Credit Karma Member

WORST CREDIT CARD EVER! ?They reduce your credit limit in increments without warning even when you pay in time. ?I will never shop there again!

Nov 10 2019
I had this card for for 15 years.
Credit Karma Member

I had this card for 15 years, I used it responsibly shopping on holidays and special occasions. Did not have late payments. They randomly check my credit score wich is in the mid 600s between the 655 to 660 range And after being a loyal customer for 15 years they canceled my card it dropped my credit scores and they said it's because they randomly check credit. That is a complete crock. I have my credit scores lower before for years at a time and they never canceled my card. Customer service is terrible when I called a, not helpful at all. I asked if I can get my card back on they said no. So basically I was being punished for using my card responsibly and making more then the minimum each month, no late payments! The situation does not make sense at all I will never shop there or get them my business again. I'll be sure to let everyone I know not to bother because at any time they can be dropped with no real valid reason.

Sep 19 2019
Terrible customer service complete trash
Credit Karma Member

They will decrease your limit if you miss one payment and close it when you zero out your balance. Their customer service doesn't want to help, and will treat you like you're trash. They don't care, and it's not worth it.

Sep 19 2019
Terrible customer service
Credit Karma Member

They will decrease your limit if you miss one payment and close it when you zero out your balance. Their customer service doesn't want to help, and will treat you like you're trash. They don't care, and it's not worth it.

Mar 17 2019
Don???t understand negative reviews
Credit Karma Member

I never applied for it, they just sent it to me. I had this card for decades then quit using credit. Over time all my accounts died from lack of use. But... while my account was active I had no complaints. Perhaps it?s a recent thing... after all I haven?t been a customer for many years. Not surprising, companies don?t seem to care about customers as they once did. Too bad, it ?was? a good store.

Feb 28 2019
Absolutely horrible!!!!
Credit Karma Member

Don't get it at all. Really sorry that I did!!!!!

Feb 22 2019
Credit Karma Member

Signed up for notifications. Only notifications were foe statement available and thank you fir payment. Got an "oops.. Did you forget to pay" email today. Called to check. 1 payment arrived early 6 months ago (pay bi-weekly) so I had three payments in the month... That put me behind in payments the next month . hit me with late fees. NEVER notified me by texts notification. Never been late on any of my accounts and it takes them 6months to say I was $4 short and they had been charging fees. Cust service is not helpful. What a scam. So much for 18 mo interest free.... RUN away from them as fast as you can....

Feb 04 2019
Credit Karma Member

I have been wirking on my credit and at the moment have 602. I love this store so I applied and got denied for a card. After reading the reviews on it I'm glad i didn't get it but regret taking a hit on my score. Just buy cash at their stores.

Jan 31 2019
Was applying
Credit Karma Member

I was applying for this card because I love JC Penney. But after reading all these reviews I afraid to even get myself into a situation that I worked so hard to get out because of my youth years. I'm not going back that route thank you everyone.

Dec 05 2018
Care nothing for their customers
Credit Karma Member

I opened and closed this within about a months time period. I know my credit will take a hit, but it's just not worth keeping a card where they care SO little about their customers.?

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JCPenney Credit Card

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