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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jun 25, 2018
MissLindz Cardholder

I see a lot of people getting upset about fees, specifically the annual one charged right away, folks, READ THE FINE PRINT. It goes over everything in it, this card is definitely not perfect, but when you're rebuilding your credit, what options do you really have? The frequently raise your limit w/o you needing to request it which ends up great for your credit score since it ups your available credit amount. 

The biggest thing about them is to make sure you're paying early or shortly after you make a purchase because yes their interest is a bit screw/confusing. Personally, I have it set for only online purchases (mostly pizza lol) that way I keep a balance and it's easy enough to pay back. Work smarter, not harder. Keep a close eye on it and I promise, it's not as bad as it sounds, this may be your CS salvation.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jul 23, 2018
Be Careful
CaCreditGirl Cardholder

So obviously the only reason anyone would get this card is because they have bad credit and are trying to improve it. I've only had the card a few months but I'm cancelling it this month. I haven't had an issue with payments as some people seem to have. However, they never notify me when my statement is ready and the payment is due. Also, it would be nice if the website allowed you to make a payment when the payment is due or to schedule a payment ahead of time. The only options seem to be to make a same day payment which could take up to 7 business days to post to your account or to make a rush payment which of course there is a charge for. Luckily I check my account often enough and don't use this card much so it hasn't been a problem. Nevertheless, it's clear to me from my own experience and those of others that this company seems to want to make it difficult for people to pay their credit card bill. AND, I always charge a small amount and pay it in full after they've reported it to the credit agencies. So literally not a single penny rolls over from one statement to the next and yet this month they charged me nearly $5 in interest on purchases. And I haven't made any purchases since the last statement and payment. I would dispute it but I'll pay it and just be done with the card forever. But given that they never notify me when the statement is ready and the bill is due, had I not checked the account (because I wanted to close it), I wouldn't have paid the bill and that would have been a late/missed payment which would have been a negative mark on my credit report and of course would have made my balance $35 or more by the time they tacked on late payment fees etc. There are other cards that will help you build your credit. This company really seems to want to do the opposite of that. 

Here's what to do if you must get this card:

1. Only charge a small amount so that you can pay it in full the next month. You don't want this card charging you even more interest than they already do. 

2. Find out when they print/prepare your statement. This is when they report it to the credit agencies.

3. Go online and make your payment as soon as your statement is available, allowing plenty of time for the payment to post by the due date.

Note: Remember it's not about how much you charge, the less of your credit you're using the better. Once a credit card company has reported to the bureaus that you've used your card you are now free to make a payment. Don't wait until the due date. Automate it if you can. 

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jun 17, 2019
Ok, but a pain sometimes
Brian1133 Cardholder

You will pay $75 annual fee plus $20 for autherized user. I canceled the card because everytime i usded it CVS or 7-11 my card would be declined and a lock would be placed. I would have to call them to 'refresh' my account. Finally one operator told me to use a different card when shopping at these 'high fraud' locations. Why should I have this card, then? I did get a $500 credit limit, but was immidiatley dropped to $405 because of the annual fee.

If it were't for the embarrasing card declines, I would have kept it til I graduated to another card.

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Jun 15, 2019
karen2764 Cardholder

This card is not a captial one card , you have to pay attention to what the card is, dont get any card that is a Credit one. nothing but trouble.

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Jun 14, 2019
Run Forest run!
Max11925 Cardholder

Run fees are horrible customer service also horrible there credit monitoring is inaccurate get a secured I've had them for 10months and will be canceling won't wave the AF I've got 3k Disco IT 2500 Quicksilver no AF on either definitely not paying 99 bucks for a 500 limit card

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Jun 11, 2019
Worst Customer Service Ever
JPDayy Cardholder

I have had an amazing experience with this card until recently. I was calling to activate Apple Pay because my phone number changed. They asked me 50 different questions (slightly exaggerating,but it was more than 20), then said they couldn’t verify it because I got a question wrong. Of course I did. You asked me so many questions. The guy was super rude so I hung up. 

That was 3 days ago. Now I went to login to my account and I am locked out. No big deal right, they are protecting my privacy. I called the customer service number and had the worst experience ever. I was forwarded three times. Each person had me authenticate myself with multiple security questions would have me explain my problem and then forward me somewhere else. 

When I finally got to the person who could help me I literally could not understand a word of what he said. I had my partner with me who also could not understand. I tried to get them to unlock my account. It sounded like he said it was unlocked multiple times because I had to ask to clarify I heard him right. I AM STILL LOCKED OUT. 

So now I am refraining from calling this company one more time because I literally can’t do this until I’m calm because I don’t want to lose my temper.  It’s not their fault. But this is a big problem. I just wanted to activate Apple Pay. Now I can’t access my money. 

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Jun 10, 2019
Easy to get approved but the FEES!!!
dcshreds88 Cardholder

Like others have mentioned the fees are ridiculous, I'd steer clear from CreditOne.

I got this card and was planning on using it for a vacation so no charges were made and I got the first statement with the $75 "membership" fee so I will be closiing it. It's easy to get approval but they need to break the fee up or something. None of the other cards I use operate this way. Very disappointing.

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Jun 08, 2019
Use only to build or rebuild credit...
Neosabre Cardholder

This card is for building or rebuilding credit. Everything is explained up front if you just take the time to read their policies. I was granted a starting credit limit of $500 with a credit score of around 580. After one year, they will allow you to apply for a credit limit increase. They report to all three credit agencies; so get this card if you can afford the fees and interest rate. There is an annual fee. Use it sparringly and make sure you make at least the minimum payment monthly and you will see your credit score increase. The interest rate may be high but that's just the price you pay when applying for a no-frills starter credit card. Also, customer service has been good to me so far. Payments post to your account within 24 hours usually but it sometimes takes a few days for your available credit to reflect your payment. Website is minimalistic but gets the job done. Use this card wisely, correctly, and do your part and you shall reap the benefits of a higher credit score.

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Jun 06, 2019
molanymurad Cardholder

interest rate too high, no one in the US in customer service. it seems like one

of those banks that is doing the bare minimum.  The whole process with this card feel like you are being GOUGED! just a little swarmy, sticky, like there a residue on you when you are done interacting with this company.

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Jun 07, 2019


Jun 02, 2019
Not a good card
Jwman69 Cardholder

The customer service was very rude and unhelpful.

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Jun 02, 2019
Good card and easy app to use
Damota Cardholder

I can complaint about any thinging for this card . I do have about 2 years and very good app we can do it everything on app . Interest higher but depend on how you use. I liked it .

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Jun 01, 2019
What a joke!!!
R8derFan Cardholder

I applied online and was approved for a $500 credit line. Upon receiving the card, my credit line was $400. I called customer service before activating the card and spoke with a rude rep. I asked for a supervisor who was pleasent, yet unhelpful. Just know, you are $75 in the hole upon activating your card. In addition to the approval to actual credit amount game this company plays, I also found it quite funny that CAPITAL ONE approved me for a $2500 credit line when I applied for their credit card the following day! My CAPITAL ONE, card arrived a week before this sorry azz Credit One card, I actually received the $2500 credit line I was approved for & was only $50 in the hole upon activation. I will not use this Credit One card for anything more than reserving a hotel room, which I will pay with another form of payment upon checking out.  

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Jun 17, 2019

Thank you VERY much for posting this very helpful comment. I've been bombarded with CC offers from Capital One, Credit One and all the others. My credit score is not good (~635), and I was told obtaining another card would improve the score. So I was just about to apply for the Credit One card. But I read your comment, and decided instead to apply for the Capital One card. So glad I did because I was immediately approved for card with $3,000 limit. I'm not a fan of CCs, but if you must get one, Capital One seems pretty good. Very easy application process with quick decision. Thanks again R8derFan.

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