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Card Details

  • Balance Transfer Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR Not Applicable
  • Annual Fee $0 - $99
  • Purchase Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Purchase Regular APR 15.90% - 24.40%* Variable

Our Take

The Credit One Bank® Cash Back Credit Card can help consumers with fair credit health build credit and earn rewards at the same time.

What to Like

The Credit One Bank® Cash Back Credit Card offers credit lines starting at $300. The card features 1% cash back on eligible purchases (terms apply), and many consumers looking to establish or rebuild their credit may qualify.

Look Out For

The Credit One Bank® Cash Back Credit Card includes an annual fee that ranges between $0 and $99. Cardholders are also charged $19 annually for adding an authorized user, and not all applicants qualify for a grace period on interest payments, meaning you could be charged interest from the date your charges are posted, instead of only after your due date.


Most Helpful Positive Review

Nov 29, 2016
Great Credit Builder when I needed one!
Anonymous Cardholder

Got a Preapproval letter in the mail for a $300 Credit Line when my credit score was 630. After just a few months of on time payments, my credit score jumped about 30 points and they offered an additional $150 credit line increase. (I don't recall any fee for the increase but I have seen others post there is a fee if you ask them for an increase)  After 10 months, my credit score is now 670 and am beginning to receive credit offers from different companies. 

PROs: online/paperless statements, free bill pay for standard payments (usually posts on account in 1 or 2 days but takes about 5 days before that payment is able to be used as usable credit), free monthly credit scores (based on experian credit file), phone customer service if you need it, and user controllable email alerts for just about anything you could possibly want. Best of all NO DEPOSIT required to open account like all the other "secured" credit cards. 
CONS: Yes, the annual fee is $75 and interest rate is high, but everything is disclosed up front and IMO a small price to pay to reboot your credit. Be aware of additional fee for an authorized user, $19/year extra and they constantly ask you everytime you sign in online if you want a "custom" looking card for an extra fee of $6.50 but only give you about a 8 options for card design. I selected the basic looking card at no charge.

TIP: Your credit score increases faster IF you keep this and any other credit card balance UNDER 30% of the credit line. Also, after the initial 30 point bump for having the credit card, your score will still go up a point each month you have the card for length of use. Many people here are quick to close this account out as soon as they qualify for a slightly better deal but you may consider keeping this card and  paying the annual fee just to keep increasing your credit score.  

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Apr 08, 2016
Surprised by it...
phwill1976 Cardholder

I kept seeing all these negative reviews so I put off applying for a month...I had used the pre qualify tool and was approved with no hit to my score...Finally I thought.. Why not! I could use the extra new Credit line to rebuild. I was approved for 300.00. And yes I had 75.00 annual fee taken...and yes interest is high...and they charge interest from the purchase date not statement date. So I only spend about 30.00 or less. I got card in February... They reported and my score jump about 30 points. Any rate, made payment online standard and it does take time to release as available credit...So it's like 10 days but because I keep my balance to 20-30 dollars it doesn't affect me. Any rate, out the blue, instant 150.00 CL increase just for making first payment on time. Gotta love that. I have not had any issues with them yet so can't speak about customer service etc. But card is serving purpose well so far. In a year, I'll close it and on to better cards but this is a good one to help get you moving in the right direction if you jacked up your credit like me in my 20's...

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Mar 19, 2017

No live customer service whatsoever!  I managed to dig a number up for them in Las Vegas... They sounded completely surprised I was able to get ahold of them!  Paid $9.95 for express payment, gave me $99 of it, held the rest for over a week!  Charge me interest even though I NEVER carryover a balance.

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Mar 21, 2017

I have been able to get in touch with a live rep anytime I've called maybe you have a different number, now I will say they are not willing to accept when they have made a mistake

Mar 19, 2017
MoRuthless Cardholder

$75 annual charge even if you don't use it.  Do not get this card. It is not Capitol one regardless of the almost exact logo infringement. They are based in Pakastan but will lie to you and tell you they are in Las Vegas. 

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Mar 17, 2017
Had this card for a year
Spooky93 Cardholder

Never had a late payment always low on my budged since it is very expensive then on the date 1 year later I go to the store come to find out my card was declined they closed my account 2 days befor this I made a payment with 30 cents outstanding so I sent a nother 30 cent payment witch they have declined and closed my account and gave me declined transaction fees I called them up and got no where's they could not even give me a reason why it was closed only that one transaction was declined and that's why they closed my account so sending 30 cents gave me a 30 dollar declaration fee and wrecked my credit in matter of no time by reporting wrong informations finally getting back in my feet now after all of it stay away from this company will help at the beginning and ruin you in the end there are alot of bad reviews on Google to find about them aswell as lawsuits and so on

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Mar 15, 2017
They closed my account
TRuHoney89 Cardholder

They closed my account without even notifying me they were doing it or giving me a reason why, when I called they tried to say I never paid my bill but I had proof that they pulled the payment out of my account twice.... But some how I owed them 560$??? Horrible customer service... For a company out of Las Vegas you would think they would speak English but nope. This card has been a complete nightmare!!

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Mar 17, 2017

Same happened to me I had that card 1 year on the date once I should of gotten my credit line increase they closed it due to declined transaction witch was 30 cents to pay off my full amount i owed

Mar 15, 2017
Need Address to Cancel This Card
greykiddo Cardholder

Applied for this card today, was approved, and now regret it. The reviews are scary, and the fees are too much. My impulsive and bad decision aside, does anyone have the address needed to cancel this card? I called the number to cancel, and spoke to a guy overseas that couldn't find my account, although I had the invitation and confirmation numbers. I then asked for the cancellation address. He refused to give me that address, but wanted my SSN (I almost said "H*ll no", but maintained whatever cool I had left to say, "No, I just need an address" but again, he refused). Thank you so much in advance! (1/2) 

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Mar 16, 2017

UPDATE: Was able to cancel the card by pushing the prompt "7" and was immediately transferred to an agent. Told him I wanted my application cancelled. He was nice and did so. I have a screenshot of the confirmation. So relieved! And back to the garden I go...

Mar 12, 2017
Willpower11 Cardholder

Stay away. They sent credit cards to someone that hacked my acct repeatedly! And then charged me fees for it! Never asked for acct password. Horrible service!

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Mar 08, 2017
Poor business practice and service
brsoh575 Cardholder

I actually transferred a balance from another card to this one because the interest rate was a point or two lower.  Things were going fine, I was making payments in plenty of time, sometimes double payments and always more than the minimum balance due.  They even upped my credit limit without asking at one point which I thought was nice.  I had this linked to my car insurance for auto payment monthly so it worked out well.  Then the one month I made a payment, went throught, did everything to process it, again, more than the minimum by like 3x.  As my next payment was coming due, I logged on to check the payment due date and noticed that I had a past due notice and fee.  I was puzzled so I checked the transaction history - it showed a returned payment.  I realized oh, no!  I forgot to change my bank account information when I closed an account at my credit union.  I instantly went in and updated this and made the payment due as well as the next months payment so it'd be caught up.  This has never happened before and since my other accounts are linked to my actual bank account, I didn't think anything of it.  My mistake - I get it.  Although I was puzzled that in the meantime, I was never notified that the payment was returned - no email, no phone call and since I'm on paperless, no statement to tell me this?? I had even transferred 1/2 the balance off of this card onto another - which they gladly accepted that payment of $800. Fast forward a few weeks later.  I go to make a purchase and told it's denied, so I flip over to the website to check my account - surely I know I had credit available.  I keep getting a message that access to my account is currently unavailable.  I tried several more times and still nothing.  So I call.  I get transferred to the 'investigation department' who informs me that they went ahead and closed my account because I had two returned payments.  TWO?  I knew of one and the other went through when I changed my bank information.  Nope, they never showed the updated bank information or my new payment(s).  I explained to them what happened and also wondered why I never was notified in the first place so I could fix the problem.  Not to mention they shut off my online access, so how was I supposed to know or have the chance to fix it??!  I hadn't had any other issues with being behind or anything in the past - one mistake.  She tells me well, we can open your account back up but you have to go to your bank and get a letter signed by the banker to verify that this is a valid and current account.  At this point I'm like you know what - just forget it.  I had paid off over 1/2 the balance with the transfer and made several attempts to make it right and I have to jump through hoops to get this fixed?  They tried several times and I just told them forget it.  I was then lectured and told that it is my responsiblity to ... I stopped her right there and said you know what, I'm a grown man, I don't need a lecture about responsibility, I paid my bill and now y'all are choosing to close my account.  I told them to close it and keep ti closed and forget it.  I went right home and went to my other credit card and made the transfer request.  Oh, I had to call for my balance to know how much to transfer since I was cut off from online access and when I called I couldn't even get automated information I had to talk to the representative - out of the country, non english speaking.  Sorry for the long review but wanted to give an idea of what you are up against.  It seems fine to start but omg - don't make any slip up or it's all over with.  Their website has no contact information other than call us - the non-english speaking reps, even when they post your payment, they hold the credit for 3-5 days until you can use it and they charge for anything 'extra' you might need.  They treat you like your a child. 

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Mar 07, 2017
Surprisingly good card
Ldillonv Cardholder

Applied for the card... received it about 2 weeks after, had it for 30 days n received a $150 increase after only using it twice... but I did pay the card out twice in 1 month. 

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Mar 07, 2017
So far.. So good
Mari432 Cardholder

Ive had this card for about a month now.. and so far ive had no problems. I love thier app. Im rebuilding my credit. My ck score was 580 when i applied i was approved for 300.

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Mar 06, 2017
Good nightmare
TRuHoney89 Cardholder

Between double charges and card theft.... I'm not a huge fan of credit one. I had to go into my own bank to dispute them charging me double for a payment because they were trying to only give me 198$ out of 264$, when I called credit one about the issue.

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