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Feb 06 2020
Credit Karma Member

I've had the card for a couple of months and so far so good. I am using this card to help raise my credit score so I knew it wasn't going to be the best card out there but it is not a bad card. I usually make my payment on Thursday when I get paid and my payment post?that Friday?to my account and the available credit shows up that Monday. I think it take this long because you are paying through a banking account instead of a debit card. I do it this way to keep from paying the processing fee. The card is a means to an end because I have screwed up MY credit, so I look at it for what it is.. a way to get myself on a better credit path.

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Feb 19 2020
I had this card 1day, worst CS!
Credit Karma Member

CS was so bad after only 2 calls that it scared me into closing my account on day1! Red flag central.?

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Jan 15 2021
Credit Karma Member

Horrible. Horrible bank!!!!!!!! Stay away , send application nov 17 , needed more documents, sent more documents then waited almost 2 months for nothing, just a bunch of crap people there. Requested to sent over everything again. Never. Never in my life with them to do business. Spent long hours talking and checking about the application and zero. One said you are approved, the other said under review. Zero star

Jan 15 2021
Trick you into fees
Credit Karma Member

Even with direct debit payments, they once applied a hefty "yearly" fee that put me over limit and for the next few months charged me $45 for being over limit although getting their payments on time

Jan 14 2021
Credit Karma Member

Huge mix up with account, Stimulus went to Turbo tax I'm sure you all know the story, every one but creditone, payment was already on way, payment returned, once payment was corrected, paid extra on acct plus corrected, account suspended and closed, wroted two emails and sent the irs and turbo tax emails as proof and no one will even respond to me. Call and told nothing can be done. When they email me they say they emailed me and to check my secure account for message that is suspended lol. Good thing I am not struggling during this pandemic and trying to stay a float. Thanks Creditone! We are trying over here!

Jan 08 2021
Very Helpful
Credit Karma Member

When I applied I was at my lowest point. Lost my job 01/09/09. Lost my house, then my wife. My credit score was 300. Wow. With in 3 years a good job, and this card helped me float and stay on my feet. It's been a very long haul of rebuilding, but my credit score is a lot better 645. It takes time and a commitment.

Jan 08 2021
Not good at all
Credit Karma Member

The payment process takes FOREVER and it’s not consistent I absolutely would not recommend

Jan 02 2021
Good to rebuild Credit
Credit Karma Member

Had Horrible credit. low 500s for a credit score. Got this card to help rebuild it. Read the Literature. They have a lot of fees. It amazes me how people complain about the fees but they signed the offer and accepted it. Pay your statements early, don't wait till the last moment. After a few months of exceptional payment history my score raised enough to get better card offers and even a Car Loan with decent APR. Never dealt with the customer service because I pay the bill the day it comes out and not the day before its due. Application process was quick and easy.

Dec 20 2020
Don’t recommend
Credit Karma Member

Approval was easy. But I scheduled my payment over a week ago. Today I got a notification that my payment is past due. I look on their site and it still says there is a scheduled payment for yesterday but it’s not showing as being made. They didn’t take it from my bank account either. I checked to make sure the bank account info is correct and it is. So I don’t want to make another one for fear of it being made twice if/when they decide to actually process that scheduled payment. This is my first payment on this card so they better not try and charge me a late fee when it’s not late. Good luck contacting anyone tho, their customer service is automated and only tells you the same info as the website. Not happy about this AT ALL.

Dec 12 2020
Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa
Credit Karma Member

Exceptional customer service and over all positive experience. I was a victim of identity theft and they resolve the issue quickly.

Dec 09 2020
Applied, never got approved or denied due to name
Credit Karma Member

I applied and they told me they'll send me a letter saying they need more documents. Okay that's fine. But why not tell me straight up what I need to send? Letter only came 2 weeks after I applied and said they had to receive my response within 30 days of application. I promptly sent a copy of my SS card and my pay stub. I called one day before the final cutoff date so they wouldn't auto-cancel in case the mail was slow. Well they got my documents on time. But because my name is legally Christopher (and that's what I applied as) and my employer put "Chris" on my pay stub they said I needed to send in more documents with a Letter of Explanation. What's there to explain? Address and Employer name matched. Last name matched. And my short name is listed as an AKA on my credit. The first agent I talked to did not speak good English and was not confident so he was difficult to understand. I asked for supervisor and he did get me on the phone within 5 minutes to his supervisor. Her English was better. But she would not budge on the name issue. I promptly asked her to cancel my application because I simply will not do business with a company that thinks this way. I don't even want to know how they'll act if I needed their help with an actual issue later on.

Dec 04 2020
Personal embarrassment
Credit Karma Member

This card is great as long as you never need to use it for transfer funds or get cash off the card. I was declined multiple times even while at the bank with the rep on the phone while trying to process the transaction. I have had this card for over 5 years, and this card has only affected my credit score negatively. Even when I have paid the balance completely off.

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Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa® with Cash Back Rewards

Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa® with Cash Back Rewards

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