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Apr 04 2016
Credit Karma Member

I have 685 between the two scores on here. Got approved really quick but only a $500 limit. Oh well it's a start. I have a capital one with $6,500 and a delta rewards Amex with $1000 limit. This may be why it was so low but I also have 4 older derogatories. Trying to get my credit back in shape. Wish me luck.?

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Jul 10 2017
A Joke!
Credit Karma Member

I received my chase card in the mail today i waited 15 business days to get approved for the card them another 5 days to receive it in the mail. I activated the card today went to use it and it kept declining the payment i called they asked me to answer some security questions after I get done with that then they proceed to tell me my account is under review and gave me a new number to call to find out why it is being reviewed when I called them they said they won't know why it's being reviewed until the review is done which will take 10 business days and they will be pulling my credit again and if they feel like I am a risk they will cancel my card so now I will have 2 credit pills from chase and they say these reviews are random and can be done at any time this is a joke I have never even used this dang card and im already getting another credit pull and may not even be able to have this card after they just approved me! There customer service reps are extremely rude and im not sure I even want to give them my business I'm thinking of just taking it somewhere else!

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Feb 05 2020
Complete waste of time
Credit Karma Member

Even with pre-approval and a 700 Plus credit score denial is imminent if you have a delinquency 5 years ago it it's paid and full. Fyi

Feb 05 2020
Complete waste of time
Credit Karma Member

Even with pre-approval and a 700 Plus credit score they will turn you down for a five-year-old delinquency that is paid.

Jan 22 2020
Quick Response
Credit Karma Member

I applied late at night and a representative called me the following day less than 24 hours later letting me know I was approved. I was hesitant applying for the card with a score of 747 because of other reviews. I applied for the card to utilize the 0% introductory APR to buy my girlfriends engagement and was happy to hear I was approved for a $13,000 credit limit. The only thing I wish was different is being able to use the account as soon as it's been opened, but I will have to wait 1-2 weeks for the card to arrive in the mail. All in all, so far it's been great! Don't let negative reviews steer you away from possibly having a great experience.?

Jan 20 2020
Nothing special
Credit Karma Member

If you don't use it they will take it away fast.

Jan 01 2020
Best Card Ever!!!
Credit Karma Member

I got Fair Approval Odds with CK!! My score was EX 663, EQ 654. My UT was 38%. Chase pulled my credit from EX and EQ. After applying online sent an email stating will let me know their decision as soon as possible. Forgot to tell you I applied for Discover it prior. Got instance approval for $5,000. (( with 6 inquiries )) Don't listen to that 5/24 rule!! Anyway back to chase!!! I swear I called the status line 10+ times. was told I will get a letter in 30 days. I talked to a rep. asked name, SS #, address then she put me on hold for a min. or 2. Came back and said, you're approved for $2,500. I wanted a credit card with 0% interest and cashback. My dream cards Discover, Chase Freedom, and Citi double cash. Good news and bad new!!! got 2 out of the 3. Citi did the 5/24 rule on me lol.. Discover and Chase didn't do the rule. Just a note all three cards pull EX, but Chase pulls EX and EQ. Hope this helps!! people post great cards start posting credit scores that will really help people before they get a hard inquiry.

Dec 07 2019
Really Cool
Credit Karma Member

I applied and received a 1500 CL and then one month later my limit doubled. ?I won't be using all of that but thank you Chase. I also bank with them so making payments is extremely easy. I'm looking into a business card soon...I guess it'll be chase too????

Dec 06 2019
Credit Karma Member

I applied and it said that approval was in review. The next day I checked my score, it had gone down 35 POINTS!!!!!!! It's been three days and I still have not heard whether they approved or denied my application. DONT DO IT. ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!

Dec 02 2019
So far so good
Credit Karma Member

Im mostly writing this to correct something,? the balance transfer fee,? at least for myself, was 3%.? Not sure if that depends on the applicant or maybe its been changed.? But the credit karma data says 5%.

Nov 25 2019
Very Good Card!
Credit Karma Member

This is a very reliable card I have had this card for years now and always helpful and nice customer service, it is my favorite go to card.

Nov 19 2019
Not worth it
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card owning 2 other cards from capital one with 100% on time payments with a credit score of 725, 740, and 670 and denied me the reason was one of my cards doesnt have a high enough credit line. I was heart broken thinking this card would be a perfect fit for me. I applied than for some reason during the submission it had me apply again i shouldnt have taken that has a red flag.

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