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Card Details

  • Balance Transfer Intro APR 0%* intro for 15 months
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR 17.24 - 25.99%* Variable
  • Annual Fee $0
  • Purchase Intro APR 0%* intro for 15 months
  • Purchase Regular APR 17.24 - 25.99%* Variable

Most Helpful Positive Review

Mar 23, 2019
Got it!
Chargers4life96 Cardholder

CK said I have fair odds but applied anyway.   Result said they need to review more so I figured oh well and it did hit my score by 3 right away.  I have the Sapphire with 8k limit and kept balance really low.  Signed on my phone to make my payment and noticed I have the Freedom Unlimited underneath my Sapphire.  I was excited to see that I was approved for $6100.  Called costumer service to make sure and verify that it’s not a mistake and they said yes it was approved.  So with my odds of just fair I think Chase consider your other accounts with them maybe and if you’re in good standing maybe they base it on that as well.   My payment history is at 100%.  CS is 690 at the moment but I just started building my credit for about 3 years now.   So happy to say I’m excited to have this card and will take advantage of that 15 months 0% APR.  

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Sep 18, 2018
CowboyNation26 Cardholder

I applied for this card with the intentions to utilize the 0% balance transfer for 15 months option. However, what they do not tell you in the card descriptions; "you may be approved for card without having the balance transfer option". I was approved for $6400 without a balance transfer option; when I spoke with customer service they said that balance transfers are a promotional option, which I didn’t qualify for based on my credit worthiness. This doesn’t make much sense... giving the amount of credit line I was approved for and having a 680-700 credit score. Just be aware if you are applying for this card because you would like to use the balance transfer option, there's a great possibility you will not be allowed that option, even if approved. 

On the other hand, American express (no affiliation) approved me for a credit line, and the option for balance transfer is standard with approval (not promotional). 

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Apr 17, 2019
doppyd Cardholder

Applied & was approved for $11,500 with 725 credit score

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Apr 15, 2019
TeamBeaterz Cardholder

3 months of credit history and i was approved for 1000
thank you Chase for Believing in Me

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Apr 15, 2019

also im a authorized user on a capital one card 4yrs old
helped me generated a fico Score
Current Fico 8 Scores are
Transunion 744 5inquirys
Equifax 766 3 inquirys
Experian 768 7 inquirys
Vantage score
Exp 708
Tran 710
Equifax 721
Current Cards
Discover Secured 1000
Capital 1 Secured 200
Self lender Loan 500
all accounts 3months old except my Authorized User acct

Apr 15, 2019

and Having a Checking Account with Chase Most likely Helped me get approved also. approval wasnt Instant, I had to Call the Fraud Prevention Number to Verify my Identity which i did that at my Local Chase Branch with assistance from My Banker

Apr 15, 2019

they Pulled My Transunion Report and My Experian
i hope this info Help

Apr 15, 2019

Fico 8 Scores
Experian 744 7 inquirys
TransUnion 768 5 inquirys
Eqiufax 766 3 inquirys

Apr 12, 2019
Jenlynsparby Cardholder

I applied even though KK said my chances were poor. I bank with Chase and have maintained a good standing with them for the past few years. I was instantly approved for a card with a limit of $4300. That’s my highest limit and I was beyond pleased. My fico is 717 and my other scores are around 690 with excellent payment history but short credit length. I’d say if you bank with chase and it says poor odds then try anyway like I did. My capital one card was only a $300 limit and just raised to $500. Besides that all I have is HSN and Victoria secret both with limits under $700. It’s been a few weeks now and it hasn’t been closed all a sudden like others so I hope I’m in the clear. I just paid off my balance of $800 and will continue to keep using this card and paying it off monthly.

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Apr 13, 2019

great review, im Literally the same when it come to Short history
and Banking with them..My Fico 8 is 744, 745, and 760
but im not applying yet i have 5 inquirys withing the last yr
i think its best i wait till they are a yr old

Apr 14, 2019

When you apply for credit , do so all at one time , I think you have a 14 day period where if you apply 10 x it will go on your CR as "One" inquiry, I had only 1 when i was approved , In fact i have the Chase Unlimited 15k and jut got the Freedom 20k , Keep your utilization at 10% , Pay it off every month

Apr 12, 2019
Poor customer policies here, avoid Chase

I had a Chase card. It was in good standing and closed by the company without proper notification. No email, no phone call, and they only sent one letter which was never recieved. They were also unwilling to reopen it despite the fact that I caught the situation after only 11 days. Their logic? It was already closed, so I had to apply for a new one. No exception or alternative. I will never do business with Chase again.

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Apr 10, 2019
not the best
muth6969 Cardholder

they just up and closed my account because I was not using it enough. Informed me even if I tried to use it now, they would still close it. I have or had 2 different chase cards. I was getting good points on 1 and just keeping this 2nd card as a back up to increase my total credit amount. I've used up all my points from the 2nd card & got several hundred dollars in gift cards & now I'm going to close it as well.

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Apr 08, 2019
Tricky and misleading indeed
cycron3 Cardholder

They get off the phone quick if you are approved.  They do this to avoid allowing you to do a balance transfer.  Called back to see why the transfer didn't go through and the rep says that there is no such offer on the account. Wait 2 days to see if that offer comes available.  If I wait two days it's not the day the card was approved therefore it won't qualify for sure.  I will not recommend anytime soon a friend to volunteer to be taken advantage of.

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Apr 09, 2019

Yeah, sure they want to avoid a balance transfer. If you are a good risk, they will almost beg you for a balance transfer if you carry a balance on another card. If you are not a good risk, they don't give you an option to transfer a balance lol. Ok, yeah, Chase is the problem.

Apr 03, 2019
Terrific card, free money!
Ihavemorethanu Cardholder

This card is in the category of cards you wouldn't want to carry a balance on due to its high interest rate.  With that being said if you use it to pay for items you have to purchase every month anyways which you would normally pay out of your bank account then it works extremely well. We use our card only to pay for food and gas and we have it configured to auto pay pay in full out of our checking account by its due date every month so we aren't incurring any interest fee's.  We allow our reward points to stay and will use them to offest the cost our anuual vacation which we wil also use the card to pay for and pay off the balance immediately.

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Mar 28, 2019
horrible experience
Glin13 Cardholder

I was instantly approved and received my card quickly via mail. It was only used 2 days and then my card would decline my purchases. I checked my account only to find out my card was randomly closed 2 days later, with no notice. I called customer service and never got a direct nor helpful reply as to why this was happening. Do not waste your time! 

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Mar 28, 2019

What was your credit score and did you bank with them?

Mar 26, 2019
Instant Approval
myeashadorman Cardholder

Currently, score is in mid 600s- I was approved instantly, but only for a $500 CL. I am just needing this card to add to my number accounts, not for the actual credit. You can get approved if you are low 600s! Don’t lose hope! 

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Mar 23, 2019
Got it!

CK said I have fair odds but applied anyway.   Result said they need to review more so I figured oh well and it did hit my score by 3 right away.  I have the Sapphire with 8k limit and kept balance really low.  Signed on my phone to make my payment and noticed I have the Freedom Unlimited underneath my Sapphire.  I was excited to see that I was approved for $6100.  Called costumer service to make sure and verify that it’s not a mistake and they said yes it was approved.  So with my odds of just fair I think Chase consider your other accounts with them maybe and if you’re in good standing maybe they base it on that as well.   My payment history is at 100%.  CS is 690 at the moment but I just started building my credit for about 3 years now.   So happy to say I’m excited to have this card and will take advantage of that 15 months 0% APR.  

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Mar 22, 2019
Unable to transfer a balance
Fralayjr Cardholder

As other applicants have stated, it says you can transfer, but when it came to that it was not available to do so. Got a nice card limit, but that was it. Kind of useless based on what was presented in the offer from CK.

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Mar 23, 2019

Call customer service and ask.

Mar 21, 2019
Great until jacked up interest rate
msiscrm Cardholder

I've had this card for many years (more than 15). It was my go to card for unexpected expenses--car repair, medical, etc-because of it's low everyday interest rate (variable, never more than 10%.) Now, suddenly, the rate is over 16%, pretty much unacceptable for any purchase that would need to be paid over time. With a credit score that is anywhere between 750-825, this is not viable for us. I would cancel but they say it will impact our credit score. But probably will...

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Mar 22, 2019

Did you ever consider rising interest rates? The feds have been raising rates due to the uptick in the economy. Rates from almost every card from every issuer have gone up, but go ahead and blame Chase.

Mar 24, 2019

Canceling your credit card means canceling all of your history with that card and it really does impact your credit score badly. If you don’t want to use the card anymore I’d suggest paying it off and not using it ally all. You could even cut it in half so that you don’t use it but don’t cancel it. That way you don’t use the card but your credit score isn’t also impacted negatively.

Apr 21, 2019

This card has only been out since 2016. You must have the Freedom card not the Freedom Unlimited.

Mar 19, 2019
Horrible Customer Service
Aldawg42 Cardholder

I put in a dispute for a $500 bank charge that should have never happened.  Chase initally removed the charge pending an investigation.  A month later, I was recharged the same amount and was sent a letter in the mail saying that their investigation confirmed that it was a ligitimate change and if I wanted to continue the dispute, I had the let them know by a date THAT WAS IN THE PAST.  I called them as soon as the letter arrived in my mailbox and ask them to reopen the case.  I said I would send more evidence that it was an erroreous change.  Everytime I would email asking for an update, I got the same canned reply, and never a followup, so had the call them many times.  One time I called and was told that the correction would appear in the next billing cycle.  When I called back a month later, was told the case was closed for months and could not be reopened (even though was told in previous calls that they were still working on it).  One customer service person actually told me that as long as I give someone my credit card number, they have the right to charge whatever amount they want, regardless of whether I approved the amount or not.  To say dealing with Chase Freedom Unlimited customer service was nightmarish would be a huge understatement.  I ended up having the take the bank to small claims court, which I won.  Soon after, I cancelled my Chase Freedom Unlimited as well as many of my other Chase Credit Cards.

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Apr 11, 2019

Good for you! I’m glad you won the case. I’ve had that happen to me as well. Although it was a long time ago. I can understand your frustration. These businesses have to realize if it wasn’t for us they wouldn’t be in business. Congratulations!

Apr 11, 2019

I’m glad someone other than me will stand up for your rights and not let people take advantage. Good for you. 👍👍👍

Mar 17, 2019
Instant approval, great card
ehannibal Cardholder

I received instant approval for this card with a limit of 20k. I recommend paying the balance in full each month to avoid interest after the introductory period.

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Mar 24, 2019

What was your ck score when got this card.

Apr 11, 2019

What was annual income if u don’t mind ask and scores. I’m well over 745 on all scores. Just curious where I maybe.

Mar 16, 2019
sharmitcmos Cardholder

i have a great credit score and i asked for a lower interest rate , the guy told me there is none.  so i will pay it off.

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Mar 22, 2019

If you have good credit why are you going through credit karma to chose a credit card brah? They only offer bottom feeder cards for all the busted credit credit karma folks.

Apr 18, 2019

Brandon8163 are u a busted Credit Karma person?

Apr 19, 2019


Mar 15, 2019
Great Rewards card
MoistVonLipwig Cardholder

I have had this card for about a year now. I love it. The 1.5% cashback across the board is quite good especially considering there is no anual fee. This is an exellent card to help build credit and it is the one I use to do most of my grocery shopping. I also believe you can use the cash back generated with this card on the Saphire Reserve card which I plan to apply for in the future. As of yet I have not had need to contact chase customer support so I can't speak to that.  The rewards are quite easy to redeem. I would highly recommend this card due to its high cashback and lack of an anual fee.

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Mar 24, 2019

Does it give cash back or do you have to use points to get cash back? If so can you apply the cash to the card or do you have to get a gift card for it and spend more money in order to get the gift card?


Mar 15, 2019
Simple and useful cash back card.
SirKrimzin Cardholder

Credit Karma said I had excellent approval odds for this card. I applied and within minutes was approved for a $3500 credit line. Using the card I've earned hundreds of dollars on regular purchases.

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Mar 12, 2019
Worth it, if you need credit
RIPPEDSSC Cardholder

0% Apr for first 15 months is really good,if you keep on top of payments. I have really good credit and still managed to get 20%+ interest after the intro apr.. So watch out for fine print. Good points back

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Mar 10, 2019
Its a card.
Chriiz Cardholder

Your experience may differ if you use another bank as your main bank and use. I don't rely on this card and just got it for my credit score. Overall, it's...a card. Not a great card; not a terrible one. Does basic things for no annual fee for my basic needs. It's not raising my score as fast as I thought, in a way, but still nevertheless it's useful in a pinch. If, however, you rely on credits cards often, prefer more benefits, or are willing to pay an annual, this may not be your card. Can't speak on customer service because I've never had to call them about anything.

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Mar 09, 2019
Got approved with a 620 score ....
SeanRod96 Cardholder

I love this card its linked right along with my chase checking account i got approved with a limit of 2,500 and only had a credit score of 620 so dont lose hope if you don't have amazing credit

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Mar 08, 2019
Easy to use
JosiahP21 Cardholder

Very nice card to have. Can be used with shop through chase to earn bonus points shopping online with select merchants like Walmart, under armor, best buy and others.
Nice card, with a easy to hit sign up bonus.

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Mar 04, 2019
Very Limited rewards.
MichaGeorge1 Cardholder

There are very few rewards with this card and they seem to have a very strange way of calculating interest.  This is definitely not an incentive based card.

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Mar 27, 2019

How would you say they calculate their interest rates? Curious to know... Thanks!

Mar 04, 2019
JoseRed Cardholder

Excellent card to have. I’ve had the card 11 months and no issues. I would recommend this card to anyone. 

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