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Apr 04 2016
Credit Karma Member

I have 685 between the two scores on here. Got approved really quick but only a $500 limit. Oh well it's a start. I have a capital one with $6,500 and a delta rewards Amex with $1000 limit. This may be why it was so low but I also have 4 older derogatories. Trying to get my credit back in shape. Wish me luck.?

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Jun 15 2016
Approved for $500
Credit Karma Member

I have a 750 Fico score basically from paying off 2 auto loans. I opened up a banking?account at a credit union and started to get flooded with credit cards letters. I decided on appying for?this card after getting 2 pre-approvals. I have not had a credit card?for?over a?decade?so?I applied with zero debt and was?still not?instantly approved but for good reason. ?I called recon and was told that?I had 2 Chase charged off accounts from over 10 years ago. I told them those fell off my credit reports years ago and that?I had a good score but they said "We go by your Chase credit history not by what is on your credit reports or score" Then they just wanted a reason?why?I fell behind on those accounts in the past and I told them because?I was in the military. ? After waiting on hold for 5 minutes they said i would get a letter in the mail. 2 days later i called the status line and it said i was approved but not for how much.?I waited 5 business days to get my card mailed which is when i found out it was only for $500. So there you have it. That explains why people with credit scores that are over 100-200 points lower?are getting approved for thousands of dollars. Either they have a good Chase credit history or are berly starting a credit relationship with them.?? BTW?I also got pre approval offers in the mail from BofA and Discover who?I have not had a credit relationship with in the past. If?i would have applied for those cards?I would have likely gotten a?higher credit line.?So for those of you out there with a?not so perfect?past with Chase?they might still approve you but with a small limit like mines so you might want to go with the other offers. If i were to do it over again i would have applied for the other cards but I'm happy that Chase approved me despite the minimum credit line?because it beats?getting declined. ??

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Jun 01 2020
Denied with 820 Fico, no late pays
Credit Karma Member

Transunion Equifax and Experian FICO scores 820-825. My credit usage 2.5% this month, always pay cards in full every month. No loans, no mortgage. No late pays, nothing bad on my reports. No new credit applications in 2 yrs. Denied saying they would write me in 7-10 days with reason. I am sure this will hit my score, think twice before applying for this card!

May 27 2020
Got approved with credit score 675
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card with 675credit score .i had 9 inquiries on my credit history still i got approved for $1300.

Apr 19 2020
Credit Karma Member

I have a 800 + scores on all three credit bureaus, and absolutely ZERO credit card debt. I recently applied for the Chase card, and was was denied due to "too many inquires". If you have more than a couple inquires on your credit report, don't even bother to apply. It's just going to put another hit on your report.

Apr 09 2020
Credit Karma Member

Mar 23 2020
Credit Karma Member

After credit karma said that my odds were great I applied. I was declined! I have great credit and my balance is under 30%. I don't believe credit karma and feel they are very misleading! And now I have a hit on my credit!!!

Mar 12 2020
Best decision I ever made
Credit Karma Member

If it weren't for me finally being brave enough to get a credit card I would have never been able to work on my credit. When I first applied I got approved for only 1000 dollars. As long as you're responsible enough to not put yourself In debt this card is amazing. The cash back rewards are sooo good. Little by little your credit limit increases. I've banked with chase for 12 years, their customer service reps have always been good to me. I definitely recommend this card. Especially if you're like I was, new to the credit game and trying to build. I literally pay ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING I can with this card and just pay it back by the end of the month. Also there's no limit to how many payments you can make per month, so that's helpful!?

Mar 08 2020
WAS great, but....
Credit Karma Member

I got a decent credit limit upon approval. Also, they gave nice credit limit increases (more so than Capital One) I had a credit limit of $7500, and had a balance of $6000. I recieved $ from a friend and decided to pay this card down a bit. I knew to not pay the entire balance off, as I had heard stories of limits being lowered if you do this. I paid them $3500. A few days later I see they've dropped my limit to $3500. So moral of the story is DONT MAKE LARGE PAYMENTS TO THIS COMPANY OR THEY'LL DROP YOUR LIMIT. If I could do it over again, I'd probably pay double the minimum due every month.

Feb 16 2020
Great card
Credit Karma Member

Never any problems with this card cash back and customer service are great. Only complaint is if chase suspects fraudulent activities in a certain area they will dent purchases leading to uncomfortable situations in line at stores etc. Never have that issue with my amex. Otherwise no complaints great card

Feb 07 2020
My Go-to Card
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card after already having the Chase Freedom card and a few others.? The Freedom card was good with rotating 5%, but this one had a promotional 3% cash back for EVERYTHING.? I love Chase Bank's online portal and the cash back can be deposited into my bank accont for any amount each time my statement comes out.? I utilized customer service twice and had great success both times.? This is my favorite card so far and I will keep using it until something better comes along.?

Feb 06 2020
I???ve had this card for over 3 years now
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for 3 year and it's been a great starter credit card. But since I've felt responsible enough to increase my limit I continue to get declined. They want me to sit on the phone with a rep and beg. I have great credit with only this card payment. Never late with pay and a great salary. I'm ready to cancel the card and go with a different company.?

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