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May 10 2013
good card if you stick with it
Credit Karma Member

I have had this card since 2008, and it has generally been a positive experience. I started out with a $1000 credit line (while I was in school) at 13.24% APR. I then received increases to $3500, then $5000, $13,500, and am currently at $16,000, with same base APR. They occasionally have promotions where they will let you cash advance or balance transfer funds at 0% for 12 months--I used this feature last year when I had to replace my roof; don't know where else I could have gotten an $8000 unsecured loan at 0%.? The 3-2-1 rewards are in points, not true cash back (at least on my card). Each point is less between about 1/2 and 2/3 of a cent depending on what you redeem it on. I recommend Discover or Amex over this card if what you really want is bank for you buck on rewards. But this card is great for just basic credit on good terms.

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Mar 11 2016
Credit Karma Member

I opened this card up back in November. I have made all of my payments on time and kept a utilization below 10%. I always pay in full after the statement and pay zero interest. Apparently, BoA is not happy about not making money off me. Today I got my statement for this month. I logged in to pay. My "pay from" checking account ?which happens to be Wells Fargo was BLOCKED. It literally would not let me pay my bill and this thing pops up that says "open up a checking account with us to pay your bill." Are you freaking kidding me? They are intentionally and probably illegally blocking me from making my payment to blackmail me into getting an account with them. I've had my Wells Fargo checking account for over 12 years and never had an issue with paying any credit card. I have 10 credit cards. I also have paid THIS ACCOUNT with THAT CHECKING ACCT for 4 months and suddenly "they can't verify my bank account." I verified that the account info was correct even though I knew it was because, hello! I've already made several payments, and it was correct. I'm going to mail them a cashier's check for the $25 bucks I owe them from my checking account they refuse to acknowledge and have them close this card. What a joke.

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Jun 12 2020
Credit Karma Member


Mar 12 2020
Typical credit card scam
Credit Karma Member

I applied to transfer credit card balanceand they gave me new card with a low balance and didnt transfer my balance

Feb 15 2020
Closed my account for no reason
Credit Karma Member

They closed my account with no notice or reason. I had high balances on other credit accounts with excellent payment history. They felt my credit was over extended and their solution was to close my account out although i had been a long tine loyal customer. My high balances weren't even with Bank of america. Lousy bank with no loyalty to their long time customers!

Dec 30 2019
Just as good as my other BoA card
Credit Karma Member

I was approved for $16k instantly. 785 Credit score and $120k of available credit already across several of my cards. I've got a solid payment history with alot of diverse credit on my profile (car loans, mortgage, other cards etc, some paid off, other not). I already have one BoA card and was given an offer for the BankAmericard through BoA but it only had 15 mo of 0% interest - CK offers 18 mo. My BoA Cash Rewards card has been great, so I don't suspect this new card will be bad.

Dec 23 2019
Credit Karma Member

Don,t get it terrible service least little thing they will pull your credit line

Dec 19 2019
Credit Karma Member

Never again will I get a credit card from BofA.. All around bad service. Paid it off and went to American Express. Much happier?

Dec 01 2019
Extremely low approval rate
Credit Karma Member

With over 700+ credit score all across the board I did not qualify. Don't let this creditor ruin your potential to approve with other lenders.

Nov 11 2019
Excellent NEVER any issues.
Credit Karma Member

0% on balance transfer for 18 mths, with fee waived. I have never had to wait long on phone. Immediately thank me for being a loyal customer over 18 year's, prior to this card. I understand everyone I speak to perfect. No issues and very easy to do business with!

Nov 09 2019
BofA customer with checking, 2cc+ 1 new
Credit Karma Member

I've been with BofA for 5 years. Started with just a checking acct with monthly deposits, have Merrill investing acct through BofA, then received Cash Rewards and BofA Travel Rewards cards with high credit limits after applying shortly after a few months of opening checking acct. Just applied for BankAericard with Ex 757 TU 751 (scores on CK site). I do have multiple AMEX cards with high limits and applied to have $3750 transferred to new BankAmericard since really only applying for this card for the Balance Transfer intro. Be mindful, if you apply on the BofA site then there is a $0 balance transfer fee on balances tranferred within 60 days of opening acct. Quick approval and simply application process resulted in $18,000 cl! BofA has always been good to me. Only issue is that many states don't have them conveniently located.

Oct 21 2019
Credit Karma Member

I have a 765 score and they only gave me a $5k limit...a waste of a credit inquiry.?

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BankAmericard® credit card

BankAmericard® credit card

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