Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card Reviews

Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card Reviews
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May 20, 2019
Own this card for two years and love it!
Glezy11 Cardholder

I used to be a lendup customer (payday loan) and was offered to open a credit line via mail. I used to have bad credit at 560, this is the only card that gave me a chance. I started out at $300 credit limit, they increased it to $600, and now it is at $2000. I pay it on time and keep the balance low. My optimization also improved because they have increased my credit limit. My score improves everytime they gave me an increase. Thank you so much! My credit is now at 699, slowly but surely and it kept me away from payday loans for two years! Thank you so much! I highly recommend!

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Jun 11, 2019
Good card with terrible CS
waternut13134 Cardholder

So I got a flyer in the mail saying I was pre approved for the Arrow Card, like most mailers I thought it was just spam and once you applied I would get denied but to my surpise I was approved with a $1K credit limit. The card came in the mail a few days later and I created my account. I do give props for Lend up giving me a good credit line not even a year after CH 7 bankrupcy, so why did I rate them 3 stars? For one the website and app take almost 3 hours to update for any transaction, so if I make a purchase and check the app really quick it wont show up at all nor will my avaible credit show a deduction which can be really bad for people making multiple purchases. My bigest compalint of them all is it takes them 5-6 days after you make a payment for them to release your credit balance. I have never had a card take so long to process a payment and release the credit funds even though my bank shows the funds debited from my account. Lend Up says this is for my own protection so I dont go over my limit, but I dont understand how that works because if the funds arent released in a timley maner then I will for sure go over my credit limit. On the CS end its just out right terrible, when you call in you get one of thoose low quality generic automated answer systems and when you finally get transfered to an agent no one ever picks up, I held for over 30 minutes with still no one to pick up, if you message them though you do get a response rather quickly but some matters just need to be discussed over the phone. Overall I am thankful Lend Up provided me this card, but due to the processing times it takes to show charges on my account and how long it takes to process my payments this card will sit in my safe only to be used in emergencies.  As well for anyone intrested this card does NOT support Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay. 

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Feb 14, 2020
They reward your on time payments
Kat33333333 Cardholder

I have fair credit and have only had this card 6 months... started out with 500$ and just got a 700$ credit line for making on time pmts

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Feb 14, 2020
Azret09 Cardholder


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Feb 13, 2020
Happy with issuer of the card.
olas305 Cardholder

Good card, with credit increases and reasonable fees. 

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Feb 13, 2020
Great card for building your credit. lov
Bennibear1 Cardholder

Making your payments on time earns credit increas and builds your credit.

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Feb 12, 2020
apsshortstuff Cardholder


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Feb 12, 2020

Everything going right since my credit boost with help of credit expert @royalblade1 on telegram. I’ve been financially fly lately. Getting approved for almost everything I ask for. That’s of course with an attractive 811 credit score presently. I’m minding the minefields and doing financial great!
Royalblade @ Protonmail com is the contact of the Expert who set my credit straight and did my taxes for me.

Feb 09, 2020
0 customer serice
19JJ75 Cardholder

the interest is about what my other cards are so that wasn't a surprice.  I have reached out to the several times about an issue I was having with the website.  They send me an email back with a few general solutions.  I tired these and didn't solve issue.  Emailed back, same email with same general solutions.  

I know with the other few cards I have, Customer service is King.  This one says they care but DOES NOT back it up with actions. 

I suggest if your after a credit building card, go for one for a different one.  There are 1000's if not more out there.

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Feb 08, 2020
Scam Company
NewNOLA Cardholder

AVOID! This is a scam company! I applied and received my card today with $1,000 limit. i call to activate it and the automated system kept saying it didnt recognize the numbers I entered, then kept asking for my full social security number. I hung up and logged into the website to activate my new card and there was a message stating that my account was on hold and that they needed more information, very personal information that no other reputible credit cards ask for. This is very shady so I called again and there is no one answering the phone, automated message stating that I called "outside of business hours", I called at 4pm eastern time, how or where is this outside of business hours. very suspicious. I have 5 very well known credit cards that have built up my credit very well over the last year. Another suspicious thing about this company is that I had to request to cancel this card through a message on thier website, there is no other way to contact them if they dont pick up the card activation phone number. Avoid!

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Feb 08, 2020

What company did you use for the other credit cards?

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Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card Reviews

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