Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card Reviews

Mission Lane Classic Visa® Credit Card Reviews
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Jan 12, 2020
Good for starters
rperson12 Cardholder

Easy approval and ok card to help boost credit. I didn't have this card long before paying my balance off then closing account. Customer service is closed on weekends, pending transactions only available during business days, takes 5 days before payment will become avadia label for usage.  

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Oct 14, 2019
Pretty solid card

I opened this card 2 months ago with no annual fee and $1000 starting credit limit. I couldn’t use the card for the first month that I had it because it literally took them almost a whole month to verify my identity through my id and my bills which was a bummer. But once you finally get through that part it’s a solid card to have. It takes a while for purchases to show up but this card hasn’t failed me. I even used it overseas in China a few times and it worked without me having to call it in 

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Aug 29, 2019
Finally received a credit line increase
Nola1510 Cardholder

I appreciate Lendup/Mission Lane for giving me a chance to establish credit, hence the 3-star rating. With that said I am a bit disappointed in the credit increase I was given. After 7 months of on-time payments and paying my balance in full every month, my credit line went from $300 to a whopping $400. My credit history across all accounts are good and I have no delinquencies. I also have decent credit scores of 698 on Experian, 702 on Equifax and 715 on Transunion. I will probably close this account soon since the $59 annual fee is not worth a 400 credit limit. I have a Quicksilver One card with a $39 annual fee and a credit line of $3000 soon to be $3500 in 5 months.

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Jul 26, 2019
aquagirl2479 Cardholder

Got approved for a lousy $500 a month ago. Still hasn’t reported to the 3 bureaus and I’ve already made a payment. So it takes 7 days to post your money after they receive it then takes out annual fee of $59 the first payment. Not happy

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Jul 30, 2019

Took over a month to show on my reports and of course the annual fee is charged! You knew that when you got the card!

Aug 08, 2019

Most credit cards take 30/45/60 days to show up on your credit report. Be patient.

Sep 23, 2019

I often wonder why people with bad credit think they deserve more than the crappy $500.

Jul 17, 2019
Credit line increase

Do you get credit line increases after the first increase? I just received the no annual fee version of this card but I can’t find any detailed reviews about increases 

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Aug 08, 2019

They do periodical checks to see if you are qualified for a credit line increase. Be aware that you have to keep your entire credit report healthy. If you pay just this card on-time but neglect your other credit obligations, you probably won't receive an increase. Keep your entire credit report in the green and you'll be good to go.

Jun 11, 2019
Good card with terrible CS
waternut13134 Cardholder

So I got a flyer in the mail saying I was pre approved for the Arrow Card, like most mailers I thought it was just spam and once you applied I would get denied but to my surpise I was approved with a $1K credit limit. The card came in the mail a few days later and I created my account. I do give props for Lend up giving me a good credit line not even a year after CH 7 bankrupcy, so why did I rate them 3 stars? For one the website and app take almost 3 hours to update for any transaction, so if I make a purchase and check the app really quick it wont show up at all nor will my avaible credit show a deduction which can be really bad for people making multiple purchases. My bigest compalint of them all is it takes them 5-6 days after you make a payment for them to release your credit balance. I have never had a card take so long to process a payment and release the credit funds even though my bank shows the funds debited from my account. Lend Up says this is for my own protection so I dont go over my limit, but I dont understand how that works because if the funds arent released in a timley maner then I will for sure go over my credit limit. On the CS end its just out right terrible, when you call in you get one of thoose low quality generic automated answer systems and when you finally get transfered to an agent no one ever picks up, I held for over 30 minutes with still no one to pick up, if you message them though you do get a response rather quickly but some matters just need to be discussed over the phone. Overall I am thankful Lend Up provided me this card, but due to the processing times it takes to show charges on my account and how long it takes to process my payments this card will sit in my safe only to be used in emergencies.  As well for anyone intrested this card does NOT support Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay. 

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Jul 29, 2019

How many days did it take for card to arrive?

Jun 03, 2019
Had since January, little or no balance
biker777 Cardholder

No increase here

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Jun 16, 2019

Uh okay doesn't validate your review at all you've only had it for 5 months not helpful at all.

Feb 17, 2020

If you have had no balance they probably figure you don't need an increase. Also, wait six months after you've had the card 30 days before expecting an increase. Credit card 101! Good luck!

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