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Jan 17 2019
Excellent Rewards Rate
Credit Karma Member

2% to 4% categories apply for the first $8,000 in those categories per year. For instance, you can spend up to $8,000 per year combined for the 2%, 3%,and 4% categories. After that, its 1%. Year starts when you apply until your anniversary date, and then the $8,000 resets. Plus they have deals (10% off at Chili's, 10% off at Petco, etc.) that you have to activate. So if you take advantage of the 10% off at Chili's deal, you get 10% off plus you still get the 3% off for dining. And 4% gas is hard to beat. Need to accumulate $25 in rewards in order to redeem but the $ you get with deals count towards the $25. Deal $ are paid the following month. All in all, pretty sweet.

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Mar 12 2019
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card through the credit karma app. I have a 766 credit score and I'm used to being approved within a day of applying for a card. After a couple of days I got a call from PNC where they asked for all of the info that was in my application, and they said they were having trouble verifying my age. They told me to fax a copy of my drivers license. I thought this was strange, but I faxed it. I called back after 3 days to get a status on my application. I was told it was still processing. I asked if this was normal to take so long and the person said yes. After 10 days of checking my email, spam, and texts, I called again, and I was told that I had been approved. I asked if it was normal to not notify applicants of a status change via email. I didn't get an answer, but the person on the line apologized. When the card arrived a few days later, I called the number on the card to activate it. I also tried to enroll in PNC online as described in the packet that came with the card. I was unable to enroll because I didn't have a PNC online access PIN. I called the PNC help number again, and there was no option on the computer system to obtain an online access PIN. After the computer system asked me for my SSN for the 5th time for some reason, I finally talked to a human. She told me that you have to call to obtain the online access PIN. It would be nice if that info was in the packet that came with the card. She generated a pin and told me I have to use it within 15 minutes. I tried to use it immediately but discovered that the PNC app is extremely glitchy. As I filled in one field, another field would go blank or the info would move from one box to another. The person on the phone asked if I was using the app and I told her I was. She then told me to use the PNC website. I tried to use the website to enroll, but this was also glitchy. I had to wait a second or 2 after each digit I typed for it to appear on the screen. After finally filling in the required info, the system said I entered it incorrectly. I verified the info line by line and tried to enter it again with the same result. I was then told a PIN would be mailed to me. Why wasn't it mailed to start with? I'm patiently waiting now with very low expectations.

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Jan 14 2020
Very disorganized organization
Credit Karma Member

I applied for the $150 Bonus. Their records showed me only being offered $100. An account manager was assigned to my case. She could only find time to call twice a week - and once a day when she did. I STILL HAVE NOT TALKED TO HER! And my phone is almost always with me since I'm in sales. I'm still waiting over a month to see my what bonus will be applied.

Dec 25 2019
Credit Karma Member

Great card especially for fast food.

Dec 19 2019
Credit Karma Member

I am very disappointed in how PNC mismanaged the application of a credit card. I do not want to have a PNC checking account to pay for this card. Why can't I use my account from another bank to pay on a credit card, like every other business allows you? Setting up the app was ridiculous too. There should be no reason I need a PIN number to use the app. The online applications are hit or miss too. It took two days before the app accepted my pin, the same pin that PNC mailed to me four times after I had to call and request a pin. Very disappointed. Way too much work for 4% back on gas (plus I cannot see the rebate applied).

Dec 16 2019
dumb limited to certain states only
Credit Karma Member

limited to certain states only

Dec 08 2019
Credit Karma Member

Do not apply for this card! I applied with a 684 and was immediately denied! Thank PNC for the unnecessary hard inquiry! What a joke

Nov 30 2019
Credit Karma Member

I was looking for a good gas station rewards program, this is one of best @ 4% cash back. Not sure I'm going to keep, probably going to get a PenFed credit card that offers 5% gas station rewards. The problem is making payments, it Has to be done at a laptop(Mobile app only works if you have a PNC checking account) and you cannot make more than one payment in a four day period, two really odd and inconvenient things to me.

Nov 27 2019
Credit Karma Member

App wont let me put down a negative review. So 5 stars for all the suck

Nov 16 2019
Cash Rewards is great, and no yearly fee
Credit Karma Member

Keep after your payments, and your score will be excellent before you know. I think this is the best card you can get without annual fees!

Nov 15 2019
My main card
Credit Karma Member

I LOVE my PNC Cash Rewards card. This is my main go-to card for all purchases. The 4% back on gas is huge! To give you an accurate comparison vs other cards cash back percetages, my cash back for 2019 so far is averagnig 2% between all categories. Also, PNC customer service is US based, always helpful and friendly.

Nov 10 2019
Love the rewards and you will too!
Credit Karma Member

This is an excellent everyday car to use!

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PNC Cash Rewards® Visa® Credit Card

PNC Cash Rewards® Visa® Credit Card

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