PNC Cash Rewards® Visa® Credit Card Reviews

PNC Cash Rewards® Visa® Credit Card Reviews
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3.7 out of 5 stars
37 Reviews

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Application Process

3.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Service

3.5 out of 5 stars

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Card Details

  • Balance Transfer Intro APR 0%* for 12 Billing Cycles
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR 14.74% - 24.74%* Variable
  • Annual Fee $0
  • Purchase Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Purchase Regular APR 14.74% - 24.74%* Variable

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jun 02, 2019
only get if you are with PNC
gspoon138 Cardholder

Had to call to request a PIN to create an online account only to discover that you can not make payments unless you have a PNC account.  Calling to make a payment is a hassle since you have to go through their dated online phone system and enter your social security number no less than 4 times to get to the menue that will let you pay.  Its not 1994 anymore, this is the biggest pain in the *** card I have seen in at least 25 years.

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May 18, 2019

If you apply for PNC Visa card do NOT expect to get advertised Welcome Bonus. I was approved and spent $1000 minimum within first 90 days but they only gave me half of the advertised $200. Customer service is rude, slow and incompetent. #unprofessional

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May 18, 2019

I applied and I got the advertises bonus. I called customer service once about a disputed amount charged. They were helpful, quick, and competent. So not every experience matches your's and not every experience matches mine.

May 13, 2019
AmirAt110 Cardholder

1- Usaully Credit cards give you about 12 month 0% APR. But not this card. 21% from the first billing cycle. 

2- There is no way for you to go online and check your account unless you have PNC bank account. I called the custumer service 7 times, and personally went to PNC branch to find a way to pay my balance online. After allof my efforts, they told me they (PNC) are working on it, but untill then I only could pay by ohone or mail! 


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May 31, 2019

That’s not true! I pay online. You can’t pay through the app but you can go to the PNC website through your browser on your phone or computer to pay. Link your bank account and you’re good to go.

Jun 21, 2019


Apr 30, 2019
Regret having this card
CKINC Cardholder

Their system seems entirely antiquated. I won't even go into the application process (very similar to another review on this site). I never received my PIN so I couldn't log on to my account. I called customer service (typical hold time to talk to someone is around 15 mins, FYI) and was told it had been mailed. I explained I never received it. She said she'd mail another one. I asked if I could set one up over the phone and she said no. Had to wait 5-7 business days for PIN to arrive in mail.

I waited and it finally came. Went to create online account - PIN did not work. Called customer service again. Waited 15 mins to talk to someone... again. She explained that I was sent the wrong kind of PIN. Was sent a cash advance PIN. Absolutely no use to me. Was told I would be mailed another one. They said they could not issue it over the phone.

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Mar 28, 2019
Horrible Customer Service
EmmaPine Cardholder

The card itself is fine. If you want to pay using paper and stamps, it's fine. If you want mobile access, there's an app, but you have to wait 2 weeks after you receive the card to have PNC mail you an "online banking PIN" in order to be able to set up the app. Once you set up mobile access, you still can't pay using the app, because you need to go set up some additional PNC online banking thing, rather than being able to add in your existing non-PNC bank account like EVERY OTHER CREDIT CARD APP OUT THERE. Instead of being able to do that easily, you must call PNC bank, navigate their entirely terrible automated line, and then be told by a real person, "Oh, you called the number that the pop-up on the Website told you to call in order to solve this issue? I'm sorry, I work with personal banking accounts and can't help with that - I have to transfer you to the credit card division." And you end up back at the beginning of the automated maze. When you get to someone else, they demand to know details about your loan with PNC, despite you calling about the credit card and not having your loan information available. It was at that point I asked to be transferred to someone who could help with cancelling the credit card. And that's what I did, explaining that this is the worst credit card experience I've ever had in JUST. TRYING. TO. PAY. THE. CARD.

Again, the card itself is fine. If you never plan to call them (tip: NEVER PLAN TO CALL THEM), and you never plan to have full mobile/online access to your account, and if you like doing the whole paper and stamp thing every month, this card is for you. If you like neverending exercises in frustration with customer service and having to jump through numerous hoops JUST TO HAVE THE ABILITY TO PAY VIA AN APP, this card is for you. Otherwise, protect your blood pressure and skip this card and avoid PNC Bank at all costs.

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Apr 04, 2019

In areas where there's a PNC back, I bet you could go and make an in-person payment until the PIN or whatever's needed arrives. Other credit card issuers has a rule that one MUST wait 30 days to add a bank for online payment. AMEX done that to me, no problem, I didn't use the account for a month.

Apr 05, 2019

No, they told me I must have a PNC personal banking account to pay through the app. Ridiculous. PNC is the worst, even when I went through them set up a loan (can't do auto pay, can't do online banking, have to paper/stamp it or drive 30 miles to a branch). I live in 2019 and am not going to a bank each month to pay off a card lol.

May 31, 2019

I pay online every month. You have to go to the pnc website on your browser or computer to pay. Just link your banking info. You can’t use the app to pay. But you can log online through browser. It’s easy!

Jul 09, 2019

They have the worst customer service ever I got denied and I have perfect credit I got denied because I don't have a house loan laugh out loud they are the worst ever

Nov 07, 2019

You can always pay via the PNC website. Why don't you just get rid of the card versus coming online and b*tching about it. I have had no problems with PNC. I bank with them and just got approved for a visa with a massive Starting line. So everyone reading this... they are fine.

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PNC Cash Rewards® Visa® Credit Card Reviews

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