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Nov 02 2017
I love this card
Credit Karma Member

7/1/17 I went with this card because the capital one card wouldn't approve me (collections from capital one 4 years ago) and the beginning was rough. They said my application will take further review and they will have an answer for me in 1 week. By day 4 the 200$ was taken out of my account. Still no word on if I was approved or not. 2 weeks went by, still no update. I called at 2 1/2 weeks and they said my application is still pending. I stated the deposit has already been pulled and I don't understand why they would pull and not approve the application. The customer service was very friendly. Few days later I was approved. Took just over a week after that to receive the card. Two weeks after that I get an email from Credit Karma saying my score changed. I looked and this card jumped me up 35 points. I have 2 things in collections and a judgement of 3,000. My score started at 451. I have not paid anything (yet) and my score after one month of opening the card is 532. This card has jumped me over 80 points in a month. Pretty happy. *Update* 11/2/17 Okay! It's been 5 months since I've had this card, I have not paid any of my collections. One medical and one from capital one for almost $500. My score is now 600. This card has not only raised my credit score 150 points, but I am also now approved with Capital One secured card! I only needed to give them $49 for a deposit and have a $200 limit. I originally wanted the capital one card but was denied but approved for this one. I cannot express how happy I am to be on the road to recovery on my credit! All payments made on time, never any issues, and my new card will be here in a few weeks! Let's see how fast my score raises now! ????????????

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Jun 18 2018
Long wait times
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card on 4/22/2018 and it took until 6/17/2018 to be approved. In that time period I applied for a card with Discover and was approved in ten minutes over the phone. There was no change to my credit in that time period to affect either decision. Once I started to use my Discover card I realized that it was literally better than the Citi card in every way. I called to cancel my Citi card and was told they would mail their credit approval department (they couldn't even call their own employees). After my experiences with Citi and their customer service I recommend that you only apply for this card if you have no other option. The card has no benefits, they take forever, and there are much better options out there with either Discover or Capital One.

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May 04 2020
Easy to obtain
Credit Karma Member

Applied 4/16 Submitted deposit 4/17 Deposit cleared 4/20 Account considered open 4/22 Received card 4/30

Apr 27 2020
Good Card
Credit Karma Member

I applied for the Citi Secured card in June of 2019.. I only put a $200 deposit up since I also applied for the Discover It Secured card as well as the Capital One Secured card. I always kept a low balance on my Citi card, making purchases oh no more then $20 a month. Always paying it off in full before my statement closing date. When paying my bill, I paid it before 1pm using my checking account. My current balance always updated to $0 within an hour after I paid. By 10am the next day, my available credit reflected my previous days payment. I have had no issues since I've had the card. On March 27th I received a letter stating that my credit card account no longer required a security deposit, and I would be receiving my security deposit back,, and would be sent a Citi Diamond Preferred MasterCard. I have read a lot of negative reviews about this card, but I have I had no issues so far. So, as stated in a lot of posts about getting graduated in no less than 18 mouths is not correct. All I can recommend what is that you make sure make payments on time and keep your balance low.

Apr 25 2020
They closed my account
Credit Karma Member

After laying my balance in full they closed my account and then told me that it would take 2 billing cycles for them to return my deposit.

Apr 11 2020
Okay card, dont expect to pay and have funds quick
Credit Karma Member

The card is decent as far as you pay for your available balance so in a sense its however high you want it, no annual fee. The catch is when you make your payment ( i just paid the full balance) the availability to use it isnt for 10-12 days after the payment has been processed, the money cleared my checking account and was posted to credit card and management said well there is nothing we can but forward a complaint. So even though i paid for the full amount i can not use my card for 10-12 days now. So if you get the card dont expect to use your money that they pull from your checking account within a day for a couple weeks, also the application process seemed to take forever to finally get the card

Apr 03 2020
Credit Karma Member

Mar 24 2020
Credit Karma Member

My credit went up only by 7 points when I oppened this account, It was supossed to rise my score a little more

Mar 23 2020
Credit Karma Member

Was great to increase my credit,? do not use over 30% of your credit limit,? make payments few days early,?

Mar 17 2020
Great for rebuilding
Credit Karma Member

Just made my first payment a few days ago, and my score went up 31 points! I'm really happy so far.?

Mar 15 2020
Credit Karma Member

Credit karma said my approval odds was good, but after I Applied I got? denied for credit! Even after I had The security deposit required!! I believe credit karma is paid to sponsor this card an other, don't fall for credit approval! They are being paid to Sponsor or promote certain cards

Mar 12 2020
Love it so far!
Credit Karma Member

I have had my Citi Secured Credit Card for a few months now and I absolutely love it! I pay my balance off every time I get paid which every 2 weeks. My payments always get credited immediately. I never have any issues using the card. One thing that I do recommend is find out when your statement cycle date is, that's when they report to the credit bureau. Try to get your balance as low as possible to show a low credit utilization.

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