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Apr 23 2017
Use It to Your Advantage
CreditKarma Member

Okay so I see a lot of negative reviews that I think mostly stem from Open Sky not clearly communicating the process/when they report to bureaus etc. Here's the deal. If you want a boost in your score quickly, apply for the card around the 15th-20th of the month. Open Sky reports to the credit bureaus on the last business day of the month (then sometimes it takes a week or so after that for the bureau to reflect the change). It takes 3-4 days for your $200 (or whatever) deposit to go through, and for the card to be shipped, after approval. Your account isn't considered open until the date the card is shipped. The card comes with the $35 annual fee already tacked onto the balance and if you ordered your card mid-late in the month, that $35 won't be due until the end of the next month (but it will count towards utilization when reported to the bureus, which is a good thing, as long as you keep utilization under 30%. $35 out of $200 is 17.5%). Each month, your bill is due on the 28th. So to absolutely optimize the credit boost you can get from this card: order it around the 18th of the month. The card will probably ship out around the 22nd. Don't worry about paying the $35 fee the second you get the card - you can activate it with the $35 fee on there. Let the utilization work for you when they report to the bureus on the last business day of the month, then on like the 5th of the next month, pay the $35 off. Now, set up a monthly small charge, like Netflix or something, to come out mid month, and DONT use your card other than that monthly charge. When you get your bill in the beginning of the month each month, pay off the last month's balance in full. I've had the card for a couple months, and that's all I've learned from research/talking to their customer service. It's worked well for me so far!

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Jan 01 2018
Starter Card
CreditKarma Member

I originally applied for a Citi Bank Secured card and was declined, so I had to dramatically lower my expectations and applied for this one. At the time I had about a 560ish Fico score across the board with lots of things in collections. I've had the card for almost a year now, pay my bills on time every time, and they report it to all the credit agencies every month,?albeit?a month behind. Yes there is a 10 Day wait before the credit line becomes available to you, but?I think that is because they're are waiting to see if the payment which has to be made with a bank account returns. Fair enough in my opinion for this kind of card. My credit score has raised considerably since I applied for this card and am now able to get unsecured credit cards. Once I hit my credit score goal I plan on dumping them but for now they do nothing but help. I think if you have bad credit like me and?pay your bill on time, this card is a great starter for people starting over.

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Feb 20 2020
Good for bad credit
CreditKarma Member

I applied for this card with a 440 credit score. Got approved and paid my $200 online. It took about two weeks from the date of my payment to receive the card. The card already comes with a balance of $35 on it. Overall the process was very easy. Only con is that when you make a payment they usually take two days to withdraw it and 5 days before the payment is reflected on your account. So far my score is now at 555 so In just three months I’ve gained 100+ points.

Feb 16 2020
Great Starter Card
CreditKarma Member

Don't go over 7% on any card if you want the best results. The key is to know all of your credit card's statement days. This is the cut off for when they send current balances to the credit bureaus. Let your card show 7% utilization on the statement closing day. Then wait 24-48hrs or pay it off before the monthly payment day. You can also change your payment days so it's a smooth process. By doing this, you'll get a double boost. 1 for utilization & 1 shortly after for paying your 7% off. Call in each time you pay off so they can send another update to the 3 bureaus behind the statement closing day one. Use this trick if you don't want to wait 6 months to build credit. You can do it in 2-5 months

Feb 12 2020
Establishing credit
CreditKarma Member

Credit is a very important tool concerning everyday life. Once i learn how to maintain a good repore with all 3 credit reporting agencies and creditors, my credit score and history began to work in my favor. Thank you OpenSky for allowing this 2nd chance to get it right.

Feb 01 2020
Quick Payment
CreditKarma Member

I hear a lot of Open Sky account holders saying it took a long time to process payments, especially the first one. My first payment was complete within 2 days and I’ve never had a problem. It’s a great way to start building credit, strongly recommend, but use wisely to build credit.

Jan 23 2020
Does what its supposed to do.
CreditKarma Member

Paid online and they reversed the payment for no apparent reason. I choose to send in a money order every month. Once they process my money order it then takes 5 business days for the balance to reflect such. Everything else is pretty much seamless... The application process, the deposit. It took about 3 weeks to get the card in hand.

Jan 18 2020
Great starter card
CreditKarma Member

I applied for this card once being denied for a capital one secured card, my score was in the low 400s I deposited $250 initially and that was my limit after I paid the yearly fee since then my score has went up over 150 points in 4 months with the help of open sky I’m almost in the 600 club I make sure I don’t use more than 30% of my limit & always pay my bill on time every cycle

Jan 14 2020
Purposely delay applying payments as to create fee
CreditKarma Member

Numerous times I have tried to pay with my bank debit visa they always insist on a bank draft and wait 10 days before withdrawing funds creating late fees

Jan 12 2020
New Beginning
CreditKarma Member

Life circumstances happen and they can affect credit. Like many, I took a indirect path to ultimately learn the credit rebuilding process does exist. Open Sky enabled that path to be a little easier. It was a stepping stone to a brighter credit future. My score climbed 100 points in a little over a year and I bought a home...something I literally never thought I would be able to do again. Open Sky was my new credit building beginning.

Jan 10 2020
Credit Score went up from 408 to 641
CreditKarma Member

After facing a foreclosure my credit score went down to 408. I was devastated. I found out through credit Karma about Open Sky Secured Visa. At first I was like " Why I have to put $200 from my money to get this card" but then I said if I tried to build my credit score back again with a "credit counseling agency" I will be charged more. So I made the choose and I gave it a tried. Today after only 3 months my credit score went up to 641 !!! I am really happy about it

Jan 09 2020
Great experience
CreditKarma Member

This card really helped my credit score as I’m on a path for perfect credit to get a house.

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Open SkySM Secured Visa® Credit Card

Open SkySM Secured Visa® Credit Card

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