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Feb 06 2021
Good Benefits - Poor Service
Credit Karma Member

I use this card a lot because I like the 3% dining cash back benefits. I’ve had the card 14 months and have accumulated $250+ in dining rewards. When it reaches $400 I’ll splurge on a dinner somewhere great after Covid. The problem I have is with my credit limit and the customer service around credit limit increases. I have a low credit limit of $750 which is weird to begin with. I charge at least that much every month and sometimes charge more, somewhere in the $1000 range. This is just for dining, groceries and entertainment. I am able to charge more than my credit limit by paying it off every month and sometimes making more than one pay off. This is consistent high frequency usage of this card every month for over a year. I’ve never been late or over limit. I have tried numerous times to request a credit limit increase and get this single reason for denial each and every time: “Recent use of this account's existing credit line has been too low.” This reason for denial is clearly wrong. The customer service issue I have lies in that this denial has absolutely no escalation path for reconsideration. I’ve written and called and talked to multiple supervisors. No way to check on what seems like a computer error. They just say there is nothing they can do about the computers decision. My household income is 6 figures twice over. My credit scores are in the 750+ range. I have no late payments or problems with other creditors. My utilization reporting is <3% across all creditors because I pay in full everywhere. To add insult to injury, I have a $40,000 car financed through their auto financing division where I make more than the required payment. I and a Capital One 360 customer and keep $50,000 cash in a savings account there. They clearly don’t value a banking/loan relationship.

Mar 10 2020
Credit Karma Member

685 and 690 score with good odds of approval. ? ? ive come to conclusion that capital one blows. ?Cant get an increases on other capital cards or even approved fir this one. Just lowered my score for nothing. Thanks!

Feb 16 2020
Could not be easier to utilize
Credit Karma Member

Combined with the app, this card makes it too easy to keep track of your spending, check statements, pay balances, earn rewards, cash in rewards, they pay the bonus without issue as promised too, no annual fee, perfection!

Feb 07 2020
Got approved!
Credit Karma Member

I applied to this card twice. I like to go out a lot. First time I was in the 700s. denied, don't know why I had two accounts with them in perfect standing (maybe it was lack of history) applied today with a 625 score, got approved with 2000 credit limit! Odds were fair. Worth a shot! Got the 3 month promotion too!

Feb 06 2020
Fees Rules hurt clients
Credit Karma Member

They take advantage of the clients by having weird rules on how they apply fees on your balance, they will make you pay before your statement starts or they will charge you interest every day, not on your statement close date, Be aware of that, and when you call they don't hide that fact when you ask about it they tell you, it's deep in the back of your statement. The way they calculate interest is very shady, keep an eye for those terms that are expressed in the back of your statement in small letters, it makes the world of difference, unlike other cards that will charge interest with the amount remaining at the end of your statement period they will start charging interest every day, and to avoid the fees, you have to pay full balance the day of the statement not a day later and two months in a row, unlike other cards that as long as you pay your full balance before your close date, you are good to go, for simpler, user friendly, not trying to be shady and take advantage of you options, stay away from Capital One.

Feb 06 2020
Denied with 724
Credit Karma Member

I was denied with a 724 trans & 721 equifax score with 100% payment history. They said my credit history not long enough as my avg at the time was a bit over 3 years. I was very disappointed and shocked as I have a quicksilver card from cap one and a bank account. Be careful if your TOTAL credit history is under 4 years, scores don't matter with cap one if you have a low credit history

Jan 21 2020
Terrible if you have a dispute
Credit Karma Member

Dealing with the dispute department is a nightmare. I hate to say it, but in some ways I think there's a language barrier with explaining any dispute or situation that's a little complicated. Seems to be handled in India. I was put on hold for almost 30 minutes, and then the representative basically argued how the merchant was right. Never again.?

Jan 08 2020
Don???t always trust credit karma
Credit Karma Member

I was recommended this card by credit karma with excellent approval odds. I have been working on my credit for 3 years now. I currently have a 681 score at the moment and 100% on time payment history and only 19% credit utilization. I also have two other capitol one accounts, one has a $0 balance. I wasn't approved. Very unhappy with credit karma at the moment for this recommendation. ?

Jan 06 2020
Instant Approval
Credit Karma Member

I have 2 CapitalOne credit cards already. I was hesitant to apply for this card because I didn't think my credit was good enough. TU 662 and EQ 652. I received an instant approval with a CL of $2,000. My scored also increased 15 points which isn't reflected in the scores listed. Thank you CapitalOne! Can't wait to add this card to my wallet.

Dec 22 2019
I had a very good odd not approved
Credit Karma Member

KC showed I had very good odd to get this Card with a 735 BC they denied, I have 2 other Credit Cards with Capital one with 0 balance on them.? Don't let your self go by this KC odd even with very good odd and good credit you won't know if you get it. good luck at your own risk.? note: I will contact capital one to understand better why I didn't get approved.?

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Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card

Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card

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